Playstation 4 System software 3.00 is currently in beta – It features…

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  1. TEchnoTTurth says:


  2. animekai says:

    i came here expecting to download the firmware with the same trick, we just need the exact link to use the skfu, maybe in a fw days we can expect some results?

  3. RIP says:


    Yaya no features!

  4. J.R says:

    Cool stuff! 😉

  5. witzberger says:

    First.. This should have been done on the release date Period!!

  6. Darth Agnon says:

    Hey, “stability improvements” is not listed ,)

  7. Darth Agnon says:

    Comments broken? or maybe just the PC…

  8. Gisholand says:

    I wish sony could fix the “Dscover” notification that appears every time i turn on my ps4 =_=…

  9. dmaskell92 says:

    I care not about this DRM riddled thing.

  10. Las-pen says:

    More of this social media bullcrap I don’t give a damn about in my gaming. Is this all has achieved?

    • :/ says:

      Its not about thats al they can achieve, unfortunatly its what most ppl love and do these days, but i agree with u, its all social medial bs.

      • Casavult says:

        I have to agree. It’s all BS. They should’ve focused slightly less on the social media aspect of things and more on improving other things that people scream at their computers/devices for. I don’t use social media and tbh, I don’t like it at all besides using YouTube every now and then. Sony seriously need to step their *** up if this is all 3.00 gives us… But, I have a feeling there is more to this update for some obscure reason…

  11. firstposter says:

    Cool! Hoped for a thing like changing the wallpaper etc though…

  12. Keyado says:

    Layout in Messages seems the most favorable to me.

  13. Manuel Eduardo Koegler says:

    Honestly what I’m still waiting for is support for playstation classics.
    I get that backwards compatibility for ps3 games is difficult, but even the most basic android device nowadays can emulate ps1 games, so the fact that ps4 still has no backward compatibility at all yet isn’t because “it isn’t possible”, but simply because they’re lazy with implementing such features and would rather charge you again for by way of ps now.
    Youtube integration is appreciated however.

  14. nope says:

    All of it sounds lame to me

  15. Sarge says:

    Nothing interesting … I want DLNA and all the functions of a media/streaming player 🙁

  16. uRecken says:

    This is a twitchbook tier update geared towards normies and parents. If this is what sony has to do to fund its lesser known ips and keep its partnership so i can get my niche games in the future then so be it.

  17. Zik says:

    “You can now create a sub account for a minor by selecting [New User] in the screen for selecting a user.”

    this is what i’m been *** waiting for. no more creating main account for these kiddo of mine who want to play online, but i don’t want them to *** up my save data…

  18. w00tguy123 says:


  19. ishygdaft says:

    …..oh boy, social gaming…….. yaaaaaaaaaaaa… ugh.

  20. NNNRT says:

    I’m happy about the Sticker features in the messaging app, since that means they’re finally coming to PS Vita too.

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