Games you can play on your Vita: Sonic 2, The Long Version

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  1. Hackems

    I would love to play this but I’m having a hard time with my 3.35 p vita that I can’t seem to do the thing right or i think i am, can someone3 direct me to the propersolution and working video

  2. Elkay

    Sonic CD FTW. Best Sonic they ever made.

  3. lucas

    indeed, old sonic games were great, but it wasnt all about being fast like ppl say, sometimes u even had to slow down to be able to get past some obstacles and parts of the stage. The plataform style were so good on it.

  4. Jefphar

    It would be nice if someone ports Reicast a dreamcast emulator on Rejuvinate

  5. Dann

    I hate you. HAHAHA I using a picodrive and playing this game again( i have the original cartige wihtout mods). Stage 2 and have a super sonic xD

    • Typhoon_Neon

      Thta’s what I usually do too! Although that makes jumping a pain for the rest of the game from 50 rings on 😛

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