PSP Emulator: PPSSPP 1.1 released, brings ARM64 support, Android TV support, & more


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  1. I_am_not_first says:

    1st! .1

  2. Rob says:

    Probably a dumb question but, what game(s) are those of the screenshots?

  3. lucas says:

    @Rob, Final Fantasy Type-0 dude. I wonder if i will notice improvements with a z3 compact. gow games were laggy, wonder if it will be playable 100% now.

  4. Vex_Official says:

    Humm .. Maybe we should have ppsspp on our vita .. Psp game looks better on ppsspp .. Or ,, we can have some antilising option on Ark 😀 but i know it can’t .. Because the psp emulator inside the vita,those cpu/gpu is limited. But not with rejuvenate . it’ll be great If we can run this on rejuvenate Vita. 😀

    • gamr13 says:

      I highly doubt we’ll see a PSP emulator for rejuvenate, especially since there’s a fully working PSP emulator on the Vita, that, okay, yes needs an exploit, but there’s no need for a PPPSSPP port which could be extremely laggy when compared to the official emulator.

    • nina says:

      VEX, for what it’s worth, I’ve got the APE ESCAPE exploit getting me my PSP emulator on my VITA.

      I’ve been mashing away on CRISIS CORE for the last couple months. I just unlocked MINERVA last week. It’s a lot of fun on the VITA.

      I also have other PSP games in this ‘psp emulator’ on my vita, not least of which is TYPE-0. Like most other psp gamers, I started playing the ENGLISH TRANSLATED version on my PSP (I have a psp 1000). I also have it on my VITA. I might give it another go when I’m done with CRISIS CORE.

      Although, admittedly, I had a struggle with game play. I didn’t enjoy the original japanese voices, while reading the english text. Somehow I found it more confusing than anything else.

      I watched some YOUTUBE play-through’s, and learned there is voice acting with the enemies you fight. I feel like part of that experience is lost in the english translation.

      I’m highly considering buying PS4 for Christmas, and getting the HD version of TYPE-0, so I can enjoy the English acted version. It’s a shame, ’cause I really wanna play it, and I thought the idea of an english translated version would be awesome, but somehow I had a difficult time getting into it.

      BUT, going back to your original point, PPSSPP isn’t necessary at all on VITA. The PSP emulator works just fine with TYPE-0 (in my experience).

      Playing PSP (type-0 specifically), on a cellphone…THAT would be awesome!

      I’m hoping SQUARE comes out with Final Fantasy 12 for VITA some time.

  5. Yattoz says:

    Thanks for the news !

  6. sadf says:

    This comment is designed to instill a sense of jealousy; I am currently playing a ton of PSP games in Virtual Reality care-of PPSSPP VR build created by the brilliant CarlKenner

  7. 4576 says:

    I cannot believe it I am 4,576th that is un-fecking belevable

  8. DarkDante says:

    Wonder if this will come to rejuvenate? would it be better than what we currently on the vita through tv-v?

  9. DarkDante says:

    Wonder if this will come to rejuvenate? would it be better than what we currently on the vita through tn-v?

  10. Anon says:

    Speaking of FF Type-0, which is the latest version available? I know the initial release on skybladecloud’s blog was taken down by SE, 2nd release was made on 4-chan; is there a newer one?

    Also, the guide for dumping UMDs isn’t that practical, much more relevant one would be extracting ISOs from PKGs that you get from your PSN account.

  11. Dmaskell92 says:

    Gray shadows doe. This game is best on PSP or PsVita IMO.

  12. Nscxp2005 says:

    What’s the best settings to get the best performance on type-0?

    This update look amazing!

  13. Jamx says:

    I know I’m crazy to say this, but I want PPSSPP for Vita Rejuvenate. This could make some PSP games look better than just emulate PSP games with built-in PSP engine on Vita.

    • FSrogi says:

      Why to port a PSP emulator on rejuvenate when you have sony’s official one, built in the vita?

      • Kenshin says:

        As he said, its to make the PSP games look better on the vita. If PSP games looked that good on the Vita’s psp emulator, we wouldnt need PPSSPP.

  14. Zahin says:

    I have a Sony Xperia Z5 and ppsspp lags like heck on Tekken 6, Ive tried lowering the settings but it never speeds up? can anyone help?

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