Huge upcoming Release: Mr.gas & Major_Tom are going to release a massive ‘Hacking Package’!

The Zett

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  1. Kira_Slith says:

    Hey, quick question before the next FW releases @The_Z, Will this work on 3.51 Rejuvenate, and if not should the average user update or stay at their current Firmware?

  2. nebu_187 says:


  3. Bill says:

    Does this require 3.51? or 3.52 can do this too?

  4. Hell_knight says:

    Guys you don’t have to update to firmware 3.52 for this to work. In the article it is noted that it works ( upto ) firmware 3.52. So if you’re on 3.18 then you’re pretty much set up for this to work. Cheers !

  5. d@rk51d3 says:

    “Getting Wood”, like a Minecraft trophy, 😀

    • progamer1515 says:

      I’d change the trophy name to Mourning Wood just for the lulz. You cut down the tree so the wood is dead, hence mourning. And it is a funny double entendre.

  6. Elevation says:

    MAMA WE MADE IT!!!!!! T^T i’d like to give a shout to my fans and a big shout out to the gas man and uncle tom

  7. Eriol says:

    Lol @ people not understanding “up to”.

  8. darkado says:

    Any chance that this will allow playing of games that require 3.50+ on a lower fw?

  9. mangosteam says:

    Is ps vita tv included?

  10. mezo says:

    is the wait finally over ? praise the monkies you all

  11. wonbikun says:

    Make CMA backups for anyone (without linked PSN account)
    I can play the game of others through backup ? not the same account ? this is really interesting.

  12. xXDarkCodeXx says:

    Cool, very very cool.

    But what “Semi-Debug” means?

  13. Fernando says:

    PsVita backups???mmm??

  14. yo0n says:

    At this point, it’s better to stay on 3.01 or update to 3.52 ?

  15. Magus says:

    Are they gonna finally release also the way to play all PSVITA games on the PSVITATV? I really would love to. I have mine on a drawer since only a few of my collection work on it.

  16. NeonAera says:

    Am I dreaming?? Someone wake me up.. wait, I’m awake… holy #$&@!!! THIS IS REAL! d:-)

    Kudos to both of you Mr. gas and Major_Tom!!

    You guys did it!

  17. troll says:

    This is incredible news!!! thanks to Tom and Mr. Gas! this sounds great

  18. Andgtr08 says:

    Well, let’s save Qwikrazor’s exploits (choice 2). Make more sense save it. Even if you have bought these exploits, because can save us on an Upcoming firmware who patches Tom’s & Mr.gas’ release.

    One more vote for Choice 2.

  19. vyadd says:

    is it possible to do fake firmware version? so we can access psn or ps4 remote play with out been force to update

    • percy says:

      Yeah i want to know that too. im on 3.18 and planning to update because of ps4 remoteplay

    • R0ME0 says:

      Spoofing firmware only works sometimes as far as accessing PSN goes, if you recall 3.50 changed the way the Vita connects to PSN so we couldnt spoof anymore. I’ve seen a couple that came out after this but none that are working right now.

  20. Parker says:

    Where can add.db be pulled from? Content manager?

  21. Dee8282 says:

    With an exploit always come homebrew,I want powerful homebrew ps2 emulator,moviebox!,n64,dreamcast-dumping of the nand is huge!!!

    • R0ME0 says:

      Ps2 Emulator is a pipe-dream. Unless sony releases a PS2 classic-type title for vita with a sony written PS2 interpreter for the vita, that wont happen.

  22. lama says:

    It’s finally happening??

  23. lama says:

    “Cartridge backup installation is not what you think it is. This something that mr.gas found while messing around with game files.
    It revolves around copying license files so the Vita starts a game from it’s own file system, instead of reading the cartridge.
    However, this requires the original cartridge to be inserted first, then removed, each time you want to start the game. This is merely a proof of concept and can’t really be exploited any further.”

    no backup guys
    *le sight*

  24. nCadeRegal says:

    Wow, the hacking duo of major tom and mr. Gas is incredible. Its amazing the amount of exploits they were able to find and trigger in just one app on the vita.. absolutely amazing guys. Nice article zett. Made my whole month.

  25. pyter says:

    You cannot dump any file that is larger than 2 Megabytes in size.

    How can u dump a game ? if the files will be like 2gigs+
    and if this can be can we play somebody else backups games .

  26. StinkyLoser says:

    Is there any chance of us getting Rejuvenate bubbles? Being able to launch homebrew without having to be tethered would be amazing. This is great work you go are doing, props!

  27. tutoriel here for custom theme, whitelist PSTV or trophy hack and other

  28. agent smith says:

    w 0o t !

    What a great bit of information. Thanks for your efforts Mr.gas & Major_Tom!

  29. yuuki says:

    should i saty on 3.52 ir update to 3.52?

  30. np3228 says:

    will people get banned for doing this? The free trophies for example,,

  31. Dee8282 says:

    This is probably the most dopest thing to ever drop since rejuvenate!! Write files to the vita system,cartridge dump,trophy hack,ect.What im looking forward to is powerful emulation of other systems.I mean of course you can do it with rejuvenate but there’s just so much hurdles you have to jump to run it! Game dumps is nice to but im not really interested as much I am with homebrew ,Cuz with homebrew we are able to see the true potential of the vita and may I say the vita has amazing specs,imagine being able to run dreamcast,Saturn,n64,ps2,ps1 or maybe 3ds games on it.The possibilities are endless ! all it takes for one open exploit to blow this system out the water and hopefully this is the magic gate way to it! Big up to the guys that discover this hack .Also since they found out the ability to write to the system can we see if emulators would work this way,or maybe native emulator bubbles?!

  32. Cade-S says:

    I just can’t get this to work. I always get the error “This file is not compatible with this system” when trying to write app.db to Vita

  33. AnIntrestedReader says:

    Sorry if this has already been asked.
    “– Make CMA backups for anyone (without linked PSN account)”

    Would this allow for PSM and rejuvenate to be installed on 3.52 then?

  34. iamfinetoo says:

    Does that mean we have possibilities to do the kernel hack?

  35. Xtremegamer says:

    Very nice stuff , love the switch psn account feature

    only thing i need is allow remote play on lower firmwares or patch remote play to allow lower firmwares. only thing that is annoying me and itching me to update :'( which i dont want to do.

  36. Smoker1 says:

    Hopefully this will be a way to Install Native Homebrew/Emus so you wont need to always connect to a PC/Android when you want to run something.

  37. aramaru says:

    Fake region and account switching? Sounds great but i hope it would be possible to do
    this on normal vita models too. as for file dumping, i see great potential. i wonder if 2mb limit would be partially bipassed by splitting files and then merging them inside psv

  38. ppl cant read says:

    The Z, i would underline the “up to” part for the firmware since alot of ppl cant seem to read properly. xD

  39. Hello says:

    Do we need psp games on it?

  40. Stranno says:

    Great. Just … dont fight.