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3.52 ePSP exploit announced for the PS Vita (JP)


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26 Responses

  1. Frankie says:

    Sony… stop it..

    This is great news for those wanting in on ePSP action. Thank you to all who found this.

  2. Ventrix says:

    Once again the U.S. If left in the cold.

  3. WoolooPooPoo says:

    I’m first damn it!!!! Also when can we pirate vita games?

  4. LEwl first says:

    First kekekee

  5. alanyeoh2222 says:

    Wow! That great!

  6. huz84 says:

    I like TN-V exploit on 3.52 on ps vita don’t epsp kernel exploit wireless With ps vita?

  7. tym2liv3 says:

    Just wanted to stop someone saying they where first.

  8. First says:

    First!!! i would like to thank, ma family, ma friends and most importantly….me!!

  9. untoldzero says:

    just a stupid question, isn’t possible launch epsp and the ecfw with rejuvinate?

  10. Jason says:

    Great news!

  11. The Z says:

    The exploit is by Xmax Katsu. Qwikrazor “only” ported the VHBL to it.

  12. Stanislav says:

    Hacker,i you very very good love,please continue!!

  13. Sander says:

    I have a Vita on the 3.51 Fw, how can I go to the 3.52?
    And after I did the exploit, can I import via PS3 some games that I downloaded with a PSN US? If I format the memory card, would it lose the exploit? Or I just need to make a Jap PSN to get the game and trigger the exploit, then its fine to change again?

  14. Alberto says:

    I bought the puzzle game but i couldnt do anything with it i mean to run a xploit or do a Black screen etc YES i am New in this World and if someone could explain me if i have to do anything i would apreciate it :3

  15. CosmicTacoCat says:

    Patchouli? Like in touhou? lel

  16. ArKlone01 says:

    To update or not to update, that is the question… I can finally connect to the PSN directly and keep my emulators and PSP games, but on the other hand I can’t run the native Vita exploits that are around.

  17. goyscript wpa says:

    nearest to play games like: uncharted golden abyss, god of war collection, killzone mercenary and more with the support of hacking development teams

  18. BetterCallSAUL says:

    whoever commented with “first” was the first to take it up the @zz!

  19. p32273111 says:

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  20. adam says:

    does this work with an EU account, i have puzzle scape vhbl but i cant do much due to the 1mb limit for a file. Hope its somethin good like tn-v or ark2, and that it works in all countries

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