The Playstation 4 Jailbreak that is not really a Hack…

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  1. Karyoka1984 says:


  2. Little Jimmy Who Has Cancer says:

    that grammar though

    • The Z says:

      That happens when you type this at 4am ^^

      • Lucif3r says:

        F*** the grammar, this needed to be said, lol… And it will probably have to be said a million times more before people get it >_>
        Annoys the *** out of me whenever someone calls this “jailbreak” or “hack” or ANYTHING that makes it sound special…

        • jj52 says:

          Don’t *** that grammar, send it off some one to check or use one of the many online websites that are available.

        • In the other article, they said that’s what everyone is used to, so that is what it is staying as.
 gave people the Jailbreak AIDS, now all the stupid uneducated websites have Jailbreak AIDS, just because people need to grab attention instead of telling the truth and posting an article with facts.

          I need to stop posting here >.<

          • plinkerfly says:

            yes, let’s call it the PS4 trick.. but the nand dump and and restore is a hack itself. Since its purpose is for the PS4, then it is technically a PS4 hack. hack or mod or trick… call it what you want to call it. Just stop thinking that hack is for programmers only. technical hacking is done on hardware and yet needs programming skills to run that raspian program. The point of the matter is IF YOU CAN’T DO IT YOURSELF, GO PAY SOMEONE ELSE TO DO IT FOR YOU.

  3. MadMack says:

    This “trick” works very well with ps vitas with lover firmwares also… Without manipulating the nand you can connect more than 3 vitas to the same account as long you not connect the “disabled” vitas to the psn network and use QCMA and a PS3 to transfer your contents from the akctivated devices… But since Rejuvenate and the the OFW 3.52 no one connect a vita with lover firmware to the sony network…

  4. meysam25 says:

    its was great topic but for me its hard to tell that it is hack or not.

  5. Just a reminder says:

    PSM ended as of today

  6. arthanis says:

    I guess they insist to call it “Jailbreak” or “Hack” because for most people (at least in Brazil) they are synonyms to “run pirated content”.

    I disagree wholeheartedly about always on DRM. But I do believe that Sony needs to stop ignoring basic client-server programming guidelines like “never trust the client”. A simple cid verification on login would be enough to prevent this “hack”, I think.

  7. TheDude says:

    I could of sworn it used to be 5, then way back they changed it to 2, not 3?

    • The Z says:

      Indeed. 5 got changed to 2, then back to 3.

      • domthybomb says:

        It was 5 PS3s then changed to 2. It never changed back to 3 as you do not count the PS4 as it uses a different setup.
        The portable limit was also 2 that changed to 3 later on.
        The PS4 is setup like the 360 and XB1 are. You can have 1 PS4 set as primary to allow anyone else on that PS4 to use your games or you can play any of your games on any other PS4 as long as you’re logged in.

  8. fate6 says:

    The reason it shouldn’t be called a “jailbreak” is cause a PS4 is not an Apple device 😉

    • Yo says:

      Kind of a silly thing to say seeing as the term “jailbreak” is a “jargon expression for (the act of) overcoming limitations in a computer system or device that were deliberately placed there for security, administrative, or marketing reasons”. This applies to quite a few devices and isn’t specific to the Apple brand. heck, there’s even a page on wikipedia for playstation jailbreaks.

      • no says:

        As you you are talking
        Psx = Playstation One
        When in real life:
        Psx = Playstation 2 Recorder

      • The Z says:

        Jailbreak = Apple devices.

        Other devices have their very own hacking terms, e.g. flashing a PSP/Vita, Xbox360 drive, and technically even the PS3.

        Nintendo stuff has softmods & flash cards, while the Xbox360 also has the JTag.

        Android phones/tablets are rooted.

        Dont try to use foreign terms with unfitting consoles, it makes you look unprofessional & uninformed.

        • Kaz Hirai says:

          See, you still kept trying to dignify your stance with every grammar.

          Hey, unprofessional and uninformed?

          Professional people would make less noise and please, nobody can be informed overnight, over on article comment. Be realistic.

          What I can only see you’re referring to standard is professional, which makes utterly no sense. Enough deluding yourself.

          Knowing so much of this for what? Are your parents are proud of you for this matter?
          Well, you know yourself more than we do.

        • TheM4v3r1cX says:

          Actually it’s called Jailbreak because the first PS3 hack was developed by GeoHot, one of the first guys to get a jailbreak on the iPhone 3G (i think, i don’t exactly remember), and he decided to call it Jailbreak. So… technically it’s not wrong to call it jailbreak. I wish he called it something else tho

          • WRONG, WRONG, WRONG
            The PS3 hack was NOT developed by GeoHot, he was just some a*shole who came along and took fail0verflows work releasing the second scene CFW, then proceeded to glory wh*re, ending up with him take d*ck from Sony.

          • The Z says:

            It was called a jailbreak the day the original iPhone was jailbroken, not only as of the “3G” & Geohot.

        • yo says:

          Except none of the terms you mentioned are specific to any one console.

          Softmods are software modifications, this applies to anything that doesn’t rely on hardware to bypass limitations, including most iOS jailbreaks, some of the Wii’s many hacks (BannerBomb for example), the 3DS’ browser, Mii Plaza, or MSET hacks, the PS Vita’s Rejuvenate, etc.
          Flash cards/carts were named after development cartridges used in creating/prototyping applications for consoles because they do (or did originally) the same thing.
          JTAG is a just the name of the debug port on most electronics, and again, isn’t specific to the Xbox 360. Neither is exploiting said port for science and/or glory. (see DD-WRT/OpenWRT for example)
          Rooting is literally just gaining access to the OS’ built in root account. This applies to anything that has a “root” account in which the user normally cannot access.
          Flashing is a generic term for writing data to a reprogrammable storage device.
          Even RGH is no longer specific to the Xbox 360 as there’s been talk of using the method on the New 3DS to get access to the 9.6+ crypto keys. I would not be even slightly surprised if this were being applied to other systems.

          Please try not to sound like a condescending ***, it makes you look unprofessional & uninformed. All I did was point out that the term can (and does) apply to more than just Apple products nowadays.

      • The case of the ‘PS3 Jailbreak’ dongle, they used the word Jailbreak to grab attention and make people look.

        In the case of the PS4, they have gone to different levels of stupidity.
        When one Jailbreaks, they get the f*ck out of their prison, they break those gates the f*ck down and escape, this is not the case of with the PS4, the PS4 is still in Jail, no files were touched, nothing was done, apart from a basic copy/paste, that is not Jailbreaking.

  9. gunblade says:


  10. Best article i have read here in a while 🙂

  11. Kaz Hirai says:

    Dear The zett, I can always see you are trying so hard to please your readers.
    You’re not really close minded, but self-minded.
    Obviously there was already a public software solution to dump nand from your device.
    Well, whom made that possible? Who actually made that dumper for you? Who discovered your theory?
    But don’t always think of your 2 cents self when you feel that you have a need to say, and imprint your mindset on to Wololo and the Vita community.
    We know you are trying to stand out from the scene crowd and prove your self worth, but please do so in a good intention and genuine way.
    For starters, discover your own exploits and learn to code (at least).
    By the way, the thing you’re trying so hard to refer to, is called exploitation. A PS4 Brazillian Exploitation.
    “The PS4 Exploitation Concept” best fits the title of this layman article. 0 cents involved.

    Sincerely, from a Malaysian.

    • AliceTheGorgon says:

      What the *** are you talking about? The Zett never claimed that any of those were unimportant or made by him or anything. All he said was that this was *not* a jailbreak/hack/etc. Being able to dump and flash the PS4’s NOR is neat, *like he said*, but is not the groundbreaking thing so many people think it is.

  12. OogaBooga says:

    Hah! Try again, Brazil. Hack =/= jailbreak =/= lame spoofing trick.

  13. jonas says:

    does this mean you can flash multiple PS4s with a Nand backup from another PS4 ?
    how does one do it without bricking the system?
    People also said the brazilians did it without opening the console, how’s that even possible?

    • jonas says:

      Nevermind what i said, each console use’s it’s own activated NAND backup.
      Once the console is activated to the account with the games on it, a nand backup is made, then said console is deactivated and the nand is restored back to the point when the console was activated, staying invisible to sony’s radar.
      but the part where it’s said they did it without opening the case still boggles me.

      • Mikaz says:

        It can be done without desoldering NOR chip, but you still have to open, solder to the dump points and event cut some tracks.

  14. StephensBR says:

    I am Brazilian with a horrible English, but I agree and disagree with this text.
    I agree that it should not be called ” JAILBREAK ” by the very definition of this word in the scene hack.
    But I disagree with talk that is not a ” JAILBREAK ” Brazilian , as that term is defined in Brazil is only run pirated games, ie without buying legally.
    Then the pure definition in Pt -Br is rather a ” JAILBREAK ” even though the hack scene definition is not .
    Sorry if I was not well understood. Sorry for poor English. Sorry also for people of this little study, in which the rulers are corrupt and not allow improvements . Thanks for listening.

  15. lollypop says:

    what about a nor server ?
    or an activation server (for offline spoofing)
    ot what about a games server that runs in psphomebrewmode
    (no need for activia just m33 it)

  16. jared says:

    not is a jailbreack .is a cheat code XD

  17. mixedfish says:

    An ‘exploit’ at best, but the hassle of paying for something that relies so heavily on a trick is not worth it.

  18. barthen says:

    In the ps3 world activating or deactivating sends an https request to This can easily be used to make a program to deactivate you from the servers but keep your console activated (as no act.dat is removed and the flash remains untouched). This way you can get infinite activations.

    In the ps3 thanks to having cfw it’s really easy to take a look at the encrypted https.
    In the ps4 or vita we’ll need some sort of exploit or https vulnerability.

  19. TomySakazaki says:

    The games aren’t injected. You leave the console at the piracy seller, he’ll activate your console as primary device, download the games that you want from a list (the contents from the seller’s psn account) and then return your console with his games installed.
    Every time you want to change a game you should bring back your console so the seller will redo the spoofing, delete some games that you don’t want anymore and install new games.
    But as reported in this link this piracy method seems to be abandoned since May, some sellers said that there was actually an action on Sony behalf to stop the piracy, others said that the modded consoles were bricking (I remember that it was reported that a newer PS4 OFW was bricking consoles that attempt to do the NAND rewrite).

    • TomySakazaki says:

      Forgot to use past tense when talking about the “injection” method.
      And I think that sony and microsoft should had tried and different approach to the “always online” checks.
      Instead of requiring the user to always connect periodically to the company servers and locking the user out of the games when there’s no access, the console should check the licenses whenever there’s the opportunity to do so, i.e. whenever the user is online, run the check.
      But since they couldn’t push the “always online” method that’s actually easier to implement, they didn’t afford to try the “check when possible” approach.

    • The Z says:

      This can also be done with Nand dumps & restoring.

  20. wololoPSP says:

    wololo concentrate on the psp the ps4 and for other

  21. Mo Poge says:

    Whether elegant or not, a hack is a hack, no? Other “hackers” could further develop this into a more automated process to make it easier for the average Joe to use.

    • AliceTheGorgon says:

      The real potential lies in allowing knowledgeable folks to fiddle with the PS4’s code (and learn about how it works), and be able to revert to a working state if they break something.

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