‘New’ Firmware 3.52 Exploit game for the PAL-Region PSN stores announced – The game is…

The Zett

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  1. Annie says:

    So just to let everyone know, you can’t currently download the game at this point in time as Sony have stopped users downloading it by any means. This is probably temporary as they will push a 3.53 update and then put the game back up.

  2. Prometheus says:

    What is the point of even posting on here when no one even responds to any questions that you ask any way! its not like anyone in the UK ever replys anyway!!!

  3. jim says:

    I have 2 vitas: one is jailbroken with firmware 3,18 and one with firmware 3.52 not jail broken. I have unity on both systems and the new exploit game for 3.52. Should I update the jailbroken system to current and re jailbreak or leave it as it is? I liked how on 3.18 you can use the tekken 2 and xs moto to play psx games with sound. Will this be possible with rejuvenate and/or the new 3.52 exploit.

    • yattoz says:

      Anyone here would tell you to KEEP your 3.18 as it is ! PS Vita is just like wine, the older the better…
      I updated to 3.51 and I never, ever should have done that. I should have kept the firmware 3.36 with eCFW.

  4. Prometheus says:

    leave as is buddy this has not been confimred 100% yet buddy or even confirmed as a full ePSP exploit! im dubious as to whether this is legit anway! look me up people Prometheus100! AKA Channex! have been previously very active in the Wii, v,Wii, PS3 scene helping porting emulators over if this is not exploitable as advised i will endevour to find a title!!

  5. PSP-Loz says:

    So things have gone very quiet on this. Trolled?

  6. Daniel Whittlesey says:

    So is this going to get released or not. I’ve been waiting for this awhile now. I think we deserve an answer Wolo

    • Danius says:

      I think they are waiting for psn maintainance and new firmware until they release something, to make sure if sony will patch it ir not.

  7. Ventrix says:

    I think we all got trolled.

  8. Prometheus says:

    I agree and actually posted 2 days ago that I personally don’t think this even exists given how quiet it’s gone. I feel we have all been mislead with this one!

  9. Prometheus says:

    Is anyone from Wololo going to give us some answers about this? Probably not since the post has been removed from the homepage as if it never existed! It’s disgraceful I am very annoyed I don’t even like the game but used my last bit of money to get this! “Z” we deserve a response! Don’t just delete the post and pretend it was never here!

  10. Galion skyedragon says:

    cmon already either release them or tell us they are fake just let all of us know. I dont like being left in the dark here. I been waiting almost a week now and nothing. >.=.<

  11. NSK says:

    Calm down people, just be pacient, I guess they need more time that’s all….

  12. JustMeandNo1 says:

    Just a general question: Are those exploit games downwards compatible? Lets say my fw is under 3.52. Can I use a 3.52 exploit anyway?

  13. asdf says:

    You lied to us Zett. You don’t deserve to be here anymore. Clear off.

  14. LikewiseMan says:

    I agree, we don’t want you here anymore lying to the community. It’s people like you who ruin communities like this and should be deemed an outcast.

    • NSK says:

      Wololo answer me on Twitter that s what Wololo said: “@Noskyee @The_Zett It did not disappear, the article is still here, we just don’t have additional news to share at this point”