Vita cartridge dump and boot from vita memory card by Mr. Gas



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  1. Jamx

    Virtua Tennis 4 on Vita is really awesome by the way, and it’s one of the game that utilized a full power and features of Vita.

  2. Jim

    WOW, from everything that’s been going on from these guys, bypasses and all, I’m very hopeful about a backup loader in the near future. I’m totally against piracy, I just crave the freedom that that would bring.

  3. Momoko

    One would need to make a universal payload cartridge for this to work like if you dump your game on the ux0: and then use that custom cartridge, given that it can trick the Vita that the cartridge is the original game but in fact it is just a dummy that contains some sort of header for it to read and verify then all would be well :). It is just one of the possible outcomes of this news :D.

  4. 5ham5h33r

    So, When will the instructions on how to do this be available? I would love to not have to switch my cartridge for each game..!

    • Vladislav

      +1 to this. I would love to play with my friends using my Vitas (My Vitas have different accounts).

  5. dyey-em_si

    My question is that can we connect to psn using this method?

  6. Cow boom

    christ my beanbag shrunk but the egg roll blew up like a Italian sausage man can’t wait to use this method

  7. lollypop

    can this be used to run psvitatv or playstationtv games cartridges
    that otherwise wouldnt run on playstationtv (limitations bypass) ?.?

  8. pshuuu

    So I’ll be able to buy a used game from a game store, dump it, return the game, and then have a temporary digital game on my Vita. Sounds pretty cool.

  9. lollypop

    so …
    when will we see howto’s for this little nift ?.?
    id like to make cartridge backups to my memcard to on a playstationtv3.20
    so then i could prolly be playing a couple of games more then thats now the case.