Release: VNPSP (a VNDS port)

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  1. not first

    I am not the first!

  2. Anon


  3. an22

    ugly port i tested wanto to kurasou and tsukihime my psp on 6.61 me freeze and shutdown not functionnal

    • Typhoon_Neon

      I’ve had issues with conversion but it never downright froze on my Vita. The problem here is that the port is a bit old and converters seem to be targeted towards “newer” builds rather than older. I’ve had more VNs not work than work, so I keep on looking into this to see why it does not.

      Another issue is that digital-haze which was the birthplace of VNDS and where all documenation was put is gone from the web.

  4. IamThatGuy

    I thought we already had some Visual Novel things for psp but.. Alrighty.

  5. Anon

    Rejuvenate port please. Converting a VN to 272p resolution of the PSP is a really horrible thing to do, even if we ignore that most NScripter VNs generally have 640×480 resolution.

  6. Sky Yuki

    Now this is one thing android is better option
    With kirikiroid you can get exact same version as pc (there might be effect removed in ONS version)

    Well the real better thing is I got bigger screen on my phone and I can read text more clearly
    So vita,psp have lost the purpose of reading visual novel for me (it’s heavier for me too)

    Copy and paste VNs to phone
    Get an app to run VNs
    That all it take to play on android

  7. drndy

    So I tried converting Tsukihime, FSN and Higurashi (I also tested them on my DS and they work just fine) but they won’t work on PSP. It shows me the script code with all these ‘label start’ things and then freezes.

  8. John

    reupload links someone plox

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