PSVita 3.52 exploit (ePSP – Pool Hall Pro) confirmed real, no release date


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  1. dragonquest says:

    great news, thanks

  2. mattsouce says:

    thanks for the update.i am not worried all we have to do is wait.

  3. Erick says:


  4. Jamx says:

    Hopefully the game is confirmed for eCFW exploit. I’m not interested on VHBL but rather TN-V or ARK, but need a real confirmation before the game is pulled out of PSN..

    I have been waiting to play some PSP games on PSTV, like Silent Hill Shattered Memories coz this game is not available to purchase on PSN.

  5. AnkleFinder says:

    @Wololo – When you say that you rarely lie, does that mean you’ve lied before in the past (Not saying anything bad about it or about anyone. Was simply curious on what you said when you ‘rarely’ lie.)

    • dmaskell92 says:

      You know, April fools and s#!t.

    • NoPatience says:

      who doesnt lie ??? no one (except me) is there in this world who has never lied …….
      all thos who insulted u (wololo or the z), just gimme there email id to me, i wil show them how perfect they are………Those sneaky lil !diots

  6. mlc says:

    While I certainly think it’s ridiculous that anyone would harass you guys about an announcement that specifically said “not confirmed,” I sort of agree with yifanlu’s comment in the thread that The Z should have updated his original post to acknowledge the fact that his source had greyed out the game title, perhaps implying that the exploit was less likely to be real. Keeping news articles unaltered even as the facts change isn’t a great idea, though thankfully in this case the exploit was real. You might also consider using a more tentative title – being THE trustworthy site for this news might encourage people to jump the gun on secondhand news like this, and therefore cause more ire.

  7. Perseu5 says:

    I know that there’s a lot of scene drama, but the Z and Apollo have ALWAYS been trustworthy.

  8. Stanislav says:

    Full sucks is only sucks!!

  9. xorux says:

    i just hope you guys could keep the good work
    So sorry to heard that vita community can be douches sometime
    best regard anyway

  10. Sander says:

    Oh mennnnnnn its HAS to work on a eCFW for PSP! God please, if you’re there, hear our prayers.

  11. RaZiel says:

    @JAMX SH: SM works great on PSTV and your wait is over. Ignore the guy below you that has no idea what he’s talking about. I just played my UMD I dumped last week on my 3.20 PSTV.

  12. EarthwormJim says:

    I don’t know who can insult you Wololo and you to TheZ, but without, my Vita was a piece of s..t but now I have Unity and PSM+ and maybe an eCfw with world of pool so thanks a lot guys for your hard work on this site and don’t listen this fuc*ing hater, I mean they don’t deserve your attention…

  13. therealtca says:

    Quick question if I was to buy pall hall pro would the exploit still work

  14. piepiu says:

    Good news, but I have one question – “and probably its EU counterpart, World of Pool” – how probably? Should I wait or buy it in case Sony remove it?

  15. wooters says:

    IN THE FACE!!!! thanks guys

  16. Brawk says:

    Hello, i come to seek help. I am interested in trying to discover a way to produce eggs much like a chicken does. i have tested inserting the egg into myself and hoping it will act like a seed and grow like a tree in my belly but so far it has not been successful. Please help i struggle to sleep at night without an answer.

  17. perfig says:

    Take it easy guys. Im still enjoying my 3.18vita and waiting for this one for my 3.51vita

  18. Channex says:

    One thing I would like to say is please one thing to take away people take from this whole escapade is this response shows (“and this goes for Zett, Freaklier, and the rest of us in the Vita community”) The Vita is far from dead and there are still a huge number of us stuck on firmwares with no current hacks we need this and more! the demand is there!!! keep it alive its a fantastic platform with massive potential long after the AAA titles have gone!! It obliterates the 3ds in terms of power and should do in its homebrew potential longl after Sony drops it completely!!

    I think i speak for the community here!


  19. kneecap says:

    I’m sorry for my noobness. I looked into hacks for my PSTV a couple of months ago, then randomly checked today and saw this news. I remember from back then that Sony removed some of the apps that were needed for the potential exploit.

    I don’t mind doing my own research, but are there any quick steps I need to do now to make sure I can use this after I get up to speed? Should I purchase and download Pool Hall Pro if/when it gets yanked off PSN? Are there things I needed to do before and it is already too late? Thanks for any help.

  20. Indalecio says:

    It would be nice if Qwikrazor somehow managed to make a working eCFW for this. Of course I understand there is no release date. Although my only concern is Sony doing something like releasing a hot fix in the form of a stopgap update just plug the possible vulnerability by pushing out a 3.5.3, of course this would a worst case example and it’s not something I foresee Sony actually doing.

  21. Tuấn Ngọc says:

    So should I buy this game? It is still available on PSN right now

  22. Angel says:

    It wirks on 3.51?

  23. Smoker1 says:

    OK, so when it says for 3.52 and Below, that means if you are on 3.51 and you have said Game, you will be able to run it, when the Files come out correct?

  24. ScorpionAnony says:

    and exploit files for 3.52 pro pool hall or other things BusyNoAns

    • Stiffeno says:

      Files havent been released yet, and a port of VHBL is still in the works!

      Hopefully we can use the un-patched kexploit too for some TN-V or ARK goodness =D

  25. chaos0ne says:

    when Qwikrazor87 confirmd the hack than its true 😉 i think wololo does not lie. and tho this assh**** the buy this game and wrote this SHAME ON YOU !!!!

  26. Ty says:

    At first, I thought I didn’t want to use the PSP emulator for CFW, but then I found quite a few PSOne games I wanna back up and play on my Vita, and maybe even some emulators for cartridge games I have. I’m new to Vita Homebrew, but I’m glad this is coming for 3.52, I regretted updating but I also had games to download from PSN so I had no choice.. 😛

  27. Mattie says:

    How about 3.51 tokkiden kiwami?

  28. Stiffeno says:

    Just a quick question:
    Does this exploit require the “2 Vita’s” like the older exploits? or can we just use a single Vita (as thats all most of us on here would have, I gather lol). And if it DOES require 2 Vita’s, would Qwikrazor’s un-patched kexploit fix that in terms of TN-V or ARK? or would it be the same?

    Im praying it isnt a 2 vita exploit, after the letdown with Puzzle Scape not being able to use 99% of homebrew due to its 1mb limit (including all emulator’s) we need something lol

    • Annie says:

      If it does use the 2 vita method, then we know who to blame. Right Zett?

      • Stiffeno says:

        It was confirmed by Freakler that is does NOT require 2 consoles, that was only required for an ad-hoc exploit (which is now patched).

      • The Z says:

        The news never said the exploit requires 2 devices, but it also never said that it can be done with only one device.

        You cant blame people for stuff they dont know. Before freakler said something, no one knew if this requires 1 or 2 devices, therefore we cannot tell you, because we dont know.

        But go ahead, blame the guy that tried to inform the masses…

  29. sigh says:

    “The Z and myself receiving personalized insults in our mail boxes”

    Over free stuff? god this world is going to heck with snotty brats thinking they are entitled to everything.

  30. Oduak says:

    Stupid americans…

    • Indalecio says:

      Yeah, it’s not like anyone else on the internet makes stupid comments. It’s always some dumb American…*sigh*

      But hey, at least I’m not the one making a stupid f*cking generalization.

      Here’s a tip: Behind the anonymity of the internet, ANYONE can be ***. It has nothing to do with where you’re from, but of course I don’t expect you read or reply to this. After all you have to keep up the pretense of your silly agenda.

      • Indalecio says:

        In any case, I look forward to seeing what Freaker and if it happens what Qwikrazor manage to make out of this.

        It’s always interesting to see the results of a new exploit.

  31. Daniel Whittlesey says:

    Monday is the scheduled maintenance for psn. So hopefully the vita community will know something by the end of next week. I’m looking forward to the exploit whether it vhbl or full epsp. Either way I’ll be a happy camper

  32. RaZiel says:

    How big is this game? I wanna snag it off PSN before its gone for my PSTV on 3.52 but would have to tether so I don’t wanna kill all my data plan

  33. Noone says:

    Listen to me. This exploit is fake and no such thing for this game exists anymore. Everything is already patched at 3.52. So don’t trust Zett or Wololo as they are frauds.

  34. Erin says:

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  35. Gaze says:

    One thing is for sure, whoever made Pool Hall Pro and World of Pool made some serious cash from all these exploits.

  36. zhan says:

    There is no loss for us

  37. NoPatience says:

    ummmm…….question plz…..:/
    the exploits are found in faulty games right?
    games which are not coded very securely, no?
    so why not make a small game yourself for a buck or two and make it faulty which cannot be noticed by anyone easily and get the game approved for the console, then do the exploit yourself..?
    hehe…..just wondering……while wandering…..i don’t know how those $raps work……was just thinking?
    answer plz 😀

  38. ROBERT says:

    is there a way to buy this game in a cfw ps3 an then transfer it to my 3.51 vita? if tjis can be posible can anybody give me a tuto how to do that? i really want to have this game if tnv or ark is posible.
    thank you

  39. Dennis Dijkstra says:

    Hello,im really really intrested in consolehacking,and THNX To the whole team on Whololo inclusive THE Z,No negative comments everything except that,i use the hacks of tis team and plugins over 4 years,AND LOVE IT,Have 2 PSP’S the first one i was first on 6.20 when i begin with downloading with the firs hack,ctf and all that,cxmbcontrol,i revealed it doesn’t work with custom themes,CXMB,Or remotejoylite in the VSH,WHEN I CLICK on camera its crashed,but i found also when i disable it,it works fine so i delete that plugins,have the newest PRXSHOT love it in games :),have also,when i don’t know 3 years ago about updates,updated to 6.60,and yes also to 6.61,and Yes i have worked 3 weeks about it to,make it again to 6.20,earlier before that and i was on 6.20 i used the teams ( exploit with vhbl,AND YES SWUCCESFULLY,I LOVE IT,ow i patched the system files with the permanent patch from 6.20,and now,thnx to the team,and my favorite hacker the z,with i follow also a while on youtube,i can play,hatsune miku extended,yeahhh with translation(possible because the lovely plugins!)now i have a vita,(oooh also 3DS Hacked with youtube EXPLOIT,Have now custom themes on it)now i have a vita on 3.52,never updated again,yes im smart i use qcma,hate updates with they think they funny because of patching bubbles,or you can’t connet device anymore on pc!so i downloade inmediatly puzzlescape,with guidbot’s vhbl,Succesfully,try now to find the option to use,install feature,one thing is a small exploit because of mini,so i read yesterday the coming soon exploit for 3.52,and bought today immediatly a 20$ euro card psn(sorry im dutch,don’t know it in dollars 🙁 ,so now want to bought the right games for itEXPLOITS,no mini’s,the ones that the team promises,oooh also,i have a big big big intrest in the hacking schene 😉 Hope to hear from someone of the team,Sayonara

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