Wii U N64 Virtual Console injection on 5.4.0 firmware


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10 Responses

  1. EarthwormJim

    What is Virtual Console ? It’s look different from an emulator like you’ve written the article ? Sorry I don’t know a lot about Wii u…

    • EarthwormJim

      Ok my friend Google have just show me what it is…great job btw

    • nope

      Yeah it’s just the N64 emulated in a virtual environment within the WiiU. Like the PSP emulator for the Vita.

  2. Stanislav

    Good good only is only good!!

  3. Tnutbutter

    I’m eager to know how he achieved this.

  4. Leires

    Damn, and a Rare title no less. From what i remember of the wii n64 injector, those titles are difficult.

    • Leires

      shame i can’t edit my comments, but i do wonder how it would handle Mischief Makers, as that’s a title that nearly every emulator has problems with.

  5. Proteus

    Would it be possible to do this on Wii as well? Now that Rareware games are injectable.