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Ironhax/Tubehax slow GBA emulation and the reason why.

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  1. W wololo

    3dsgba is slow too


    First 🙂 So the only way to emulate GBA on 3DS is use the DSTWO and its GBA emulator.

  3. lucky


  4. OTFree

    Dang, so the trade off for TubeHax/IronHax over Ninjax1 is that slow GBA emulation might be a permanent issue? I hope the homebrew community (*cough* Smealum) can find a new Arm11 kernel exploit for those who chose to update to firmware 9.2 and up /:

  5. fredex

    Yes all the amazing homebrew choices we have like cubedemo and 3DS nyancat.
    The 3DS homebrew scene is a joke, there’s absolutely nothing worth “hacking” your 3DS for other than being able to play games region free.
    The GBA emu was probably the only thing worth anything and you can’t use it with this hack, the snes and gbc emulator also suck so you have nothing to use this hack for.
    What a joke.

    • ishygdaft

      I’ve been playing final fantasy 5 for the past week and it works just fine, don’t expect stuff like super FX or giant roms to work. The gbc emulation has a little bit of a sound glitch but otherwise is perfect. The hack was free.

  6. FirstTheFirst

    I’m first you Suckers!!!

  7. Asmith906

    Sounds like psp will still be the best for portable gba emulation

  8. Ray

    Okay this is all fine, but where’s the Pool Hall Pro exploit files? Been waiting awhile for those.

    • ishygdaft

      There might be a vulnerability and it might be useful. No one ever said anything was set in stone. You pay for the game, the vbl is a bonus.

  9. jim

    Did the developers know about this before releasing this? If so it should have been announced. I Imagine there are a lot of upset people right now.

  10. lmao

    wow.. another point for vita is awesomeness..

  11. TEchnoTTurth


  12. Smoker1

    Is there a way to Scale the GBA Emulation so it is bigger? Or is that not worked on yet?

  13. nooo

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooOoooOOo! Final Fantasy VI Advance…

  14. ishygdaft

    Thousands of new users can now use homebrew on the 3ds, these users will have a few new or old devs thrown in… with a lot of access will come a lot of work from a lot of people. Give it a year and the 3ds will be very impressive, nothing is perfect in it’s early days. The amount of people that forget the vita hacks are built on years of psp experience is astounding. Stop expecting a baby to write a book you dolts, give it time to grow.

  15. Dann

    The games on Gba are more playable on NEW 3DS, on 3DS XL are slow.

  16. plippy

    People forget that with CFW on 9.2, you can run GBA games perfectly because the 3ds has native GBA hardware support.

  17. sloppycrap

    Just to be clear:
    This is an issue with OFW 9.9.0 and not Ironhax/Tubehax, right? If I used Ninjhax on my 9.9.0 N3DS I’d have the same problem?

    • sloppycrap

      Yes, the built-in GBA emulator is too slow to play Rhythm Tengoku on my N3DS with firmware 9.5.0-22U and Ninjhax 2.1

  18. …..but what….? lol my GameYob run my roms just fine

    • blvckgxd

      Gameyob is a gameboy and gameboy color emulator they run fine. Citra is a gameboy advanced emulator so its not working smooth as of now

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