CATSFC-libretro-vita 1.1.0 (a port of SNES9X 1.43 for Vita) released



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  1. ViRGE

    I’ve heard several times that SNES9x 1.4x has lower accuracy than 1.5x, but I’m curious if anyone has any real world examples? I’ve personally not found any problems yet, but I also don’t necessarily know what to look for.

  2. TheGrandPubaa

    It runs great and i’ve loved that UI since the PSP days. Unfortunately, player 1 and 2 controls are mapped to the vita buttons so 2 player simultaneous games like Super Double Dragon aren’t really playable. Super Mario All Stars is playable, though, and, just in general, SNES looks simply fantastic on an OLED screen. This is awesome.

  3. Dee

    I managed to install the vitadefiler on my vita but when I run it it stays on powered by unity!?!?

  4. laraz

    I’m still hoping that someone a hundred times smarter than me would make/port a native N64 emulator to the Vita and get close to full speed.

  5. Xyler

    Does anybody know why always seems to be down?

  6. Baadaq

    better accuracy?, don’t give that ***, 1.43 run more games than 1.52 and have more compatibility, another thing… you cannot run 1.43 using 1.05 so 1.06 is a must.

  7. Xhide

    This is version is great, i was able to play Yoshi’s Island with 60 fps in 444 mhz mode
    much better than the 1.52 imo

  8. Rolenzo

    These last 2 snes updates has made vita the trounce the 3ds’ snes emulator, Blargsnes.

    The only game I havent tested is ff6. Hopefully it works as perfectly as the others.

  9. daggdroppen

    This is cool. But now when the Retroarch guys are porting around 10 emulators for the 3ds… yes you heard correct! Catsfc is near perfect on the n3ds. Perfect fit. Genesis / Megadrive is near perfect too 🙂

    Retroarch is the best guys ever!

  10. Me

    Doesn’t work for me. Just black screen with all of my ROMs. Some advice?

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