Release: Qwikrazor releases Custom Bubble Installer for firmware 3.5x exploit games!

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  1. callofktulu says:

    I can’t make this work for World of Pool. When I put the files on my save folder, on my vita I can’t see the save data. I am using QCMA and 3.52.

  2. Chria says:

    Omg! That went so smoothly! Much easier that the long version! And I think I’m first lol

  3. Marc says:

    No one ever tried to release anything beyond custom bubble. Not that im complaining or anything but vita scenes don’t seem to pass beyond CB

  4. levepedro says:

    Wops i only have patapon, ill wait. Thanks.

  5. oxenh says:

    i follow all the step from the video tutorial with hall of pool pro and ark-2 keep telling me that the exploit failed to work

  6. AddicitveGamer says:

    I just used APE QUEST as a base to load POOL HALL PRO then used the old exploit game save to load ARK 😀

  7. MrOzzySan says:

    Everytime i load up World of Pool i get a blue screen and then i get a message “An error has occurred.”
    What to do ?

    • MrOzzySan says:

      nvm, fixed it.
      The files linked up here are 3.50 only, download the 3.52 version posted on qwikrazor’s twitter.

  8. Robert says:

    I charge the save and game normal running-game World of pool
    copy the folder where ark1234?

  9. hostputo says:

    I need to update my vita to back up? plz somebody help me ? how I can make a back up without a update

  10. NakedFaerie says:

    Can you backup and transfer the bubble via QCMA to a 2nd Vita?
    I have 1 on 3.18 and 1 on 3.55.
    If I make the bubble on 3.18 can I transfer it to the 3.55 vita?

  11. sunny says:

    i do all the same , but the result is ” exploit failed” . im 3.52 and run it on pool hall pro. and after i let it on exploit failed an error pop up C1-bla bla-bla . can fix it ?

  12. Alberto says:

    i am not able to do a backup up of puzzle scape due to qcma cant recognize the psvita and yhe content manager say that i have to upgrade the firmware 🙁

  13. Daniel Whittlesey says:

    So i need my php 3.52 files and do the rest of your totural

  14. 风君子 says:

    Every Time when I connect to PC it asked me to update

  15. césar says:

    For me Ape Quest failed with grey screen en error code c1-2858-3. But pool hall pro worked and I’m using 138menu.

  16. delta191 says:

    world of pool game EU, 3.50FW.
    doesn’t work for me, get blank grey/white screen then “An error has occurred. (C1-2858-3)” 🙁

  17. LightWarrior24 says:

    Ape Escape on the loose is not working for me,no green screen after i load the game only gray then an error mmssgg (c1-28858-3) please help anyone 🙁

  18. Daniel Whittlesey says:

    With php usa 3.52 keep getting c1- 2858-3 error how do I fix this

  19. Black says:

    I dont know what i did wrong. When i do this with World of Pool i get a blue sreen and than it comes c1-2858-3.
    Maybe someone can help. Sorry for my bad english^^

  20. oxenh says:

    search in the tweets of qwikrazor and look for the pastebin of the fw 3.52 exploit games.
    I now have ark running on my ps vita 3.52
    Also note that 3.51 and 3.52 run a custom ark and not ark-2

  21. MrFwibbles says:

    I installed the bubble, but once I get the the menu none of my homebrew loads. Everything just makes ARK-2 exit. Bubble made using Rockman Rockman (JP) on 3.52

  22. MrFwibbles says:

    I installed the bubble, but once I get to the menu none of my homebrew loads. Everything just makes ARK-2 exit. Bubble made using Rockman Rockman (JP) on 3.52

  23. John says:

    For the folks experiencing the “exploit failed” screen, wololo doesn’t have the links for the 3.52 firmware files. The ones you see linked here are for 3.50 official firmware and below. To get the files for the 3.52 firmware, you’ll have to go to the youtube video, and you’ll find the links there in the description.

  24. Erik says:

    I just got a ps vita and it was on version 3.55 I want to play some snes and gba games can anyone help me please?

    • Isaiah says:

      sadly there is nothing you can do at the moment. There is no way to run any kind of homebrew on 3.55, so you won’t be playing any snes or gba games.

      • Aces says:

        You can run custom bubbles on 3.55, as long as the first bubble is created on 3.52 before being updated.
        This doesn’t help him at all but saying its not possible to run homebrew on 3.55 is false

  25. HuuBui says:

    I have success with this method but :
    1- Make follow method above
    2- Use save ARK_01234 of base game (Petz Saddle Demo US FREE) . I dont use new save ARK of link
    I hope this will help to guys . Tks all

  26. voiduoidai says:

    anyone can give me link of googledrive . I cannot get the link ( it say DNS error and only show an empty page )

  27. Black says:

    Now all is ok but im very confused. I want to play psp iso but i cant find any good tutorial. I think i need the pspfiller. But nothing want to go. Can somebody help me? Maybe german?^^

  28. DarkSider says:

    damn i dont have any psp base game the game i have is all vita T.T no hope for me im at 3.51

  29. Zuko says:

    it worked really easy for me but I dont know how to use ARK….I understand and I did transfer ISOS through savedata….but how can I run them? I see them and press Start but then ARK closes….

  30. Zuko says:

    it worked really easy for me but I dont know how to use ARK….I understand and I did transfer ISOS through savedata….but how can I run them? I see them and press Start but then ARK closes….should we put everything in ARK folder? ISO folder??

  31. Anon says:

    I got it all running but having a hard time trying to find any guide to allow me to run one of my psp ISO. I moved it over and I can see it but I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong can any one link a video or more descriptive tutorial than the few I have found?

  32. Kuro666 says:

    Got this running on my 3.52 VitaTV. Can’t find a reason I did this, but I did with RockmanRockman 3.52 exploit.
    Running PSP iso/homebrew fine.
    Maybe I should get a DekaVita…

  33. Dreammilord says:

    Guys, thanks for your job. Everything works fine. You are the best)
    Easy for use and works good)
    Who gets on 3.52 “Exploit failed” download files not for 3.50, get for 3.52. Good Luck!

  34. Nei_LiL says:

    I updated PS Vita to 3.55 / Don’t created Bubble in 3.52 / I can make bubbles in 3.55 without exploit game ?

  35. Fatty Billy says:

    I just created a CB on my 3.52 Vita slim and it works on my 3.55 fat using world of pool. Happy days well done to all involved.

  36. Geryl says:

    How come whenever I try to copy the folder it says ARK_01234 and not ARK-2? i think thats my problem

    • Andrew says:

      Hi Mate thats just the naming convention for the directory, once it is transferred, the bubble icon will show ARK 2

  37. hostputo says:

    hi people, my name is hostputo. I will teach you how to install ISO using this hack. FIRST you need to download QCMA, get tutorials in the internet to install and use it . Then you need to execute this ARK, just read the tutorial above Wololo net. Then you need to install VITAFTP you can learn it here : after that you will need to download any ISO, YOU NEED TO RENAME THAT ISO, the name can’t have more than 8 letters and all letters must be in capital letter and at the end of the name put .ISO ex:GODOFWAR.ISO wiithout any space and dots. After this you need to transfere the ISO to ps vita through VITA FTP you can learn how do it here : . Then you click Square and go to games, and your game you ‘ll be ready to run, finish . I USING 138MENU , I DON’T KNOW IF THIS METOD RUN IN NORMAL MENU. to install 138 menu you download it from the internet and copy the itens in ARK file and transfere to your ARK_01234 (the ARK_01234 is in PSAVEDATA). thanks and bye

  38. Andrew says:

    followed guide (well ok, I copied the wrong files first) but then I re- read it and it WAS PERFECT excellent work all.

  39. hobophage says:

    i cant seem to install any emulators…iso/cso play pretty much fine on my vita & vita tv @ 3.52. i can launch 138 menu from a previous install, but can’t seem to install anything from it. is this typical?