VitaDefiler for Android Released



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  1. Franky

    This is a great start to giving back the Vita its portability! I hope a self launch will one day be possible, but this is great since any android device will do.

  2. jhormanc

    esto si que es grande… gran avance muchachos!!

  3. Dr Vita

    Awesome! Just allow me to run my own backups now and I might actually buy a vita.

  4. First


  5. TioBrazMii


  6. Hamz

    Not baaad !! Thanks for the news !

  7. 风君子

    First….I believe

  8. hhh

    First again, I believe it’s mine position

  9. xXDarkCodeXx

    Seems good. But rejuvenate sould be ported on iOS(i know that is probably coming) and on mac osx. I don’t own any of this, but more platform means more developerdes, and more developers means more homebres.

  10. mangosteam

    Nice now all i need is a mame or arcade emulator and hopefully ps2 too then my vita would be perfect

    • Smoker1

      While I dont think the Vita will be able to run PS2 Games, I seriously hope there will be a Arcade Emu down the road. If anything, we might see PSX come into the Picture and maybe something that allows us to run PSP Backups down the road and who knows, maybe run PSP Homebrew/Emulators. We MIGHT, MIGHT see DS Emulation since the Screen is Wide enough and has the Touch Screen for it. If possible, DC Emulation would be pretty cool.

  11. darkado

    app is too unstable, launches one homebrew in 20 tries, constantly crashing

  12. khan

    nice work see how much android going to support vita

  13. MrSparkles

    first!! but didnt work for me just said waiting for vita connection on the network and it was on same wifi tried 2 homebrews

  14. Stanislav

    Impossible only impossible!!Please continue!

  15. alevan

    I don’t have an Android device and not planning on buying one.

    Am I ***?

  16. yea

    Nice! Too bad my phone won’t allow me to create a hotspot without paying extra.

  17. Unfor

    Hi, nice to see this.
    But I’m on android 5.1.1, and I can’t launch any homebrew (I tap on the file but it’s not opening)