PS4 Jailbreak possible. Cturt confirms RAM Dump, next step is patching the RAM


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  1. Kenny says:

    On board the hype train!

  2. jay clay x says:

    don’t get me wrong, this is good news but I doubt anyone of us will keep their ps4 in a such old firmware nowadays, ps4 depends a lot with online features, let alone multiplayer and psn store, I would be excite if the exploit wasn’t patched already even before got released.

    • Trapstar30 says:

      You must don’t have a cfw ps3 because most people have more then one system so they can have one online and one offline history repeats itself when it comes to Sony so most people plan for this to happened.

      • jay clay x says:

        well, still is just a minority, what do you expect for an already patched exploit? I don’t deny there must be some people who keep 2 ps4 and keep one offline, but it is not like will become massive at this point, just saying.

    • Oha says:

      You have no idea of wat kind of a *** storm a jailbreak can be …Can lead to simulation,online ,mods,free online…version doesnt matter possibilities do.

  3. pejman1998 says:

    je suis premier!!!
    et je pens que il est magnifique le neaveau hack!

    • Azerty says:

      Et moi je pense que tu n’es pas le premier, aussi dans cette optique tu aurais dû penser à te relire avant de cliquer sur “Post Comment” au cas où, non seulement tu ne serais pas premier mais qu’en plus tu te serais emmêlé les doigts à taper ton message à la va-vite, afin de ne pas passer pour quelqu’un qui a tout faux 😉

  4. * Bwaah, Wololo, only iOS devices can be called “jailbroken”, bwaah, I’m gonna complain in your comments section or on twitter, the world needs to know that you’re incorrectly using a word based on my own biased perception of that word’s meaning and recommended use. Bwaaah.

    • I just posted a whole rant flaming you and it somehow messed up, i can’t be bothered typing it again, guess i won’t get banned this time 🙁

    • Ice says:

      While I agree with you, here its breaking out of FreeBSD jail, so the term jailbreak isnt actually that bad xD

    • jail says:

      The problem is the term itself. Its so immature and uneducated. It sound like somebody calling a vacuum a suck-baggy. 😛

      A jail, suggests a legitimate constraint of freedom, no a corporation that simply wants to claim ownership of your property.

  5. yuuki says:

    there is also an poosible exploit in the later version that crashes the whole ui and threw you right into the revocery menu.

  6. Lonewolf says:

    Iam running on 1.65 right now where to get 1.76 can’t find it any where on the web can someone help me here
    Is it late to get to 1.76 or still can do like the old ps3 ?

  7. Rashid says:

    That conclusion tho!

  8. hacker's fan says:

    thank you so much wololo , you are always informing us , you are the best .

  9. Supremeone says:

    So, he just said he managed to make a dump of the RAM, didn’t even mention if he has a way to decrypt it or not. He just goes all “on my way patching the ram guys” like it was easy, he didn’t realize that saying that will get average people overly excited and go waste their money hunting those few 1.76 that still exist.

    • lol says:

      You have no idea what you are talking about. RAM is not encrypted.

    • cracker says:

      Maybe it won’t be as hard as originally thought or maybe it will. Poking random (or not so random) data in somewhere could lead to a chained attack on a system service and allow complete control over unsigned, unencrypted code execution. But, as you suggested, it might take a long time and be fruitless (or just something of a PoC). It might not be such a bad idea to get them while you can — before people try to sell them for hundreds more than usual — if you have disposable income (thinking back to the 3.55 PS3 pre-E3 flasher days). I don’t think the dev’s comments are wreckless at all. It goes with the (dangerous) terrain.

  10. Asamidare says:

    Almost sure to have read some time before the Ps4 launched that it could
    roll back to the firmware it came out from the factory in case something bad
    happens while updating. …It was an hoax, wasn’t it? Hmph.

  11. Firsties says:


  12. Manuel Eduardo Koegler says:

    Gotta wait until my birthday before I’ll have money, once I do I’ll have 2 options:
    Sell my old ps4 and get a sealed killzone bundle, or wait until more news comes to light, possibility at it on higher, news of a firmware spoofer. That kind of stuff,

  13. Ayy Lmao says:

    Would you be able to get PT on this? I’m suffering from withdrawal having only played it once.

  14. Arthur says:

    WAWO! I wish this should be done very soon. And not only for 1.76 firmware but for latest firmware as well. Good luck hackers. Keep going and do the impossible possible!

  15. Jgr9 says:

    How do you know the PS4 doesn’t want to do those things?… Maybe Sony is holding it captive and the PS4 is sad that it doesn’t get to do those things….

  16. Patagero says:


  17. Yo says:

    That footnote is legit. It’s a word and it can apply to whatever you want it to. People need to grow up.

  18. Jamx says:

    Just let me play PS1/PS2 classics using emulated software on PS4 without restriction and I’m really happy, although I think the older firmware might not be able to do this. Or better yet, being able to play PS3 games through “magic”..

  19. Squall Lionheart says:

    I can confirm that if you get the PS4 GTA V bundle (at least in Australia), you’ll get PS4 with firmware 1.76 or lower. I got the bundle a year ago and I checked my PS4 this morning since I never ever updated it via PSN and yay!! I’m on 1.76. I do believe that GTA V might have come with firmware 1.76 on disc because I tried playing GTA V once on my PS4.

    • lol says:

      While I thank you for the info, I would still caution people that bundles (esp. with well selling games) may have a second generation (second print run) and thus have a higher firmware.

      • Squall Lionheart says:

        I agree with you. It’s going to be a pain in the *** trying to get a PS4 with firmware 1.76 or lower for a lot of people today. Lucky for me, my little brother has a PS4 with the latest firmware. I can enjoy playing originals while waiting for CFW for my ps4.

      • Ricky D says:

        That’s what return policies are for

  20. Joao paulo says:

    I’m very happy for Cturt and I’m really looking forward to it release the jailbreak , thanks Wololo , thanks Cturt you is the best …..

  21. Toriel says:

    Woo~ Keeping my PS4 in the closet all those months is finally paying off, Well NEWS wise. Anyways glad to hear this news and hoping for something amazing soon.~

    • TheWiz says:

      I know right i got two ps4 one from launch day and the other which is in the closet. it’s the GTA V/TLoU bundle it came with fw 175.

  22. Trapstar30 says:

    I can show poof that the last of us bundle does come on 1.76 this was on second ps4. I’m so hype right now.

  23. wonre says:

    regarding last of us bundle it s only the european still sealed one that has fw 1.70 onboard (i purchased one)
    be cautious with the american bundle (released a bit later)

  24. noobs says:

    From a technical standpoint it is true, you are misusing the jailbreak terminology and using it as a mainstream media ‘buzz word’. The term exists because the FreeBSD (the kernel iOS is built on) can create jails for processes, linux uses something entirely different to encapsulate processes inside of the system. If you would like to learn more about jails, check the wikipedia article on FreeBSD jail.

    • NoSpam says:

      “The term exists because the FreeBSD (the kernel iOS is built on) can create jails for processes.”

      This is actually false and a good example for the injection of a ‘buzz word’ to function as the allegory to a function. FreeBSD has neither the bricks or mortar to create a jail; a physical facility in which inmates are forcibly confined. “Jails” and “jail breaking” are abstract representation and could quite easily be substituted for other such terms as “Treasure Chest” and “Grabbin’ Booty”.

      To argue that FreeBSD has a claim to ‘jail breaking’ is tantamount to two toddlers arguing over who gets to play with their imaginary friend.

  25. TheWiz says:

    Now thinking of buying 2 or 3 more PS4 and selling it for a higher price when all TLoU bundle are gone.

  26. This is very exciting news.. looking forward to seeing where this goes… SUPER STOKED. love this scene.

  27. Manuel Eduardo Koegler says:
    Leaving another link for people looking for <= 1.76 ps4.
    In case you're looking in a second hand store, you can check the date codes on the ps4, anything after datecode 4C is guaranteed not to have it. This way you can let the store clerks know which ps4s to check the firmware on.

  28. BspinBowa says:

    Ok guess its on. Ebay will soon be having butthurt sellers sell ps4 consoles on 1.76 or less so be ready to buy one at a nifty price. TBA sell the ps4 you have now so that all you have to do is add a few bucks in for the consoles on 1.76 OR LESS.

  29. milu says:

    What about the Batman Arkham Knight bundle? is it 1.76?

  30. someone here can tell me if the hacker Cturt will release the jailbreak this year ? thank you await answers …..

    • wololo says:

      He has not specified any release date yet

    • Tim says:

      No, it will not be out “this year” in a format most will be looking for. Cturt is far from a completed jailbreak and will probably be released privately to others in the scene before being released to the public.

  31. Jonny joestar says:

    Will PS4 be able to downgrade like the ps3? If you ever been on ps4 1.75 you’d be able to downgrade to that version or not?

  32. I’ll wait with patience the Ps4 jailbreak , thank you for the information ….

  33. Manuel Eduardo Koegler says:

    Are people seriously arguing over the (mis)use over the word jailbreak here?
    Come on! Whether you like it or not, the term “jailbreak” over the last 5 years has applied anything that has been hacked in such a way as to allow unsigned code to run on a system normally unsupported. Don’t go make a big deal out of it now. Also, for the people that don’t seem to read anything, there is already a database on firmwares and what they shipped with, like I posted.
    Here are the links:
    And for the bundles: and some of

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