(confirmed not working) Modders find way to play Uncharted 4 without being invited to the beta: Uncharted 4 Beta unlock released


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  1. Accounts don’t matter if they decide to ban the console :p

  2. Yifan Lu says:

    Since apparently people here trust running random EXEs from strangers, there does not seem to be any (obvious) viruses. Although it does load a youtube video in the background for some odd reason. The “trick” is changing the SKU of whatever you’re “purchasing” to EP9000-CUSA04051_00-UNCHARTED4MPBETA-E001 which, of course, lets you “purchase” the free beta. You can do it yourself without running an untrusted EXE by using firefox and modifying the request after checkout.

    • wololo says:

      Fair enough. This appears to just be some hardcoded proxy url of some sort. I’m actually pending some more confirmations, but early reports tell me this does not actually let you play the beta, since the Beta checks for an “Uncharted Nathan Drake collection” savegame on the system.

    • lmao says:

      that marijuana dude trying to get profit off youtube ad obviously, he’s not a real hacker, i bet he’s one who built those fake jailbreak sites with survey

  3. Charlie says:

    If u want to get in just redbox the game. Dont need the disc aftee

  4. MeTaL-VeLCRo says:

    So if you do have the GAME save it would work? Just curious but not willing to risk my IDPS for this as I will wait like the rest of the world.

  5. Selisho says:

    How about gettin the game from an local video rental or an savegame from an buddy ? Maybe its also possible to “clean” an savegame be creativ guys 😀

  6. SkoolIsKewl says:

    Cool stuff. Now that we’ve got this “hack” and the announcement of PS2 on PS4 on the same day, it’s got me thinking. It would be super cool if the community managed to unlock the PS4’s PS2 emulator like how the PS2 Classics emulator was unlocked on PS3. That’s a long ways down the road, but it could happen.

    • SkoolIsKewl says:

      And I realize that this particular little trick with the beta has nothing to do with any kind of CFW etc. It just reawakens my desire for an open PS4. Someday, someday…

  7. Daniel says:

    Rent the collection get a saved game do the trick and it might work…. .

  8. adviceboy says:

    if you wanna try this game and dont have the save just download uncharted collection demo and create a save to play the game by this method

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