Best PSP/Vita Homebrews for October 2015


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14 Responses

  1. Reaper says:

    What would you fine people recommend? ARK? Or TN? I ran TN on my PSP and loved it, i just got ARK on 3.52 but am curious of the TN features…

  2. Elwood says:

    Does TN run PS1 games with sound?

    • TehCupcakes says:

      From hearsay: Yes, and TN-V is currently the only way to run PS1 games with sound. However, the sound may be glitchy and from what I understand can cause crashes. (Not sure if game crashes or if the sound just cuts out.)

  3. Stanislav says:

    You are not tired???

  4. DK says:

    What happened to the psp installer download?

  5. Murakami says:

    hi i really want to have PSP games on my VITA however; I dont’ understand on how to install ARK since i don’t have any PSP game on my PSN account 🙁 hope someone helps me with this, I was already able to do the email part in using thunderbird however; i can’t proceed to the next step

  6. Murakami says:

    Can someone help me in getting ARK? I’m on 3.52 but don’t have any PSP game on PSN, SE server.

  7. christian says:

    How do you install SNES9xVita with the ARK exploit ?

  8. christian says:

    How do you install Snes9xVita with the ARK exploit ??