Playstation TV Hack – can’t get your whitelist to work? Here are some answers


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15 Responses

  1. WalkingThunder2001 says:

    First, I would like to thank wololo a million for saving me a lot of time. Now Vita tv actually reads cartridges such as BlackOps Declassified no problem. And kudos to Everyone envolved with the scene.
    But, My parents are nasty and will simply refuse getting me numblast. If anyone has a PSN uk card I Will be very greatfull.

  2. WalkingThunder2001 says:

    First, I would like to Thank wololo for that use information.
    Secound, I would really appreciate if anyone could buy Numblast for me Because my Parents Simply Refuse to do so. Thanks.

  3. Lol says:

    Lol first? Prolly not

  4. Stanislav says:

    Hacker,you SUPER puper i you very very BIG Love!!

  5. FirstBoy says:

    First! yes! xD

  6. Smoker1 says:

    Im just loving the fact that the Rejuvenate is not working for me on my Vita. I got the 1st 4 Files, but when I went to check for the additional 2 Files that get sent out, it does not show them, or on my Vita, the Email does not show.

  7. Dumbfirstbs says:

    Ok enough of this first im first or second etc its very annoying and i know im not the only one who has commented on this bs. As for the whitelist all games work just fine at least all 30 i tried. I also think if certain games cant work it has more to do with the current firmware you may be currently on.

  8. Flawlessdesign7 says:

    If u are getting the invalid email thingy, try from a computer not a smart phone/tablet.. worked for me.

  9. pythonicca says:

    You’re missing a section for the people that got the first part (writer.eml) to work but not the second part.

    writer.eml is sent successfully. It arrives and attached is an image that (when clicked) throws the error as expected. The mail app is forced close (the ok button ignored) and the email account is then re-setup as per the tutorials.

    The problem. Any subsequent emails with the target path in the subject and the file (to write) as an attachment arrive with “done” beneath it (not “#0”, not “x”). This happens automatically without user interaction. When the attachment is clicked it does nothing. When blacklisted games are tested (that others have confirmed to work) they don’t launch. (and yes – this was tried offline to remove the chance that the whitelist was overwritten by the official servers)

    I’ve tried this so far on two different PSTVs – both with the same results. There are other people on different sites who have been reporting the same problems. It appears we’re in the minority – but still – something is sc*** up.

    I’ve been trying to overwrite the whitelist for the past three days without success. So if you can help please post in the thread here:

  10. DARKvoid says:

    Please keep whitelist hack working with newer firmwares please 🙁

  11. Amon Moore says:

    Please keep me updated when we can play all the games that are in the whitelist.
    I can play some of them that are in the list but not all of them.

  12. Houston says:

    So this won’t work on 3.55 right ? :\

  13. Kakner says:

    Anyone know if this will work on the latest latest firmware as of 23/10/2015?

    I assume version 3.55