How to install PSM Dev for Unity on PS Vita firmware 3.20 and above


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  1. mossopinc

    i see what about 3.18 FW questions and what about 3.52 FW questions but im on 3.15 FW? will this work on it?

  2. Naughticon

    uhm.. i’m on 3.18 and installed PSM dev for unity, but needs to be updated.. may i know how to update it? it asks me to update my system software before i can do the update for PSM dev for unity.. if i do update my system software i’ll be on 3.52 and i can’t use this PSM dev right? what do i have to do? sorry.. really noob.. thanks in advance..

  3. Kevin

    Confused on step 3, so do you just open to email, then forward it to yours own personal email address? I keep trying that with my gmail account but its not showing as image attachements.

  4. Kevin

    On step 3, do I forward it to my personal email? tried that but the two attachments aren’t image files.

  5. Jefferson

    Got it.! Estou pronto pro Rejuvenate! Psm Dev For Unity instalado e atualizado!

  6. w0lfdr4g0n

    I finally got it installed after so many tries.

  7. Tinger

    Stuck at Step 5 with QCMA. Am I Doing Something wrong? its the could not connect to the PC problem.

  8. oeron

    Need help, i’m on 3.51 and when i connect to content manager i tells me to update. I installed open cma but it still wants me to update. So i can’t go further then step 5. Appreciate any help, thanks.

    • ioruel

      -enable airplane mode and disable the wifi then turn off your vita
      -turn it on again
      -connect it to ocma/ qcma
      if that doesn’t work rebuild databaseand try again … remember you need to restart your vita with wifi turned off

      • Oeron

        Thanks buddy, I did everything like you said but it still asks me to update. Isn’t there an alternative way to transfer those files without content manager? Or is there anything else I should give a try?

        • emusonpsvita

          Same here. Keep trying to load up content manager to copy the package but content manager on the vita keeps saying to update. On firmware 3.51. Been rebuilding the database and airplane mode, nada.

          • Oeron

            I fixed that. You have to use QCMA , i managed to copy all files to my vita. Just keep PC and Vita both offline, i tried a couple of times but then it worked.
            Solved this problem but stuck in the next step. I don’t have a game who requires update, and i can’t download any from PSN store. I use vita update blocker 1.2 but that doesn’t help either. I’m asking those who are on 3.51; how did you managed to access PSN store without updating?

      • Tinger

        thanks for the reply guys. im gonna try until my vita yields and allows me to copy. yeah and finally get stuck on that update step.

  9. dds

    i have ark 2 with paptapon2 already but i dont have any game who need update is that problem
    hat to do

    • sasdas

      what fw is your vita on?

    • Oeron

      I solved this update problem minutes ago. If you ain’t got nothing to update, just go to system settings, PSM runtime and click update to do that update trick. The rest goes on with the email step and etc.

      • tag

        Hey, know this is an old post but im trying this process right now. On 3.50 and cant connect to PSN to get any updates for apps without updating my FW… i dont have PSM installed. Trying to install UNITY for the first time. Any way i can do this?

  10. Oeron

    Yow guys, i really really need help. I’d no game that requires an update, so i transfered the game to my PC, deleted the patch file (also the whole game from vita), then transfered the game back to vita. Now when i hit refresh on the game page no update icon appears, i’d that for 3 different games but that doesn’t help.

    Then i tried the same with facebook app and a f…ng update icon appeared, but when i click on that f…ng update icon it saz ‘the latest version of this application ia already installed’. I’m rally *** off, pleaaaase someone help me 🙁

    I also tried vita update blocker but that doesn’t help either.

  11. Tom

    Hi did it on 3.52 got the magic message from Mr. Gas but no app bubble has appeared. I’m guessing people below 3.52 would have an app bubble so what I’m really saying is that following the instructions does work.

  12. Rich

    I don’t get it. I have 3.51, I put UNITY in the PSSAVEDATA ########### folder, and it will NOT appear at all. Nothing I do seems to work.

  13. adnen

    I did all the steps but I coudn’t find the PSM unity app on my ps vita ; and I can’t tap on the message showing failed update

  14. R.O.C.K.

    I’m trying to install the Unity App on my 3.01 Vita, but I’m being out of luck. As my Vita has a faulty USB port I can only rely on wi-fi, but when I try to use the Package Installer it disconnects from the QCMA (as I can see, it simply disconnects when I’m in livearea). Does anyone knows an alternative to it?

  15. help me plz

    i followed every single step.. got the message from mr gas.. but no unity app bubble 🙁
    and i tried following the steps but it’s the same.. any guidance?

  16. youmakeit

    Is this hack worth it over vhdl ? i have a ps vita with vhdl on fw 3.18, should i switch to this?

  17. Chilly

    Could someone send the mr gas email to this gmail, used only for vita homebrew, so I can install it.

  18. progamer1515

    I’m having a problem with step 6 (Rebuild device database), for some reason, the progress bar keeps stopping in the middle. I have firmware 3.36

  19. progamer1515

    Never mind, I just have a lot of stuff on my memory-card that it needs to reindex. It has successfully finished the database rebuild. Now onto step 7!

  20. 11770

    whenever i try to connect to qcma or even open cma it tells me could not connect to the pc when using usb mode, but if i try wireless mode it tells me i need to update, first time using qcma, have been using ocma till version 3.18 i haven’t connected my vita to the pc since i updated to 3.51, whats wrong with my setup?

  21. 11770

    should it say could not install.(C2-13275-8) the only option it gives me says cancel?

  22. almando douglas

    i’m having the same problem, help plz

  23. Mike Diaz

    I’m having a very difficult time with this. I have 3.51, and I just cannot get past step 5. At first, It would tell me to do a system update when trying to use content manager. I downloaded and installed QCMA, and I am still unable to copy it. I go into content manager on my vita, and now it just tells me “Could not connect to the PC”. I tried doing this with wifi off, and rebooting in airplane mode. How the heck do you get this to work?

    • Hackems