SNES Emulator for PS Vita: SNES9XVita 1.0.0 released


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20 Responses

  1. Hello there Wololo! I have a question…

    How would I run this on my Vita running 3.52 right now?

  2. Ninjakaashi

    Glad to see the homebrew scene for the psvita’s native hack growing:)

  3. DudeGuy

    I don’t get it. Wasn’t this a PSP emulator? The picture sure seem familiar. Is this just some *** port of it or something? How do the obvious PSP clock frequency settings even come into play if this is a native Vita application?!?

  4. MyLegGuy

    Wow, that menu looks great!

  5. KonataRola

    nice 😀 a Snes emulator that looks amazing on vita

  6. AlwaysRight

    Just commenting to beat the “I’m first” guys.

  7. NoPatience

    I wish someone can make a downgrader for 3.52 vitaas….sniffs…….yifan lu is the only guy I can hope on 😮

  8. SaxSmith

    is this just for revitalize? and when do you think revitalize will be working for 3.52?

  9. ragnarok

    Psp? So this is a port of the psp emulator and not a full fledged vita emu?

    • Omp

      I would say almost all Emulators are ports nowadays. You pick and choose the best from all the existing emulators out there. When did you last time see a support for a new SNES game? 🙂 The ones out there that isn’t working will probably never work, just because the ones developing (not porting) has stopped give love to SNES and now focus on other tasks 🙂

  10. Jean

    Can’t wait for a Neo Geo emu or full speed N64 emu 🙂

  11. Wolf

    Hi, can you make a video to show the emulator with a bunch of game ?

  12. ZeroSbr

    Unfortunately, for us plebs who have to get the latest system update to use PSN to buy stuff, native hacks are currently impossible. Seriously, I’ve tried transferring PS1/PSP games to my Vita with my PC. It never works.

  13. DrRetro

    I hope he can optimize it more in the future so it runs faster on 333Mhz too. The Vita should have enough Power for a smooth running SNES Emu (when it can also emulate PS1 games). I never finished FF6 and want to play it on the Vita in the future.

    • ZeroSbr

      Quite frankly, since the Vita can emulate (and does emulate) the PSP, it should be able to emulate the Sega Saturn, the N64, and even the DS flawlessly. The power is there, we just need the right hackers and coders. PS2 emulation however (and 6th gen emulation as a whole), is something that will have to wait until next gen, if any dedicated gaming handhelds are made for next gen. I hope they are, as I don’t want to turn to Mobile.

  14. dragng8

    this one is the winner in my book

  15. Gianluca Di Maggio

    Secret of Mana is unplayable, graphic issues. maybe just the main menu but not playable for me :'(