Best Vita/PSP Homebrews for August 2015


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  1. DarkPikachu says:


  2. Isaac says:

    Is there any way I can get a psp emulator at 3.52?

  3. rayan says:

    I have a question wololo
    Can the Rejuvenate hack lead to piracy in future??
    Or it is just for homebrews ??

    • surVfate says:

      “These tools cannot enable pirated or backup games to run (I’m not just saying this… the exploits used does not have enough privilege to enable such tasks)”

    • lolzoar says:

      Rejuvenate will NEVER lead to piracy. Ever.

    • greg says:

      It will NEVER lead to piracy. Don’t worry.

    • Alice715 says:

      Heh, all of the people replied here forgot that the RxTools for 3DS was locked at first but later unlocked to run unsigned .CIA files.

      Pirates will find a way. This is the reality.


        Truth. Opening the doors for homebrew is also opening the doors for others to come in and try to run things that are not homebrew… They will find a way.

  4. W wololo says:

    What is psp2sdk

  5. mr first says:

    First beeches!!

  6. Ninetailz says:


    • >_> says:

      You were about two and a half hours too late. you came in 6th place though. You get an atta-boy for that at least. 😛

  7. Shunter says:

    Awesome, I can’t wait to see the future of rejuvenate

  8. wowiee says:

    Why do you keep posting the same “Best Homebrew” news so many times?

  9. BingoBook says:

    Third !!!

  10. soul says:

    I think nds emu is better than thoes tnv already have

  11. PonyLicker says:


    Never in my life did I think this would happen to me…

    • Notevenclose says:

      It never did

    • >_> says:

      You were eleventh. XDDDDD Although, that is 11, so if you were to remove one of the 1’s you could pretend that you were first, but no. You were four and a half hours too late, so that is just a plain EPIC FAIL for you. 😛

  12. Dmaskell92 says:


  13. Daniel Whittlesey says:

    Poor SOUL. from the above post. The nds emu suxs their isn’t enough under the hood unless u get a sky or gateway card I have a retro 3ds xl hacked out as well as psp 3000, psp go , and ps vita / ps3 slim running habib 4.66 my point in this rant is that sony is where it’s at when it comes to emulation NOW WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE COME OUT WITH AN EXPLOIT GAME FOR THE PS VITA 3.52.

  14. SniperDude says:

    Can we just forget about rejuvenate!!! We all know that it leads to no way it’s already blocked and will never work on any of the new firmwares + really what can u do with it ?emulators that runs at 1/4 of the speed and will take months to be perfect besides we already have the VHBL and it runs at full speed and launches without a pc or any USB.
    I think it’s just a waste of time…

    • DarkPikachu says:

      Then why are you commenting then if it’s a waste of time?

    • EarthwormJim says:

      I think it’s to early to know what is the best option for the Vita … We don’t know what is going to happen on the next month and no it’s not 1/4 of Vita but the full access unlike vhbl …

  15. Biscrotem says:

    yeh that guy is right. the only games we realy want to play on vita are ps1 games with sound. and no not the same spyro and digemon ***, i wanna play area 51, mk trilogy, and nba t.e. WHEN WILL SMEONE PERFECT THIS AWSOME TASK?!?!?

    • EarthwormJim says:

      Don’t say “we” , YOU want ps1 games with sound , but not everyone care about ps1 games …

  16. vitekmc says:

    I get on every Homebrew, Error c2-128281 after Vita tries to load and psm crashes. Only Hello World works fine. Somebody else same problem?

  17. Davidzzz says:

    hmm i install and everything is working properly. but how i should transfer WAD file for doom or rom for nes. i donn’t get it where i should put it. i tried to send it myself from e-mail but it doesnt work

  18. NNNRT says:

    So now people are using that file manager/extractor and they forgot all about Filer? Nice.