PS Vita Release: PSP-Installer by SMOKE. Write to PSP/GAME on all firmwares


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97 Responses

  1. domiciano

    Tader good, someone could send me the files to me

  2. new on vita

    how to do this psp installer im on 3.52 any video tutorial?

  3. Adam

    They pretty much gloss over on how exactly to transfer the saved data over to your PSP Vita using QCMA. Which folder do I put it in?

  4. hamu

    Now, how to convert Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD (English Patched) to working EBOOT

  5. hugo

    anyone can do? error to continue the download =\

  6. Fabian

    So I was able to get through the tutorial and did all the steps and erased the corrupt icon. Nothing happened after that. What I placed on the p folder was an iso of a game i have (Kingdom Hearts BBS). Was I supposed to place VHBL, ARK, or TN-V in the p folder?

  7. leklerc

    The size of download is correct 5007kb, but can’t download, i have the error c2-13213-0, someone have an idea ?

  8. origamiluis

    QCMA not connect to psvita need update 🙁

  9. Jesse

    So um… Does this create a launch bubble or something? How do I run a game?

  10. Ray

    This deletes ALL Vita save data, or at least makes it unaccessible. Anyone know of a fix?

  11. Ian

    guys any TuT on Qcma idk how to transfer file on it im confused >.<

  12. azaz

    its told me , you need to update your system to transfer files . i have 3.52 . and i use with qcma . any help ???

  13. Maxkavian

    So after this, how do I open the game?

  14. Hawktroll

    Does it work in the 3.55 ?

  15. john

    Hi guys, sorry for my english. I have a question: ¿Should I do this every time I pass a game?

    Thanks for aswer.