ARK-3 Source Code released.


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  1. OrochiSeth

    So does its mean we can finally play PSP game on VIta or it for its just for development??

    • cracker

      We can do that already with ARK-2. Use a tool like PSX2PSP to create an EBOOT.PBP from an ISO. Back up a save for a game with QCMA. Place the EBOOT.PBP into the save folder, refresh the database in QCMA, and transfer the save back to the Vita. After it finishes transferring, load up ARK-2 and you can launch the game. You will probably want to move it to a different place in /PSP for safe keeping and delete the game from your save folder (to avoid accidentally sending the huge file at a slow rate again). The sound won’t work (right) though.

  2. 风君子


  3. Daniel Whittlesey

    You can already play psp cso 3.52 and below, I’m using ps vita fat 3.52 php exploit game with custom ark 2 on onemenu, with psp cso, all my emulators and roms work, I haven’t tried ps1 iso yet. When I get some time I’m going to do the same to my ps tv running 3.52 (already have the white list done)

  4. Andrew

    I wonder if this brings the possibility of porting to rejuvenate, some people are stuck on 3.51 and can’t use the new bubbles because of rejuvenate

  5. Enrique

    For you all guys that want to play psx games on the PSVita, you can do it almost perfectly using the TVN11 (with sound) 🙂

  6. RaZiel

    What exactly is the partial PS1 mean?

  7. dakota

    What license is it under?

  8. Gaze

    Good, pro-online is still on the ‘TODO’ list. If this really has all the iso drivers, this should already be better than TN-V for psp games.

  9. DS_Marine

    If someone manages to get this running on Gladiator Begins, please contact me thanks .D

  10. Ryu Hayabusa

    Any progress with Ark-3 coming to 3.5x versions of PS Vita? Still running Ark-2 on my 3.52 and I’d like to have sound on my PSX games. (Worms World Party didnt work when i tried it on TN-V 11 but it does on ark-2, so im looking forward to getting Ark-3)

  11. Lone wolf

    Shouldn’t you be more secretive about this? Because you know who is probably looking for things like this that they can debug.