Emulator on PS4: Gameboy emulator running on the PS4, source code released


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28 Responses

  1. Charlie says:

    Still impressive

  2. N says:

    Home brew is much better than a jail broken device. At least with hoke brew devs won’t drop support for the ps4! Cturt is amazing! I hope to see a lot of progress from this guy.

  3. unholy says:

    Great news! let’s hope someone from ps4 scene would be interested with cturt’s work since he released his sdk in public..

    I still remember TN on hbl for 6.20 psp 3000 it started with simple things..

  4. J says:

    Glad I didn’t update my ps4 🙂

  5. ForteGS says:

    Yayyyy First!

  6. Peacenes says:


  7. first guy? says:

    This is pretty cool. I am curious why he chose to use the webkit instead of the graphics library? Less security maybe?

  8. Bit says:

    Great, this night I will install it. Thank you so much cturt. I see your code and I’m learning so much with your work.

  9. minkmendor says:

    sweet deal! keep up the good work

  10. Zilla says:

    Well… I kept one of my ps4 in 1.76 … so I can try the homebrews…. 🙂

  11. You says:

    I want to let you all know that i never upgraded the ps4s i have they Are still on day 1 stock firmware so yes there are people waiting for a exploit to commemorate geohotz exploit from the ps3 golden days.

  12. Anunnymous says:


  13. speedy says:

    It a good thing I have two PS4 one on the latest and the other one on 1.75. So yes wololo I am on firmware 1.76 or below.

  14. unholy says:

    Just bought my PS4 from a guy and it’s on 2.55 ofw ='(

    How do they test for exploit? would there any chance for newer firmware to be tested if they have vulnerabilities?

    Now I don’t know if I should update my firmware to 2.57.

  15. Alex says:

    I got my PS4 yesterday, and it was on 2.07, or around there. Sadly, I had to update to 2.57 to go online, but at least if there’s even an exploit for fw between 2.57 and 2.07, and there’s a way to downgrade, I can do that. Personally, the only reason I want a jailbroken PS4 is to have free PS+, as well as for trophy hacking purposes. If I want to mod games, I’d go on my PS3. Same with Vita; only care about trophy hacking.

  16. Tbird0000 says:

    So glad I haven’t even powered on my day 1 launch PS4! It’s been sitting in the box in my closet all this time. I knew/know the day will come when I can use it the way I want to.

  17. Trapstar30 says:

    I have two ps4 one is on 1.76 for this reason I knew that things will get better I’m still patients waiting for that hack to come out and I’m jumping on it after a update come

  18. eXtreme says:

    @Trapstar30 can you please check if the internet browser open on your 1.76 ps4 ? otherwise your console is useless like mine for that exploit because it’s not possible to activate the network features.

  19. hxxxxxxx says:

    Is Cturt the next Dark Alex for PS4?
    I hope so

  20. Devon says:

    I’m still rocking the release ps4. Haven’t even un boxed it yet.Getting excited

  21. Alan says:

    I’m on 1.76…. Js

  22. cunninghamcharlotte says:

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