PS4 Jailbreak possible. Cturt confirms RAM Dump, next step is patching the RAM


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90 Responses

  1. hrtk

    dammit, I own a cuh-1200… no jailbreak for me T_T

    • simbin

      The CUH-1200 is the better model. It runs cooler and quiet. It should hold up longer than the launch model. There’s only a small handful of exclusives out right now, so you probably already own most of them.

  2. Darth Vader

    …my PS4 bundle The Nathan Drake Collection was on 1.76 when I bought it. It is the 12xx series with 500GB HDD, replaced it with 1TB SSD and working fine. If I knew for this, I wouldn’t update fw 🙂


    • ceevee

      Can you give more details? What was the manufacture date? Where did you buy? What region are you from? Can you provide some parts of the serial number?