The retroarch PS Vita port we won’t talk about


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20 Responses

  1. Yubbie says:

    Finally someone made an article. I’ve been thirsty for four days. FOUR FOCKING DAYS!!!!!!

    • nope says:

      *** man, if your on the internet you must have some sort of running water. That’s just lazy. Sell your vita for 50 packs of water bottles and you’ll no longer have that problem in the future.

  2. Parker says:

    If only I wasn’t on 3.52 🙁

    • Ty Brown says:

      Ugh, I know the feeling. My Vita came with 3.15, but I wanted to use the store and forgot I had a PS3 buried somewhere. 🙁 I’m REALLY hoping there will be a downgrade method eventually. I’m going to stick with 3.52 for as long as I can.

  3. Meat loaf says:

    Great my nuts itch.

  4. TioBrazMii says:

    I’m not the 1 (first) xD

  5. Tony says:

    Great article, but i am a little confused, is this supposed to be a multi platform emulator? for some reason i can’t get it to detect snes roms but it loads md/sega genesis just fine.

    • Tony says:

      Scratch that, realized what i was doing wrong but snes seems to be broken atm, all i get is a black screen when i load any of my games.

      • Rolenzo says:

        I could get it to run most of them, but not catsfc at all. it gave me a NOT SUSPENDED error in the command prompt.

        The snes9x ran far worse than the skogaby releases. Mind you, I didn’t set up any of the “cores.” ff6 ran at 47-59 fps on it with glitchy sound.

  6. teampleb says:

    3DS just got RetroArch support recently. Come with FCEUMM (NES), nxengine, 2048, Gambatte (Gameboy), gPSP (GBA), mednafen (VB, NGP, WSWAN), SNES9x (SNES), catsfc (SNES), picodrive (Genesis), CPS1, CPS2, mGBA, quickNES, Neo Geo, and Genesis Plus GX emulators. (and counting)

  7. Oeli says:

    What is about N64?

  8. CaraCum says:

    I’m CaraCum! I have great skills!

  9. Smoker1 says:

    I seriously wish they would do a N64 Port. The 3DS Release is awesome on the N3DS, but they do not have access to the CNub or ZL/ZR Buttons. Not even the .3dsx Files have access to them for some reason. I do believe the Vita and N3DS can run them with some work. Just have to wait and see what happens.
    The 3DS Port even has CPS1, 2 and NeoGeo. But Large Roms like SVC and similar will not run. But some in CPS1 wont either for some reason like, or others.