What is the life-cycle of a console?

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  1. XboxSurgeon says:


  2. Jazneo says:

    2020 be ps5

  3. ArugulaZ says:

    I think the last console cycle was an anomaly. The systems were powerful enough to take players into the next decade and beyond. Look at the average Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 title… although the consoles are technically dated, the games themselves hardly reflect that.

    Sony and Microsoft have course-corrected with the Xbox One and Playstation 4. While more powerful than their predecessors, they’re fairly low spec by the standards of gaming PCs, and probably won’t take us into the next decade the way the Xbox 360 and PS3 had. It’s planned obsolescence; the same reason Apple can sell a new iPhone every year.

    But yeah, the average console life cycle is five years, give or take. Some systems don’t even last that long (Saturn, Dreamcast) and others far exceed their lifespan due to unpredictable external factors. The Neo-Geo was supported for 14 years (!!!) due to its power and popularity as a cheap arcade jukebox. The Atari 2600 lasted nearly as long thanks to renewed interest in the video game market.

  4. CPUzX says:

    The only reason the 7th gen has gone on for so long, is due to the activity that is still present in the last gen’s community. Still a lively bunch of players who’ve remained on last gen; most likely due to the lack of desire to move towards next-gen for the minor improvement gap, or that the majority of last-gen players are kids and can’t afford the upgrade to next-gen, unless they save up their birthday money.

    Sony and Microsoft see this opportunity as a valid excuse to make more money, it’s that simple. The community is still thriving with millions of players. Why would they need to cease support just yet. It’s about money, not the evolution of hardware or graphics to a business. Last-gen might slow down the evolution of next-gen improvements, but does that really matter on a business scale? No.

    • Drew says:

      You’re wrong. The last Console Generation lasted so long because they were updatable. The interface/features of the launch PS3/360 were radically different from how they are now.

  5. DrRetro says:

    As also a PC Gamer i must clearly say: 5 Years for a Console is best, 6 maximum. PS4 and XBox One comes too late and as a PC Gamer you notice it on the PC Games… long time no need for an Hardware update and so the development of PC Hardware slows down too much, because the PC should be the platform that push Computer technology forward.

    Go back in history: Games like the Wing Commander series made the PC to that game platform that it is now. Why? Because to play this games at max you need to buy actual strong hardware. But before the PS4/XBox One came out many games runs already at max on a middle class PC.

    Yeah, it is nice for PC players to can play longer with there Hardware without an upgrade, but that is only short thinking. Because of that we are 1-2 years behind where we could be on PC Hardware, because companies like Intel, AMD, NVidia etc. didn’t need to spend much resources in better Hardware.

    And the new Consoles make it not better with there “cheap” Hardware. At the past Consoles was at release as powerful as a highend PC, but the actual Consoles were more like midclass on release… How long is 1080p now standard on PCs? Since a very long time (i already have a 4K TFT) and the actual Consoles reach 1080p more bad than good… So I hope this Console generation last max. for 5 years until a new Console came out.

  6. Bigscrotem says:

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^MY WORDS EXACTLY!!!! It’s all about the money!

  7. troll says:

    the lifespan for this gen will be shorter, 5 or 6 years at most. There is 4k displays coming and they can’t handle it.

  8. Konjiki no hage says:

    I think PS3 has achieved the specifications necessary for the 3D gaming representation. If game maker sell the full price game with cheap graphics in PS4, User will criticize it but the game is very interesting. When the graphic is not elaborate, consumers determined that developers are lazy.

    Hence I’m japanese… Now, Most Japanese prefer the smartphone game. Since the smartphone is not a dedicated game machine, It be allowed even in the “Illustration” representation. I guess.
    And Japanese loves the old-dot picture.

    As this article suggests, The hard Life cycle is updated while extending little by little. However, I think that game maker can’t follow even if PS5 has further 3D graphics spec. At least, Japanese cant imitate Hollywood scale like a “Destiny”.
    I think it might be continued for long time that the Multi-PF includes PS3 even if hardware has been updated.

  9. Dave says:

    This console generation will end up much faster cause xone and ps4 dont have enough raw performance to handle as long as ps3 and x360

  10. NNNRT says:

    I got my PS3 SuperSlim (which is a 2012 model) in 2013, so Sony better not drop support.

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