Xmax Katsu teases a Hybrid Firmware for the PS Vita?!

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  1. Momoko

    If this would be released to the public, the webkit exploit would be enough to overthrow the focus on Rejuvenate back to the webkit itself, or even better both would be a good combo in it’s entirety.

    • 5ham5h33r

      I don’t think the WebKit will be able to beat rejuvenate

      • Momoko

        As what I’ve understand, Rejuvenate can only operate on the PSM sandbox, while the webkit has kernel access and better yet one can use ROP codes to initiate commands like invoke and use the Package Installer through the webkit. And that system apps has access to the kernel as compared to PSM which is a non-mandatory app that has only access on the PSM sandbox.

        This one would be put to great use if we can at the least change the already-patched browser to the previous exploitable-browser, or at least the modules that are needed to trigger the exploit.

    • meysam25

      you are supposed to say first .
      people usually do that

  2. Wow

    1.Wow, impressive.
    2.This seems like a trends so: First.

  3. Lucif3r

    The way you describe it makes it sound like just a spoofer for lower FW’s… Which would probably also mean the risk of getting your account banned is high.
    Still, PSN store access would be nice…

  4. 8pcd

    Im not sure but i think i know how to do this its just it was possible all the time no one just tried.

  5. Vladislav

    So… at last, hardware manipulation has begun..

  6. The3rdKnuckles

    This is pretty interesting now I have something to do with my 3.5 vita even though the read says years. I’ll keep track to stay up to date with my 3.18 vita and my 3.5 vita. I hope Xmax Katsu keeps up with this, but question… since this is a “dual official firmware” type of thing would it be safe to assume that one could keep current hacks on lower firmware but keep updating and later on trick the vita to thinking its on a lower firmware to use that stuff again?

  7. GNT01

    Like the PS3. The Z, do you have information if this method will apply with Vitas on FW 3.01?



  9. Shikhar

    Oh, this would be perfect ! I can get all my ps plus games, themes on my vita. But yeah, hardware modification is not my cup of tea so guess I’ll have to wait .

  10. Brenza

    NINETH, still in top ten! °\(o.o)/°

    Btw this is really nice but i doubt sony would let you use online features for long…

  11. meysam25

    i dont thing i will be able to use this features but it is great news i like it

  12. Stanislav

    Good good,i you love!!

  13. ppp

    Conclusion : useless at the moment.

  14. Xtremegamer

    This would be nice to activate my psvita without a ps3, and enable my download list

  15. lulu

    Xmax is just a liar…

    • rclr

      He might be asking for attention .. since it’s all about yi fu lim ( why is that he’s already well known and yet I still can’t spell he’s name correctly).

      • lulu

        I just remenber his “HDMI output mod for vita” that still pending… baby cry for attention as you said

        • Tony

          Oh cry me a river.. if you had been following his twitter you would see yourself this is completely legit and theres no way that it could possibly be fake.

        • Kira_Slith

          On the topic of the HDMI Mod he claims to have performed, It’s entirely possible but 25% chance says it’s legit and 75% chance says it’s a fake or he had that modchip installed by that japanese fellow and isn’t using the incomplete native out the Vita 1k has on board.

          • rclr

            And just the other day he announced a game exploit .. did anyone even bother porting the hbl.. I gues no one -_-

  16. lulu

    Vita is the worse console ever, any hack will not change this fact… I’m so hungry that i was believe in dream when buy

  17. D4rk51d3

    When you say ‘new and exciting features’, you mean ‘improved stability’, right?

  18. RaZiel

    How is this a 3.52 spoof when it shows 3.51 in the system menu and no proof it can access PSN store?

    • Kira_Slith

      He was launching the package installer while in 3.52 HFW even though that was already patched in 3.20 OFW. In other words, he has some sort of hax, he’s just unwilling to share, much like that native HDMI Mod he claimed he had/has..

  19. ModChipGuy

    Would be nice if we could backup our nands and restore like the hard mods on the 3ds!

  20. Jazooleeahamed

    How did he connected the vita to tv?

  21. lmao

    it’s still *** if you can’t load homebrew anyway. lol

    • lmao

      i mean directly with hacked system loader.

    • nope

      No wonder modders/hackers are reluctant to release their stuff with people like you. We could have full kernel access and you wouldn’t be satisfied because it won’t microwave your hot pocket for you because your lard as.s doesn’t want to leave the sofa

  22. DrRetro

    Interesting, but why the bad stuff at the end? 😛

    I don’t know if I want to modify my hardware. Would depend on how it must be modified or easier said: how much risk it is to ruin my vita.

    • nope

      If you’re asking these questions there is a high chance you will damage your TV if you attempt this. If you’re a novice at soldering the Vita is not the device to learn on unless you have a lot of money for replacement Vitas.

      Practice soldering, become comfortable with it and then come back to this trust me. I’ve ruined game consoles myself before and I’m a competent solderer.

  23. Stiffeno

    Interesting news, seem’s the community is really focused on the Vita these days! Its just a shame that its requires a hardware mod, so that excludes 95% of us, as you mentioned =[