Is the PS Vita dying? or is it already dead?

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  1. I bought a ps vita back in 2012 when it came out, I was excited for this. I thought I was gonna have a lot of fun. I wanted to see an nba game but never came out. I enjoyed fifa and gravity rush. But that’s it, no other game was out there that looked fun for the console. For the past 3 plus years I only use it for netflix, and to kill time at work.

  2. Vex_Official says:

    I play Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on psvita alot .. But that’s like I’m playing psp instead of playing the vita .. So yeah. Vita is dying.. But what can hackers do btw ? Can they make a great games for the vita ?? Can they do better than sony ?? Ehemm..

  3. pfff says:

    $ony has two ways:
    1. burn down warehouse with vitas
    2. release security keys

  4. rein says:

    Not dying it just take a “VACATION”

  5. xorux says:

    i doesn’t agree with the pov of the writer .
    personnaly i use my vita every day when i’m going to work on the subway since 2 month il already finished 3-4 on the vita and just started conception 2 .
    my point on the vita dying is mostly because of the lack of advertisment around it.
    several time while i was playing people just didn’t knew which game was on the system beside of the lego one and other ..
    i’m pretty happy with my vita and while i havent buy many game one it considery my library on steam (~400+ vs ~ 30+)
    the offer please my taste 🙂
    sorry about my eng btw

  6. Luke_AA says:

    What is a PSVita?

  7. WarGofA says:

    PS4 for the players. PS Vita for the played.

  8. aramaru says:

    “”why are PSVita memory cards so pricey? Take some time, don’t worry.
    Done? Let’s see if you got it right, then. It’s because Vita 1000, the OLED model, was sold at a loss, so Sony had to inflate memory cards cost.””

    What kind of nonsense is that… Even if it was sold at loss main source of income for sony are software sales so it needs to sell it’s device at as low price as possible in order to stay competitive and gain userbase. It’s not made up shiat, it’s how marketing in competitive enviroment should work .

    Now let me think… I know right ? Greed…
    Sony was too greedy and lost both money and userbase. They got and ate what they cooked. PS Vita is comercial failure, despite some people enjoying it (even I still do sometimes), or even pretending it is not a comercial failure but the best (maybe) and most successful console ever made. As for games, I had GBA, 2 games on it, I was happy but even if I would not have been it would not change fact that GBA was commercial succes. Same with vita yet opposite as it is absolute comercial failure. Failure that needs to be criticized and remembered so that it never happens again. As for 3rd party games I was in Tesco store, biggest in my city which is capital of my country. They had no counter with vita games, when I asked if they had any they pulled from somewhere 3 games, none of them interesting. This is cruel reality of the “success” Vita became. I agree though that in certain regions, situation of this console is better than in others. Even in Japan however, Vita is doing terribly when compared to PSP. Also there is PSN store which I can’t access because I’m dumb… and have high expectations for rejuvenate.

    “Personally, I think the vast majority of AAA games are complete overhyped garbage and can’t understand why people want the Vita to have more of them. There are currently 23 upcoming Vita games on my wishlist, and the last time I checked (which was about 3 months ago), the Vita actually had more announced games than ANY other system, in EVERY region.”

    AAA games… your statement, let me think. Why would people want AAA games on Vita ? Maybe because not all of them are overhyped pieces of poop ? Among the “AAA” or non indie (better term) higher budget titles on Vita are also games like Uncharted, FF X (though only a remake), Tearaway or even God Eater and Toukiden. These games are or rather were The Engine, driving force that moved Vita forward. Despite nonsensous articles and comments about how “AAA”, or higher budget, or home console to portable, or w/e games other than indies are “Just” not suited for Vita, it was these games that sold the highest numbers of copies, many of them (all i mentioned for eg.) have high ratings and defined image of PS Vita that was more appealing to general public, those people tired of buttonless indie or w/e freemium nonsense (not all of it is nonsense tho, I play dink smallwood on tablet and its good, hmm but it’s pc port so maybe…) for tablets. With those games gone PS Vita, cruel as it is, falls into area of direct competition with android devices and other stuff which it has no chance to stand against. Vita was ment to be life, it failed, it has extremely limited multipurpose use (even though blind individuals will tell you how this is game device only). I agree though that gaming was priority for this device but it was marketed as a device that also helps you connect with the world, (life, vita) a prospect that had future but I believe was not being developed enough.
    So much potential… so much fail.

    You say hacks wont change stuff, maybe not for you but to me, they will at least bring some freedom and allow games I imagined or never imagined to be able to play on PS Vita, apps that would have been never ported to ps vita and so on… to make me get maximum out of my device in a fashion I want it to be.

    So much for my rant

    As for article it’s too short (though that’s relative as it may seem very long to some). Although I would agree with points you try to make, I’d like to see something, bigger, chronicle of bad decisions sony made in regards to PS Vita, and yes, they made many mistakes. Imagine analysis, several articles, each one dealing with specific problem Vita faced and why it turned out to be what it turned out to be – in positive and negative sense.

  9. MaxiExtreme says:

    I thought it was only me who got PS VITA with fully drained battery and already fully covered with dust…

  10. Salar says:

    Well , im getting a psvita from Aus , my uncle is bringing it , i live in iran. im happy about it , because im just going to play my old PSP games with it ( wishe me luck on firmware ) and some ps vita titles like unit 13 , Killzone , Persona , and other stuff. i think ps vita will be kept alive , until hacking scence will work on it.

  11. Kingofknights says:

    Ok why does everyone in this site think that the hacking scene might save the vita? Can s/o explain this to me? Because this is what i think: The vita’s problem right now is the lack of support bc of low userbase. Say if there are 10mil ppl owning the vita right now and when it got hacked 20mil ppl will buy the vita, that mean the userbase now triple’d. But then those 20mil ppl that bought the system after it got hacked will never buy games (seriously). Not to mention 5mil of original 10mil ppl might turn to piracy. So when it got hacked, the actual buying customer actually will decrease rather than increase. Then hw the heck can any dev put any money to develope game for it when they know it’s gonna be pirated to oblivion. This is what “I” think..what about yours?

    • aramaru says:

      What you say is problematic. If Vita ever gets completely “hacked” or exploited in such way that it will allow pirated games, I dont think it will yeld that much new sales, maybe more like people that did not use their vita for some time for w/e reason will turn it back on to play some stuff they did not want to pay for or couldn’t get (happens too). How much would Vita sell if such hack happened… i dont know but I dont believe there would be significant sale boost, like, you said number 20 mil, it would be miracle if such exploit alone sold that many, more likely it will be considered by buyers and might be reason why they choose vita over something else. Homebrews are in similar position, it’s unlikely that someone would by Vita for example because of Quake homebrew for Vita but having such advantages might persuade some to buy vita rather than something else. And lastly, it is quite possible that when exploit that allows unlimited piracy on vita arrives it will already be colder than stone so it would not matter if few less copies of game are sold.

      Also going back to PSP, piracy did not kill it, lack of interest did and that was not caused by piracy. In Japan, to this year 2015, even with all hacks games are still being released, even though most of devs shifted to different devices. Actually piracy can be present at healthy devices too. Some companies fight piracy with nonsense drm, or as they say overpriced memory cards (greed) that are supposed to fight piracy (more greed), and some fight it by giving out content that is more appealing and worth to have, rather than pirate it : e.g PC games boxed with manual and bonus stuff as opposed to poop in box – cd only with no manual, epilepsy warning at best and tons of drm.

  12. Neriek says:

    In my opinion, yeah it’s dying, maybe even faster than we’d like. But I’m optimistic about it, and its also not going to stop me from trying to find potential exploits for the system.
    I’m still learning how buffer overflow exploits work and how they work with save games and even how that all boots a shell… but I’m not giving up hope. I also had rejuvenate for unity installed until recently, uninstalled because it *** me off to no end with how terrible it performed for me, and I went and updated(not a smart move I’ll grant you but like I said I’m not giving up).

    I only bought mine last month(or maybe before, my memory sucks) but I still enjoy it a tonne, maybe too much as I’ve spent nearly all my time on it lately lol.
    And if Sony does drop the vita the hacking community isn’t necessarily going to give up, they might, it’s certainly possible, but far less likely.
    Also if it does die, at least I’ll still have a few gems that were only released for vita. Like P4 Golden, yeah I know the PSTV can run most of them too and costs less than half as much as a vita but you can’t take a PSTV on a plane, train or bus.

    To be honest I like to say I’m against piracy and I am for the most part, it hurts not only developers but everyone. However if it weren’t for custom firmware I’d never have had the chance to play games released only in other countries or very limited copies, etc… I still buy games of course however if I’m out of money and dying to try out a fresh release you can be certain I’m downloading that bad boy to play it until I get paid.

    It will be very sad to see such an incredible console with a huge potential die so young… hopefully some progress will be made on the hacking front soon or if it already has be released to the public or trusted peeps soon. I’m not talking about rejuvenate progress(no offence to the creditors but that hack sucked so bad in my experience), I’m talking about kernel access, potential glitches & exploits, keys for signing homebrew and a way to install it all. I’d actually pay twice the cost of a vita to have that right now but beggers can’t be choosers..
    I miss coldbird and his contributions, he is so dedicated and always delivers incredible works, the person who caused him to leave the scene (forget who) should’ve been stuck in a condom, causing trouble for homebrew devs, us, and Sony at the same time… ugh…

    Anyway I’ve ranted on long enough, if anyone wants to discuss anything about what I’ve said, hit me up on kik; neriek
    It’s not the only messenger I use but it’s how I keep my life separate from haters and ***…

    Tldr: hope vita doesn’t die, still hopeful for homebews.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been saying this for years and I’ll say it again: The PS Vita is just about dead, and will continue to be a failure, both in the hacking community, and in the retail community, until we can actually get full kernel access and actually get PS-Vita ISOs up and running. Let’s be honest…no-one’s gonna pay $60-$80 for a vita game, unless it were really good. And most people with 3DSs have flash cards for their 3DS games.

    The only way the Vita will be able to be hacked is through hardware hacking in order to gain access to the kernel. Unless people will actually dedicate time and money to actually commit to hacking the Vita, the Vita will probably be the only console that will be unhackable (as homebrew doesn’t really count as a hack) and if it does, it really will be a failure.

    I wouldn’t mind a PS Vita emulator about 5-10 years from now though

  14. kada34 says:

    When i bought PSV its hardware was best in all mobile devices. And I was sure games would be awesome. I didnt think i would let it go. But now it getting dust somewhere I dont even remember. If i find it i can play only a few titles because others are $hitty. Also price is very high for memory cards so i have only 16gigs and not enough for paid PSN games. Vita fail for Sony. Still playing with PSP but Vita is already dead for me. If there will be no good games in future its totally dead for other players.

  15. Kingofknights says:

    I also don’t want the vita to get hacked because I’m gonna pirate the sh%t out of it if that happen. I didnt live that golden era of Ps2 so most of the game on the vita is new to me like: Metal gear 2 and 3 (have to mention this first :D), FFX, Persona 4, God of War also some ps3 title like atelier series (havent play any but really want to….), Borderland 2 and maybe the wii port of muramasa..etc.. and new games for the system like dragon crown, over my dead body, Ys……and upcoming big game: World of FF, Legend of heroes cold steel (cant wait for this baby), erhh maybe Senran kagura? XD.
    As you can see most of the game came from japan and i think that also what happened with the PSP. You didnt buy the PSP for that *** COD, Assassin creed, star war port….You bought it for that sweet Kingdom Heart, that heartfelting FF VII crisis core, that awesome God of war (…not japan), that God eater…..i dont want to mention Monster Hunter 🙁
    The Vita is a great system with many great games. The problem with it is just the launch price. Too pricey for a handheld system so people hesitated to buy it. Nintendo realised the same thing with the 3DS so they cut the price to increase sales and boost the userbase. Now just look at the 3DS, once it had that boost it became the best seling console of this gen. So yes i blame Sony for the vita dead but not for not supporting it but for not lowered the price when they needed which led us to this day. So in the end, Sony made one wrong move and it cost us the best system of all time.

  16. morky says:

    The vita suckes, its always sucked and it will only be known as a train wreck POS Sony *** step child. It was a ripoff, the memory was a ripoff and the games (lol what games) sucked hard and still a rip off. Killzone SUCKED, LittleBigPlanet SUCKED!, COD SUCKED… There isint anything nice I can say about the POS *** system. Even the controls sucked. After an hour of playing it my large American hands begin hurting since the system was obviously designed for petite Japanese females and I had to bend my wrist to just play it. YAY I can play PSOne! or PSP – more *** games. I did replay FF7 looked good but I coulda just played it on steam too for the same price. Japanese games are for *** men and/or little girls and/or child molesters. SRY – facts are facts. Turned on my Vita yesterday – clicked around on it noticed YouTUbe is disabled then shut it off…. Ill have more fun using it as a real target at the shooting range this week.

  17. Zeke says:

    Well I suppose the status of the Vita is very much a factor of when you got one, how much you paid and what your expectations were/are.

    I don’t typically become an early adopter; those that vote with their wallets and do for the passion of it have my respect. Me personally, I like to sit back and see what the zeitgeist makes of it then form my own opinions.

    I pass on certain things based on my experiences in the meantime, often if people I know have them (Nintendo Wii for example, not for me at all. Huge success for the novelty that is unlikely to be repeated now touch/motion controls are standard) and wait on others. The PSP was a perfect example, I used a friends one years ago and loved it but not enough to own one. Until the price came down, after which all the good exploits were out too as a bonus. Similar thing with the DS.

    To tell you the truth I wasn’t even aware of the Vita in any serious way until after owning my PSP. Because of the way it is marketed (or isn’t) all I really know of it was that it could be used for Remote Play on PS4, which didn’t interest me. This is only a few months ago. So yeah, Sony really haven’t pushed it into the public consciousness like they have done with their home consoles and the PSP itself.

    It’s only when I did some digging that I saw the advantages – there were a couple of worthy big titles but it’s main application as a PSP Plus was the draw, even knowing the problems I’d face getting it modified. And now it plays a great selection of favourite games across about five different systems plus it wasn’t that much more expensive as compared to PSP-3000 models (I paid £60 for a near-mint PCH-1100 and £55 for a very good condition PCH-2000) I find it kind of brilliant.

    Had I been an early adopter I wouldn’t have found it to be like this, though. Paying £50-60 for the console, £25 for a memory card and about the same again for a few quality Vita titles I can deal with. If I had paid £200+ for just the console at launch plus £40-50 per game with the promise that this level of first/second party quality would continue I would no doubt be ticked off.

    As a platform for a handful of decent AAA titles, the odd decent PS2/PS3 sideport, a back catalogue of several dozen classic PS1/PSP games (including those you can’t buy now, like THPS2) and the benefit of pretty decent SNES/Genesis emulation via Rejuvenate it’s one of my favourite pieces of technology. Basically over half it’s value is a result of the hard work that passionate hackers/developers have poured into it and I thank them for that.

    Is the Vita dead? I can’t answer that because I don’t know what your expectations are. I know what mine were, and that I have enough quality content to keep me entertained for some time to come even if no further games/homebrews are released. So for me my expectations have been met and exceeded, my Vita sees at least half an hour of use daily (more than I can usually say for my PS3/PS4/Xbox 360) and I’m happy.

  18. Mannus says:

    The vita is an amazing console. I think developers underestimate the power of the system. I’m the biggest fan of the vita, and i Know how amazing it is. It just needs more support. I think of the vita as a portable ps4. Remote play is one of the best things Sony made. People just need to experience it for themselves.