Tutorial: Installing Qwikrazor’s Firmware 3.52 Custom Bubbles without an exploitable PSP game!

The Zett

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  1. durr

    i got the exploit failed on 3.18 too and used the FW 3.50 file 🙁

  2. jai

    is this possible on 3.18??

    have been trying for so long to get this working!!!

    Any help is welcome,

  3. jai

    cant seem to get ark 2 working with the following eu/au psp games:
    Space Invaders Extreme (ULES01078)
    UNO (NPEH00020)
    The Impossible Game (NPEZ00400) (Minis)
    Little Big Planet (UCES01264)
    Ape Quest (NPEG00005)

    have been at this now for at least 4 days.Just cant seem to make the custom bubble work… it appears, goes to load, but then goes to a black screen with the following text,

    “loading. Exploit failed”

    Could someone please give help/info on how to do this please??

    I have uno working as a tnv bubble on tn-v10, also TNX through the Tekken 2 Exploit.

    My ps Vita FW is 3.18 (can also use tn-v10 with space invaders Extreme Exploit.)

    Any help is welcome (And really Appreciated)