Loadiine (First Backup Loader for Wii-U) Released


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  1. Levepedro says:

    Amazing it begins, great news.

  2. Roshuou says:

    Sigh, Vita… So secure >:

    • n says:

      it’s been proven several times that the vita isnt all that secure. Theres just no interest in pirating crappy games on a crappy handheld.

      • a says:

        wow but c’mon the wii u? it has more crappy games and has sold less than the vita itself, but nintendo has always had the worst anti piracy system since ngc times.

        • ViRGE says:

          The Wii U has a small install base, but it has a lot of highly regarded (Metacritic 90+) games. When Nintendo can move even a million copies of Super Mario Maker, it indicates there’s a lot of interest in the console despite its small install base.

          The fact that it has sold better in the West than the Vita also helps, since most of the hackers are out here.

        • nyx says:

          The 3DS was pretty good, despite still being fairly bug-ridden

          It took some years.

  3. ZERO says:

    I’m rooting for the Vita

  4. Stanislav says:

    Here-be as this miracle has happened with a PS Vita!!

  5. Neal Cullum says:


  6. nakedfaerie says:

    NIce. Pity i auto updated.
    I might have to turn off the auto updates and wait for the next release.

  7. MBA says:

    So now all last-gen consoles are open? Interesting.

    • Reprep says:

      Wii-U is more or less current gen. It is debatable though.

      • Aces says:

        You obviously didn’t catch that it was a dig at Nintendo’s cutting edge hardware

      • Netrix says:

        Marginally ‘better’ than the PS3/X360 doesn’t qualify it as current gen.

        • Torque says:

          Stop making up arbitrary rules for what can and what can’t be called “current gen”. Current generation just means what it means: it is the latest iteration and there is no new one, and how much it is “better” has nothing to do with it. Oh, and “better” isn’t really an objective term. Fpr me PS3 is “better” than Wii U, because it had a huge number of good games.

          In case of Wii U the term “current gen” can be debated due to its release way before PS4 and Xbox 360, but it has nothing to do with how much it’s “better”.

  8. Redirr says:

    I just need to know how to backup my Wii U Disc. I Alredy own many games It’s will be great play then from SD then to change disc all the time!!! There is anyway to bkp then or download?

  9. Bruno says:


    Quation is, does anybody knows where to find “isos” of WiiU games to test this?

  10. Ashton says:

    Except unless you’re a fanboi theres barely any games for it worth playing ;/
    If i ever had enough money to waste it on wii u it wouldn’t hit me hard to buy legit copies of the few games that’d interest me.

    Now if only vita was broken.. this one actually has more than enough titles that’d interest me.

    • Finalsm4sher says:

      Actually there’s a ton of good games for the wii u way more than the ps4/xb1 you should check them out even the upcoming ones

  11. Adam Fox says:

    GRRR…I’m on 5.5….updated for Super Mario Maker….well, this is just the beginning of backup loaders….like pretty much every other console, it was just a matter of time before its expanded to higher firmware versions…

    • oumoumad says:

      I would suggest however that you block auto updates if you care about hacking your Wii U in the future ;). the team has a private exploit for 5.5.0 now, but nothing can guarantee you that next firmwares would be exploitable.

  12. Anthrax132 says:

    FWIW, also confirmed as working with the Eshop version of Super Smash Bros for Wii-U 😉

    • Reprep says:

      Thanks a lot, it wasn’t confirmed at the time of writing this. That is some good info and it will help many.

  13. Patrick Vogt says:

    I am currently at 4.1.0 (Mario Kart 8, if I remember correctly). There is nothing special to 4.X.X firmwares in regards of homebrew like with the vita (more access to memory, higher cpu clock rate which provides better compatibility in the future or something similar)?

  14. Charles Fasano says:

    I recently bough a Wii U Console only with power supply on eBay for less than $120 and was pleased to find out it had 5.3.2 so i am all good to go.

  15. voon says:

    Did, jp version 5.3.2 work?

  16. atmop says:

    I’m sure we are not wanting piracy just let us put some kind of android with playtime access
    The. It will be the best portable

  17. atmop says:


  18. cfoordddd says:

    how do i get the rpx file?

  19. cfoordddd says:

    how do i get the rpx files?

    • Ricky D says:

      you need an app called DiscU and the per disc key found in scene release nfo files to extract the WUD (ISO)

  20. Anon says:

    Despicable, disgusting news. Can’t wait for the struggling Wii U to get pirated to death.

  21. alpmaster says:

    I would like to play GameCube on my wiiu gamepad.

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