Revitalize competition: now $1000 in cash prizes


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15 Responses

  1. Neal Cullum says:


  2. First says:

    I’m first! Losers!

  3. MadMack says:

    Great donation, thanks!

  4. Charlie says:

    Faith in scene restored. Haha nah not really. Cash incentives are nice but theres just way too many handheld devices with less restrictions nowadays…

  5. Dante69 says:

    Awesome news!

  6. w00tguy123 says:

    Great idea to add the “non emulator” prize. I have a feeling that anything done creatively won’t stand a fair chance against emulator ports (in the eyes of users/voters).

  7. Truth00 says:

    I’ll give $20 If someone can put rejuvenate on my vita 3.51

  8. Romanz says:

    Man, I’d gladly throw $100 in there for a CPS3 emulator on vita, I definitely would love to play some SF3 and King of fighters on full speed with vita’s power.

  9. Sleetui says:

    Hope this encourages many developers to try and develop more 😀

  10. Med says:

    Hi, last day, i tried to install revitalize to may vita fw 3.01, buy it says that is no compatible dev unity 1.00 :c. any one can help me??

    • profession says:

      On the same situation. We need the psm dev unity assistant update package v.1.12. It can’t be found by just searching the internet, but if you find somebody’s post in wololo forum or anywhere in the internet just ask the one via private message.

  11. >_> says:

    C’mon Stan, pony up some rubles. 😛

  12. lollypop says:

    isnt their a howto or tutorial by now ??
    Howto win a thousand.
    Howto install revitalize sdk and fireup ur favorite projects …
    Howto install revitalize on ur psvita
    Howto for 3.18
    3.30 3.36 3.50 and 3.51 sorry 3.52
    etc etc cetera europa

  13. juniorpsvita says: