The PSN now features the ‘official’ Wololo’s exploit discount week! – PoolHall Pro is available at a reduced price!

The Zett

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  1. First says:

    First! 😀

  2. Aces says:

    LMAO @ Exploit sale.
    Sign that Sony has truely given up on the vita. 🙂

  3. Second says:

    Second but will I be able to play the emulators on this exploit cause no one makes a tutorial. These exploits waste my money sometimes

  4. afehst says:

    ahahaha, nice one sony 😉

  5. Cheesedoodles says:

    What if they’re mocking us…

  6. fredex says:

    It was already priced at 4$ a couple of days ago.

  7. NoPatience says:

    awesome………purchased!! first i think

  8. VitaFan47 says:

    Wololo discount week, lol. Nice one! This is great but I have to ask the real important question Z. What anime are you watching this season!

    • The Z says:

      This man knows his priorities.

      I am currently watching:

      Dragonball Super
      Himouto! Umaru-chan
      To LOVE-Ru Darkness 2nd

      I will watch the following one, when its season fully aired, so I can watch all its episodes at once:

      The iDOLM@STER Cinderella girls Season 2

      In terms of reading I am currently reading the following Manga:

      Toaru kagaku no Railgun (Chapter 78 atm)
      Toaru kagaku no Accelerator (Chapter 16 atm)

      I am also reading the Light Novels of Toaru Majutsu no Index.
      I finished the Old Testament (Vol. 1 – 23/24?), and finished most of the New Testament (Vol. 1 – 11). I still have to read Toaru Majutsu no Index: NT Vol. 12 & 13.

      You might have noticed that I am a fan of the RailDex (Toaru kagaku no Railgun franchise & Toaru Majutsu no Index franchise) Series’.

      • sirrokr says:

        Awesome. RailDex franchise is amazing. Didn’t know there was a manga following Accelerator though, going to have to read that.

  9. andoryuu3 says:

    I got a deal and didn’t even know it, lol

    Now looking for a working method to get this on my 3.51 vita… =[

  10. Anonym says:


    good thing this this game is for reduced price. before I had to sell 2 llama’s a chicken and 3 wives. Thanks to the generosity of Sony, even I can get this game now.

  11. dude101 says:

    This looks to me like Sony is throwing us a carrot so that we can update to the 3.52 firmware version in order to get the best of both worlds (Homebrew+PSN) but this just a ploy to lure us into the trap of updating so that we can no longer run the more powerful rejuvenate hack.Keeping past experiences in mind , I find it extremely suspicious why sony would not remove this game from the PSN store even though this exploit has been made public last since the last 3 days. Given the fact that a native hack of the vita is much more powerful than a psp emulator hack , I am sure sony sees the potential of the rejuvenate hack and is in damage control mode to stop users from getting Vita games for free in the future.At this point in time they wouldn’t mind people running PSP iso’s on their vita coz’ those games can always be played for free on PC emulators like PPSSPP by people who do not even own a psp. The psp has been hacked to such an extent that there is no point trying save that sinking ship, and hence they can afford to sacrifice it to avoid a greater damage which can be inflicted upon them by the wide spread use of the native rejuvenate hack.

    • The Z says:

      They cant remove exploit games until they have definite proof that is certainly is a legit exploit game (video proof, proof through binary/source files).

      Otherwise every random Guy on the internet could claim that game XY has an exploit, so Sony removes it.

      • AnkleFinder says:

        My problem is that you guys target some fairly decent games at times (An example is the Monster Hunter exploit and when they removed it from the store temporarily). I mean while I like the stuff you guys do and I appreciate that, don’t you ever consider the impact it would have on developers who are selling their games. Even though the game is removed for a few days, you are still preventing some sales of a games (Regardless of if you think no one will buy it).

  12. Daniel Whittlesey says:

    I just saw your youtube post & noticed your blog pic about this game exploit being a vhbl & I have to say I’m super excited. I regret updating out of the ape escape exploit ( just to play black ops, rank 3214 ) but I’m like most everyone else patiently waiting & getting my memory card cleaned up. I do have a question if u check this blog Z. How can I link my ps vita psn account to my ps vita tv. Ps vita tv is on 3.52 and for the life of me I cannt seem to link the account. I’m familiar with the ps vita scene and how sony has made it almost impossible to do anything easily. Currently i have jb ps3 running habib 4.66, psp 3001 running 6.60 lcfw, psp go running 6.60 lcfw, ps vita ofw 3.52, and ps vita tv ofw 3.52. Thanks for the time if u get around to reading my post

    • NoPatience says:

      Broo…….me too…..updated from ape escape exploit to play cod black ops on vita
      PSMEXPERT ( Psm id)

  13. Daniel Whittlesey says:

    My ps vita has pool hall pro but my ps vita tv has nothing ( short on funds ) even at the 3.99$ damn it suxs being broke lol

  14. lollypop says:

    nice redisgn psn now ++ 😉
    now to grab me a beer and a game.

  15. Gyugyu says:

    Hey there!
    I cant find any of the two games mentioned above in the store. I am on EU and running the latest firmware. What could be the problem? Did they remove the games allready?

  16. Rick says:

    This has got to be a trick! Sony just wants you to update to latest firmware so that you won’t be able to use rejuvenate any more. I guess this is good news for those on 3.52 but anyone who is on something less than that, don’t update!

  17. Gyugyu says:

    Hey There!
    I cant find any of the 2 games mentioned above, altough I am on EU, running the latest firmware. Colud you guys please help me, what could be the problem? Did they allready remove the games?

  18. bluefox says:


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  20. Stanislav says:

    Full sucks only sucks!!

  21. Unicorn says:

    Sooooo… How do I download a game from PSN to my lower firmware PS Vita?

    • yea says:

      Thats the problem. Without ps3, there is no way to use psnstore in lower firmwares.

      • Unicorn says:

        Daaaamn, I don’t have a PS3 🙁 I also heard of a trick to buy a game on psn website and let the game download to your ps vita. Does this trick still working?

    • JustAnotherOne says:

      if you’re on anything lower than 3.52 then i don’t think you need this. lower than 3.52 can just use Rejuvenate for homebrews. the only reason 3.52 needs this right now is that it can’t use Rejuvenate.

  22. dkabot says:

    While this post is humorous and a good way to get people to grab the game, I don’t believe it’s on sale. There’s no slashed through original price, no “This price is only available from X to Y”, etc. Sucks the EU price is double, though.

    • The Z says:

      I dont use the NA PSN, people notified me that the game costs lass than usually (apparently due to the PSN flash sale).

      • Gyugyu says:

        Hey Z!

        I can’t find any of the 2 games mentioned above in the PSN (running latest software on EU) What could be the problem? Did they allready remove them from the store? I would really apprechiate your help! Thx

  23. nCadeRegal says:

    Yea i noticed when the game was announced it was like 10 bucks, then when I saw that quick was involved and it might be possible for a exploit I said what the hack I’ll get it. When i bought it last night it was only 3.99, funny how that worked out.

  24. Chris says:

    Wololo: “new exploit game confirmed!”
    Sony:[reduces prices]”come at me bro!”

  25. gokusupersayan84 says:

    e buono world of pool exploit per ps vita 3.51??

  26. therealtca says:

    Quick question, once the exploit is released will it work for Canada?

  27. ScorpionAnony says:

    and when they believe they leave the files to exploit the game at 3.52 ?

  28. NoPatience says:

    seriously hoping for ark or tn-v (best)
    ummmm…….question plz…..:/
    the exploits are found in faulty games right?
    games which are not coded very securely, no?
    so why not make a small game yourself for a buck or two and make it faulty which cannot be noticed by anyone easily and get the game approved for the console, then do the exploit yourself..?
    hehe…..just wondering……while wandering…..i don’t know how those $raps work……was just thinking?
    answer plz 😀

  29. Lukazz says:

    Can i play PSP games With this explodir?

  30. Darkhazama2100 says:

    i got it in time like last time i did with gladiator begins,i can wait for the vhbl cuz a got new games to test so no rush bros and thanks for letting me know about it,specialy The Zett cuz of the vid on youtube,i thank you bros.

  31. Uriel Tapia says:

    I sincerely think this move from Sony is to force some guys to release the exploit because they want to fix it for their next firmware on Vita, which has been delayed a lot by now. 😛

  32. Flaming Amarant says:

    I’m in NA and I can confirm its not part of the flash sale. It just suddenly has a price drop…the flash sale games are in their own, clearly labeled category…this game is still in a regular category…the price was just dropped, suddenly…I got it, as its so cheap, but this def seems kinda fishy

  33. nebu_187 says:

    nice article title Z 🙂