PSP’s IDPS can be used to unban your PS3, some strangers might be using your PSP’s identity right now to unban their own PS3


Background Developer who loves to talk and blog about Security things on Gaming Consoles

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  1. VinsCool

    Nice trick! Could be useful.

  2. jlo138

    You should add CFW to the title as it can be misleading. It only says its for CFW on step 6. Nowhere else. Nice article though.

  3. dkabot

    Clever, though I’m thankfully not banned at the moment.

  4. Bob

    FIRST! Beat that

  5. Zik

    This is nice to know…be neat to unban my console so i can finally cross play BO2 games…


    FIRST —–>

  7. chrisuros

    Oh yeah… Im the king of the world! lol

  8. nCadeRegal

    Nice news piece. I’m not currently banned as I take many precautions before signing on psn with my cfw ps3’s. I guess I just found abuse for the many psp’s I have laying around here. Thanks for the info.

  9. CPUzX

    Love it when the “F1R5TTTTTYYIFSTTTT!NNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!”FIRST!!!+++8++66” fools get put in their places.

  10. b3rs3rk

    NIce!!! Thanks for the info.

  11. ModChipGuy

    Awesome Sauce. Mines not banned but this is still nice to prevent the real one from being banned.

  12. Jim

    First, OMG I’m finally first, I’m the coolest person ever… Oh no, I forgot there’s a delay before comments are published, a few people already posted first before me, god I’m such an idiot.
    The worst thing in the world would be an article on this site with no comments saying “First!”, I hope that never happens.

  13. Charles Fasano

    Now Sony will start checking to make sure the IDPS and the Device match.

  14. jonnop123

    I’ve tried this with my own PSP to unban my PS3, and it works, but I can only get the IDPS to be spoofed temporarily using PSNPatch. IDPSet says the IDPS from my PSP is invalid and will not change it. Anyone know how I can change it permanently?

    • KanadeEngel

      Tools like IDPSet seems to expect are Targed ID with an 8X at the 6th Byte, also 00 00 00 01 00 8X (all Targed ID’s beginning with them exept the ARC they got 0xA0) and before you change something on the IDPS (which will break the IDPS, it’s also then invalid) wait a bit and let us Deal with it, i sure we will find an Way to got success 🙂

  15. lalalanno

    does it work on ps vita kexploit? yeah i mean does it can be use on ps vita >like a ark or tnv or
    can i use this to access psp psn store in ps vita ?

  16. Percy

    Too bad I already bought a private CID and it happen that ihave a psp lying around here if only i knew this earlier.

  17. Gelson

    Very nice, summing each PSP is a more cid market.

  18. BennaDickCumberBATCH

    Good news for the lads in Spain and Brazil gives them more piracy power!

  19. James

    When i try and open the IDPS Storage its corrupt.

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  21. Jcs1099

    When i open it says corrupt i fast restar and everything

  22. amin

    help mee acc: bryan_furynj pw:bryanbryan4214040god acc me baned plzz help me acc unban

  23. cracker

    is this still working as of June 1, 2016?

    • Wrozen

      Nope. I tried it myself today. And when it didn’t work, I did more research and found this has been patched since at least December of last year.