PS4 Getting PS2 Emulation Support

32 Responses

  1. Cypherous says:

    Seems easy enough, PC’s have been able to emulate the PS2 so architecturally speaking its not impossible to do, i mean even the PS3 managed it and that was CELL based so this isn’t really that hard to believe, getting PS3 emulation working on the other hand would be a much bigger deal 😛

    • true says:

      Pretty sure they wont put PS3 emulation on it anyway, they would be scared that ppl will leave PSNow for it lol

      • Cypherous says:

        Well i dont think PS3 emulation is around the corner anyway, i was just saying that this would be a much bigger deal than PS2 emulation, basically if you can emulate it on a PC you hsould be able to emulate it on a PS4 as the hardware is pretty much the same

    • Panzer says:

      The PS3 did it because it had PS2’s hardware in it. That’s why later PS3s couldn’t natively play PS2 games, the stuff was removed.

    • Death of Chaos says:

      Well, to be fair, the best emulation happened on the PS3 because of the emotion chip, then when they took it out and tried emulatoring via software and everyone complained about how instable that was, lol.

  2. andrew says:

    Still means rebuying the games I already own so have no interest in it!

    • Alpmaster says:

      When don’t you have to keep rebuying games we already freaking own. PSP GO is the perfect example. I am sick and tired of hearing you don’t have to keep buying games from the past from people. I want to be able to play a game i own i should be able to play it on whatever system and i do thanks to wololo developers and CFW no thanks to $ony.

      • The only company that doesn’t make you buy your the games you already own, is Microsoft, which i think is awesome, probably the best thing they have done for the Xbox One, though time will only tell if its too late for them to gain equal market to the PS4.

        • Zeke says:

          Probably just as well they don’t charge for that since they charge for everything else. Having a Netflix account isn’t enough, you also have to have Gold membership to use it on X360. Nice way to treat your user base there Micro$oft! 😉

  3. Fadi5555 says:

    I’m really hope for vita to get ps2 emu as well.
    Because there isn’t any new games titles will come to vita.
    So this is will be the final way to saving it.
    This our dream and I hope will come true.

  4. Hardin says:

    Meh. Now having the PS2 library on the go… I’d pay good money for that. Clearly Sony feels the return isn’t worth the investment. They’ve judged their creation and found it wanting.

  5. Raul says:

    Now Sony needs to make PS2 emu for Vita. Not happenin, I know 🙂

  6. buster says:

    I have a feeling that this will only be for redownload games that you already own, I bet it won’t allow original discs to be played. That would be cool though, and if swap magic could still work with it like the ps3.

  7. Rolenzo says:

    My question here is: will we have actual physical disc based support or will this be exclusively downloadable games?

  8. Manuel Eduardo Koegler says:

    About effing time!
    They better allow my discs to work with it!

  9. Crzo says:

    Can’t wait until someone releases an ePS2 exploit and frees it up lol

  10. SmurfyD says:

    Just doesn’t mean much to mean since I can already accomplish this on pcsx2 at a higher resolution. Great for people with weaker pcs or people who just don’t like sitting in front of their pcs but tahts not me.

    • Zeke says:

      I think part of the point is having just one console to do everything for convenience rather than three. Rather than having a PS2, PS3 and PS4 under their TVs – I personally have the latter two and I find that a bit excessive. Remote Play/PS Now on Vita can help a bit though.

  11. Kazuya101 says:

    If this is implemented anything like xbox backward compatibility. It will be super!!

  12. Leires says:

    Probably in a tiny minority here, but honestly if the PS4 doesn’t (and i don’t see how it would) get some sort of way to play actual disks, instead of whatever cherry-picked PS2 ‘classics’ sony doles out onto the PSN, i don’t really care.

    PS4 getting PS2 classics isn’t going to be all that impressive. A backwards compatible PS3 is about as much as a PS4, and it can do PS3, 2, and 1. With proper emulation in like, 96% of games. If you want a PS4 to play upscaled PS2 games, you’re in the wrong mindset. It’d be nice as an addition, sure, but it’s certainly no clarion call to PS4.

    Consider, too, that a PS2 is suuuuper dirt cheap. If you don’t care about the upscaling, a PS2 is gonna run you like 25-40 USD, and that’s with a memcard, controller, and system. If you’re the type for it, another like 5 dollars will get you a second memory card for FreeMcboot and you can play burned DVDs for another couple bucks.

    Heck, PCSX2 has come quite a long way since its inception and can run games, upscaled, pretty damn well.

    So PS4 is getting PS2 emulation, oh well. With the plethora of other, better choices, it’s less a ‘heck yeah’ and more a ‘meh.’

  13. Girlgamer says:

    Black OPS 2 please!

  14. Tzosin says:

    Tbh I just want ps1 emulation as I am dying to play Tomba! again.

  15. Bangin smurf says:

    ps2 emulation should be a sinch im sure sony devs picked up where pcsx2 left off. Sony needs to stop playing and give ps3 game owners a official supported method for bc compatibility or use a scan disx method to play games off ps now

  16. KT88 (the remorse) says:

    there =/= their

  17. For anyone interested, the EU DVD version of Swap Disc states that the disc is not supported, whilst the CD states not recognised

  18. RyoX says:

    Dont think emulating ps3 would be possible on ps4. hope its smooth as pcsx on pc.

  19. Vladlennalore says:

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  20. Seb says:


    good stuff though!

  21. Zeke says:

    “if only the Vita could get some more of this love.”

    Agreed. I absolutely love the Vita which is why I have two of them – Phat on 3.18 with exploits, Slim on 3.55 for Remote Play. It does pretty well with PS Now, Remote Play is alright on PS4 if you have the bandwidth and Remote Play for PS3 I’ve only tested with Deus Ex: Human Revolution DC for second screen but it works very well. I can’t see PS2 emulation being done natively (be too much work to port stuff as well) but having it on there somehow would be nice, i.e. original PS2 disc in PS4 and control it via Remote Play. It’s a great handheld and Sony should stop short-changing it.

  22. Pirate Cat says:

    Surely they’re rendering at higher internal resolution rather than upscaling? One may as well ignore this now if that’s all they’re doing.