‘New’ exploit game announced for PS Vita firmware 3.52 – Available in North America!

The Zett

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  1. PSP-Loz

    Any news on when this will release? I actually managed to download this in the end and am busting to get some emulators up and running

  2. What? o.0

    Yeah same haha, finally got a chance to get TN-V or ARK, depending on which is ported first to this exploit. Also, well this exploit still require the two system trick? I frickin how not

  3. Yeah that was kinda weird, but we're back in the club Buying up the bar so the groupies show us love KIERA KNIGHTLY Motherfucking ice-man, I'm the top gunner Heater on blast, I'm the number one stunner JACK SPARROW Watch it girl cause I ain't your "M

    yeeeeee! finally i bought a game without it being pulled from D store first!

  4. so ye

    ye its comin!

  5. DarkSlayer

    My mistake… I’m on 3.52… can’t test Rejuvenate… and never tried VHBL before… got only one problem with the exploit… would be normal exploiting…or would be the 2 devices method…? My suggestion… wait until the files AND method are released…

    • Tony

      I could be wrong about this but if does require 2 consoles and you have the right hardware im pretty sure you can emulate an ad hoc connection on ppsspp emulator from a pc

  6. Rono

    When we will get the files?!

  7. Protothean

    Well this was also posted about World of Pool the EU version being exploitable! With many users downloading the game just for this purpose at cost for a rubbish game. But after a week of waiting and no news and many people complaining the post has been taken down! DO NOT LISTEN TO THE “Z” he is a troll and has cost people a lot of money through this!!

  8. Galion skyedragon

    cmon hurry up and release the files. i cant wait to start emulating games. assuming that they make it so you dont need to devices. >.=.<

    • Stiffeno

      Yeah im also praying its not a two device exploit, that would suck and cut out 90% of all those who bought World of Pool (and Pool Hall Pro for our Yankie brothers across the sea 😉 )

      • Galion skyedragon

        yeah lucky people who have 2 devices. i would use 2 device exploit but my mom dropped my psp and broke the screen >.=.<

  9. dave

    t can’t wait

  10. Neuro

    How to get it for free