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Cobra Black Fin dongle announces the beginning of Piracy on the PS Vita for December


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  1. Yifan Lu says:

    I’ve started a discussion here: http://wololo.net/talk/viewtopic.php?f=54&t=45093

    “How does the black fin card contact its p2p network in the first place? That assumes they have ways to run some level of unsigned code, and I’d be interested to understand how this works.” No. They do not have any exploits, or else they wouldn’t require this. The gamecart uses standard SDIO protocol for communications (I think with custom drm additions by either sony or sandisk). Likely how it works, is that the challenge from the vita is sent across the p2p network to whoever owns the same and it communicates with the cart across the network until the vita sees that it’s verified. Then the cart switches to its internal storage for the actual reading of the game (although technically it would be possible to stream it from your computer if you want to be tethered).

    “Such a system makes the Vita 3G much more interesting for pirates, all of a sudden. You’ll need network access in order to play the isos.” You won’t be able to do this with the vita’s 3g connection. You need a laptop with internet connection with you when you want to play games.

    • drd7of14 says:

      How do you know you’ll need a laptop with internet connection? Why not just 3G? The computer seems like it’s involved for hosting games, not accessing them. Unless I missed something here. I only did just read this particular article, so I could be missing more information.

    • BakaOsaka says:

      Could this not be defeated pretty easily by Sony tightening up the challenge-response timings when a card is accepted? I imagine that a real card will respond to the challenge request much faster than one using this device, due to the overhead from network connectivity, the hardware itself, etc.

    • Akari M says:

      p2p… this sounds dangerous.
      Not so sure but I heard Nintendo bans people using flash cart to games online by checking headers or something like that? If lots of people using the same header (= same cart) then BAN.
      Could Sony do the same thing? Since PSP’s UMD Passport can check if a disc has been used for getting discount or not.
      So, if Sony could find dozens of Vita around the world are using the same cart at the same time, I guess Sony will BAN console, account, or even the game cart?
      Then some unlucky gamer buy that banned game cart (cheap used game) from gamestop or ebay, and get banned because of that game…

    • ahnp says:

      A better question would be once its authenticated could you insert your own code, I.e replace the iso

  2. Thomas Wade says:


    This looks like it could be somewhat interesting, and it will be great to play games like PSO2 if you don’t want to import or use a Japanese PSN account (I imported my copy). I might get one of these down the line if I feel the need for one.

  3. Benos says:

    If I wanted to pirate, I’d still not like the idea of having to plug in some black box (or fin) into my PC from a company that supports piracy – while it might work like they describe it could still also work as a keylogger – and what’s bad as well is that Sony might be given the ability to locate users of this network as it’s p2p – same issue as with torrents and so on.
    Personally I’m not interested, no need for piracy here, but the unsigned code part is interesting.

  4. Frank says:

    What a funny idea. Birlliant yes. I don’t hink I will use this someday for it can be usefull in a lan party or where many people shares their games.

  5. zed says:

    Not really interesting

  6. Mu says:

    What about PSP games, is there an UMD reader?

  7. erggtrg says:

    F*** FINALLY!

  8. n says:

    And Wololo said we most likely wouldn’t get Christmas hacks this year.

  9. Quade321 says:

    Well, if this takes off, the PS Vita is officially dead. Thanks, Cobra. :\

    • nope says:

      Vitas already dead

      • n says:

        If it were dead, stores wouldn’t keep getting stock in, people would stop buying, and sony would stop publishing games for it.

        • Enigma85 says:

          Sony has stopped publishing games for it…..

        • cracker says:

          Take a look at any non-gaming retail store. You are lucky to find more than one or two (or usually any) Vita games yet they still carry the system (usually the old Borderlands bundle that they can’t get rid of). Compare this to the 3DS or PSP — or any gaming unit for that matter — and you will see how close to death the Vita is. 🙁

          I have gotten most of the games I want in physical versions but having to delete any tether to my PS3 everytime I want to swap games (Plus game release time especially) sucks so the micro SD part of the kit is just as exciting for me. I would buy it just for that if it is affordable. Hopefully someone clones it without the dongle and blows it wide open!

      • Fay says:

        The truth hath spoken!

    • Franky says:

      My local store still has the first stock of Vita’s from launch day in 2012… piracy might be a good thing for Sony to blame further failure of the Vita on even though the Vita doesn’t need help failing.

      When someone can figure out a way to run Rejuvenate without a daily check in would be a god send for the Vita.

    • MontaeNigga says:

      This honestly gives me a reason to get a vita now. R.I.P. Flashed Xbox days :((((

    • Jack Attack says:

      Absolutely, piracy totally killed the DS, the 3DS, the New 3DS, and oh all those other systems…

      Stop being so dramatic. Piracy doesn’t kill systems. Only their idiot creators do and Sony effectively killed the Vita after year 2 when it only supported indie development which was more about porting existing titles than creating new titles.

      The Vita has been dead for quite a while now.

  10. UrabeMikoto12 says:

    LOL, is it Christmas already? Cause i did not expect this to come out this soon!!! Finally ill be able to rip my 30 sum ps vita games to 1 micro sd card so i can finally say good bye to the days i have to carry a pouch full of games!!

  11. Ruben_Wolfe says:

    I’m not so sure how I feel towards it. It is impressive, Ill give’m that, but you can’t look at it as if its not a really well disguised piracy. Lets face it, if they could have created a dungle that runs iso without the need of p2p, they would have. They dont care *** about this “share games with your friends” ideology, and so won’t the end users. Im glad wololo.net decided to go with this accurate title for this article.
    Still, I wonder if sony can block this easily, or if hackers can gain something out of it.

  12. Dann says:

    I don’t like to have turned on my pc everyday( I pay bills xD)

    • lol says:

      buy your games for expensive prices or pay a little for the electric to power your pc…..hmm hard choice

      • Jack Attack says:

        Cobra junk isn’t cheap, so there’s that cost. Depending on how efficient your PC is it isn’t a trivial amount of power. Worst yet, the main reason I support piracy is access to media you’ve purchased through any reasonable means. Relying on a network of pirates to keep their cards in and requiring online access to play on a portable system amounts to a bunch of nothing. It’s a glorified renting service then. To pirate.

        It’s madness and you’re far better off paying “expensive” prices on legitimate media so at least you can keep your media and access it any time because this also doesn’t resolve the digital games. Which are the biggest threat from being pulled/downed by Sony at any time should they fold.

        This is basically the worst method and excuse for piracy.

  13. Ricky D says:

    This looks fishy. Why wouldn’t they host the carts themselves? This looks like just a way to get access to people’s computers and files. I’d avoid it, but I’ve got enough sense not to hook up random Chinese junk to my PC

  14. shikhar says:

    First ?
    Anyways, hope this leads to a much more open and progressive cfw hack to play isos.

  15. z2 says:


    as you said, hope this one falls into obscurity quickly and make devs do a free CFW solution..

    one can dump and run your carts, like the 3ds today..

  16. lutecio says:

    Fake for sure as fake the ps4 kernel exploit

  17. W wololo says:

    My friends haven’t ps vitas!

  18. Jesse says:

    Aren’t these ROMs?

  19. polbcfc says:

    first ,wow-just-wow unreal jump for vita gaming

  20. Darc says:

    Piracy Rangers!!! assemble NOW!!!

  21. baadaq says:

    don’t like the idea at all, it seem to fishy and you must be connected and to be honest i never liked the idea of pirating ps vita games, to be more accurate i only wanted to play some dc games on my vita lol, but not this ***.

  22. Giovanni says:

    This sounds like a resonable idea ,but I think Hackinformer tweeted, that the webiste of the creators is fake and the “dongle” too.Anyway I’ll look formward to the further development in this case.

  23. Rolenzo says:

    You know, when the 3ds was launched, people raved over it’s unstoppable security.

    Here with the vita, the security is so crazy we have to do the weirdest stuff to even partially circumvent it.

  24. Rei says:

    hmn this looks… interesting to say the least. as much as i want to jump on this boat i do wonder if waiting is the best option? i bought the cobra dongle, ps3 jailbreak and several other peripherals and after enough time passed they were all released publicly or at least what they were capable of was. I think i’ll watch how this unfolds before i commit to anything

  25. jute says:

    It’s Impractical, but a good start.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I don’t like this idea. And the fact that you need to be connected to the internet for this to work is also generally not something i particularly enjoy….on top of that, what if im on the go? my PS Vita cant really connect to the internet all the time and it doesnt even recognize my mobile phone tethering (its one of the oldest models so yeah). I think it’s honestly not worth and this may end up dying soon. But hey, at least we can finally find a way to play ps vita isos, so good job on the team who finally made playing ISOs a reality for the PS Vita. But honestly, the real achievement is when we can use CFW to play ISOs instead of relying on P2P sharing to do this

  27. APRON-MAN says:

    Does this enable us to easily rip games without a Vita? Using their fin shaped reader?

  28. MyLegGuy says:

    So you need to buy something to use it? Good.

    Less people using it, the better.

  29. Xtremegamer says:

    Black-Fin apk would be nice , use hotspot to tether to smartphone, let the app only use it to contact P2P, maybe with mutual ratio of “activations” and Also stream the app data from the phone storage. Now that would be nice.

  30. Gangsta says:

    Finally! Been waiting for something like this for a long time, glad its coming!

  31. anticon says:

    would be a must buy if there where any new games worth getting it for lol

  32. lol says:

    so many ppl on here so picky, if u dont like to stay connected to the net to play games then just buy the damn things, stop moaning about every single thing, no pleasing kids these days

  33. Ross says:

    How much is this projected to cost?

  34. vitahaznogamez says:

    FIRST!!!! reeally hopes this leads to a vita softmod even tho the vita has no games I would pick one up to go with a ps4 remote play and iso

  35. vta2ps4 says:

    Couldn’t the company just have every vita game ever made loaded on a black fin server somewhere so everyone can use their product? its so simple a cave man could do it

    • stOneskull says:

      And then there would be a game they don’t have and you’d say.. “oh, if only it was a p2p model so people can share their copies”

  36. eighthdayregret says:

    Not too interesting, really. All it does is enable piracy in a way that can easily be tracked. This doesn’t seem to open any doors for emulation and other neat stuff, like trophy disabling cheat programs.
    Just looks like a good way for people to get their PSN accounts banned.

  37. lolwut says:

    Yay for pirates, killing something that doesn’t have much already #overkill

  38. Wow says:

    If developers stop producing games b/c of hack ***, then good job playing “god” like they wanted to be.

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