Release: PSP2SHELL for PS Vita


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10 Responses

  1. lollypop says:

    rejuvenate eml generator launcher/installer/pkginstaller/psp2shell/quake etc

  2. Sigma says:

    Nice to bad i’m on 3.52

  3. anonanon says:

    Awesome news, finally! 😀

  4. APRON-MAN says:

    Wololo why does the site look different everytime i come here? could be because i browse it on many devices but colour and whatnot changes too

  5. Jd says:

    Please i want to unlock my PS vita 3.55 =c

  6. Elwood says:

    I still not sure if that means that a PC is no longer needed to run homebrew AT ALL, or is still necessary to use a PC when starting PSP2SHELL, and then one can run many homebrews as long as it remains in memory?

  7. Elwood says:

    I still don’t quite understand if this means that a PC is no longer needed to run the Rejuvenate homebrews (AT ALL), or is it stil necessary to run PSP2SHELL for a PC, and then use the shell it to start the homebrews without the PC?

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