PS4: How to get your hands on a PS4 with a 1.76 firmware or lower

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  1. sig

    white ps3 with destiny regular yes, if a console is released on a date for sure was made months ago since they need to pack and ship them and whanot

  2. TOOH

    What do you think guys about this ?

  3. adrian

    Hi Wololo, please i did not receive a response to anyone with uncharted bundle being on 1.76, is South Africa the only country with that bundle, i want to buy a bundle but need confirmation, thanks

  4. nuno

    I have buyed last of us remastered bundle from ebay, and for my surprise the firmware was 2.50 🙁

  5. nuno

    One friend of my had buyed one ps4 with cuh-10xxx and it came with 1.60 🙂

  6. Xiamoi

    Hi guys

    I can offer any firmware needed by this community, I have bundles of ps4 that still on shelves for
    almost a year, let me know what FW you guys looking for on
    FYI ….. I live in Saudi Arabia

  7. TheGoodStuf

    For those still looking, I can also confirm the gta v/tlou bundle was firmware 1.75 for me (usa). Amazingly, amazon themselves (NOT 3rd party seller) had 1 left, so i figured i’d go for it and can easily return it if it was not the right fw. All good. Definitely hanging on to this one. There are lots of 3rd party sellers with this bundle up if others want to go for it, but i always worry that some sellers may simply sell a “bundle” with a standard ps4 and the 2 games on the side. The one you want has the gta v packaging, with the physical game inside and a card for the tlou.

  8. John

    I have a sealed launch day PS4 bundle for $1500 if anyone is interested.
    Note: The controller may or may not be chargeable, due to the fact that they have been untouched for 2+ years.

  9. Migwell

    I could have a bundle with God of ward 3 remastered + PS4 500 Go. Is somebody could confirm that is firmware 1.76 or below ?

  10. B.Jones-U.S.M.C.

    Forget That Site I Shared You Can get A PS4 Gta V & LoU Bundle For $430 Free Shipping No Tax .. Here –

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  12. Migwell

    Hi PS4ies,
    I just owned a PS4 firmware 1.75 bundle with GTA 5. When I want launch GTA 5, the system need to update with the DVD game. Which version of firmware will install with GTA 5,1.76 or 2.0 or upper ? Many thanks for response

  13. Migwell

    I just owned a PS4 system 1.75 bundle with GTA 5. When I want launch GTA 5, the system need to update with the DVD game. Which version of firmware will install with GTA 5,1.76 or 2.0 or upper ? Thanks

  14. Migwell

    Solved, it’s 1.76

  15. Fat Mike

    The Sony CUH-1116A B01Y Chassis B have the fw < 1.76 ?

  16. MarkDP

    I have an unopened 20th Anniversary PS4 and believe it to be on 1.76 but can anyone confirm this before I open it? I know someone else who has one and says his came on 1.76 and also in this video GiainBomb says theirs is on version is 1.76,

    Many Thanks

  17. sig

    how can we even run the webkit test now since to access web browser it ask to sign into psn and how to stop the consoel from updating just in case ?

  18. alklas

    @sig :
    “To bypass the whole being logged into PSN to use a browser thing, a web browser usable without being logged in PSN can be accessed via the User’s Guide in the Settings menu.”

    • sig

      thank you didnt even know it was there…btw do you know is there a way to block the ps4 from downloading the update like blocking a ip or url or something on my router firewall?

  19. wolf

    Realy, i like the guys and when they bring a working Jailbreak with Homebrew, i think it is OK when they will sell it for 10 USD to support they work for future .
    Nice work guys

  20. B.Jones-U.S.M.C.

    I Bought 2 Of The GTA V & The LoU Bundle’s Here @

    For $435 x 2 = $870

    1 Was @ 1.71 Firmware
    1 Was @ 1.72 Firmware

    Just Asked The Seller If These Are The Legit Sony GTA V & The LoU Bundle’s ( Sealed ) Not Just A Ps4 With A Controller And 2 Games Added I Didn’t Have This Problem But Some People Might. Its Better To Ask 1st Than Receive It And Have To Pay And Return It … I Bought Mine Through Amazon Then I Messaged My Seller But I Am Sure You Can Message Him Before The Purchase

    Message g3ge2015 Here:

    About This AD:

    I Seen They Answered The 1 ? About The GTA V Being The Physical Copy And The LoU Being A DL Copy . This Is How My Bundles Came..

    So It Is The Official GTA V & The LoU Bundle

    For ONLY : $425 + $3.99 Shipping = $428.99

  21. Frankie

    Hey guys,

    I have a GTA V/TLOU PS4 bundle with firmware 1.70. I just opened it to check firmware, selling it for $450, if anyone is interested.

  22. RobNuts

    There isn’t even solid proof that when a jailbreak comes that you’ll absolutely NEED to have 1.76 fw. And you got everyone scrambling to get one. Gonna lmao when a current fw jailbreak comes out.

  23. B.Jones-U.S.M.C.

    Is There A CFW Out At All Right Now, That Is Working ? And I Seen A Web Page Where It Says The CUH-1xxxA And The CUH-11xxA Consoles ( These Ones With The Glossy Plastic Case Over HD ) Are The Machines That Can Be Hacked .. I See People Are Showing A 3.15 CFW But I Would Like A For Sure Thing Before I Update To A CFW..

    This Is My 1st Console In My Life That I Am Trying To Get CFW For And I Would Really Appreciate Some Help I Am Trying To Help Everyone I Can Find A Older Ps4 With Older Firmware Can You Help Me.? Find A Working ( PS4 – CFW DL )

    I Will Need Some Help Explaining What All I Can Do Once The PS4 Is Updated With The Custom Firmware

    See With The PS3 CFW It Had To Be At OFW 3.55 Then They Came Out With Other CFW’s For Updating The Firmware I Believe.. I Am A Noobie At This And Need Help With This If You Know Anything About JailBreaking A Ps3 Or Ps4 Please Let Me Know What I Need Besides

    1. Ps4
    2. 16Gb USB – Named CUH-1115A
    3. T.v.

    I Think All I Need Is A Working CFW.?

    My Email Address Is :

    Please Send Any And All Info Including Youtube Video’s By Copying The Web Link Like I Did With The Web Link Above

  24. sig

    @alkla thank you so much ill try it this weekend didnt even know it was there, also is there a way to block the ps4 from downloading the update like blocking a ip or url or something on my router firewall?

  25. sig

    no is not grantee but for now all developers have confirmed up to 1.76 is where kernal and webkit exploit works so most possible whatever come first will be for these firmware prior 1.76 since they focusing on it

  26. jay

    Is there a list of games we can play offline that wont update us past 1.76 as well? I have a console but right now it’s just sitting sealed in the box. I’d like a list of games I could safely play as well.

  27. hahahi123

    Folks I finally opened my Batman Arkham Knight Gunmetal Bundle because I couldn’t find any confirmation about the firmware and sadly its on 2.04 out of the box. I also wanted to mention that CUH11xxA models were updated so the wiki page isn’t one to be following. I’m hoping that PSBrew is legit now lol. It will be hard for me to find a 1.76 console. Hoping Cturt can exploit the 2xx FWs too. Time will tell

  28. SPR

    I have an early firmware PS4. Is there a list somewhere of what games are pre 1.76 that I can play offline at least so I don’t have to keep it boxed up collecting dust?

  29. Jason

    Follow me here, but could you just download the 1.76 update from the internet. Then put it on a flash drive and install the update thru safe mode by holding the power button twice while booting then selecting install from USB? Or is the file not universally available.

    • migwell2

      Jason, the 1.76 is allready avaible. But note you can not downgrade if you mistake. This method is safe if you want to test a game. If you are in 1.76 and the game ask you an update, then it required at least 2.0, if not enjoy.

  30. Leo

    GTA5 + White PS4 Bundle (UK) … wonder what that one has …

  31. MeTaL-VeLCRo

    I got a TLOU bundle on 1.76 but it all depends upon the date code. Luckily my local Walmart had one sitting there for ages. I got it black Friday for $298 out the door.