Sony unbox an original Playstation to celebrate the Playstation 20th anniversary


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23 Responses

  1. ejendro says:

    I still have mine and i also have the mini version they come up with too

  2. François says:

    I stil own my PS1 but it’s not boxed anymore! What a wonderfull gaming station. I had numerous of wonderfull time playing games on it especially all the Final Fantasy titles that came on the device.

  3. alevan says:

    Sorry, to dissapoint you, but my PSP has all what the PS1 could ever offer to me that I would want 😀

    • Panzer says:

      To be fair, it’s still PSX. You can’t take that away!

    • ZeroSbr says:

      Unfortunately, the PSP can’t do multiplayer with PS1 games. Aside from that, the PSP, Vita, PS2, and PS3 really do make the PS1 obsolete. I think the PS2 and 3 can actually do multiplayer with PS1 games though, since you’d just have to plug in another controller, whereas with the PSP and Vita, you’d have to use the ad-hoc capabilities somehow, which Sony never did for whatever reason, possibly due to latency.

  4. Yoru says:

    Yeah, big hands I bet.

  5. Panzer says:

    Loved my PSX as a kid and is by far my favorite system next to PS2. And, man, did I love the concept of demo disks.

    I no longer have all my PSX games (aunt stole them) or my PSX (lost due to arson), but man I still love the system.

  6. im first says:


  7. maddrake says:

    I own two ps1’s. But i was very young when they came out so i didn’t have one at the time. I started with the ps2 though. I finally got a ps1 about 4 years ago. I got my slim version about two years ago. Ive been happy with them both since. I also own a few ps3’s and ps2’s. And i finally picked up a ps4 a couple months ago . Now its a big happy family.

  8. Stranno says:

    Playstation model with parallel port. Well played.

    I guess it was the only one they got in good conditions.

  9. PHOTON-Q2 says:

    yeah,… I still having lot of fun with my PS1…

  10. EJ says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of opening a brand new PSX, to bad I took it for granted and I don’t have it anymore. I do still have a PS2 though with box so I suppose that makes up for it somewhat.

  11. Chris.Beanz says:

    Still remember opening mine, Christmas 1996. I still have the demo disc collecting dust in my CD library lol.

  12. Ssam says:

    Don’t laugh but I have a so called “rare” midnight blue psx with that disk. Aren’t I lucky.

  13. nCadeRegal says:

    Ahh what great memories I have from my childhood of the ps1. Spending weekends with my buddy playing non stop till sunday morning. One of my favorite games of all time final fantasy seven and the hours I poured into it over a hundred. By far in the top five of my all time gaming conoles. I still have mine and my sisters and brothers with quite a decent game collection. Also the new take on the metal gear solid feanchise was bornnon this system. Great memories. Nice article wololo. Thank you

  14. Casavult says:

    I’ve bought every PlayStation home console on release day (except the PS1 and PS2 which my dad bought when I was a kid) and STILL have them all in fully working order besides my PS3 “Fat” 60GB which has RLOD but I have other PS3’s to make up for that.

    I wasn’t all big into the PS1 at that time as I too had a gaming PC. My dad bought a PS1 on release day for his personal use but he never played it to be honest and gave it to me in the end and I never played it either. About a year after having it locked away, whilst some distant family was at my house, we decided to give it a go as we all sat around the TV playing Tekken and having fun together nonstop for hours!

    Then the PS2 was released and my dad also got that on release day and gave it to me. From that day I never let my PS2 controller down or out of my sight when I was at home. I would come home after school with friends and play the PS2 together and chill. It was great fun.

    Then I bought the 60GB PS3. With online play being massively available via consoles now it seemed amazing at that time even more so if you had never played a PC with an internet connection. PSN seemed like a social network and you could meet some great people from it and play with them at the same time (instead of having to LAN party up haha!). That was great too!

    Then I bought the PS4 on release day. Not been enjoying it as much due to the fact of lack of interest in the games coming out, remasters I’ve already played on other older consoles/computers and too many indies (there’s no problem with any of that but it’s just not for me) but it’s still early days to give my solid thought on the PS4 as with the other consoles those were great memories created a long time ago and now I’m creating (hopefully) more great memories in gaming to reflect back on like I did when writing this.

  15. alex says:

    now play ps1 games on the vita, thanks Total_Noob for creating Ps1 louder 🙂

  16. alexgamer says:

    now play Ps1 games on the vita, thanks Total_Noob for creating Ps1 for louder

  17. Charles Fasano says:

    I had the pleasure of opening up a PSX when my sister got it for Christmas many years ago. I still love playing the original Spyro the Dragon trilogy and Crash Bandicoot games.

  18. Tanachi says:

    For the love of god please STOP CALLING IT A PSX.

  19. Sherif says:

    When i was a kid, everyday i was playing with my friend pepsiman on his psone console 🙂 ’till now i love this game and i will get a console and pepsiman ASAP 🙂 P.S ( it’s being sold everywhere here at 300L.E ( Egypt ) )