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PS4 “Jailbreak” Brazilian method: how to dump the PS4 NOR (Video)

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  2. What the f*** sort of click bait whoring is this sh**.
    There is no damn PS4 Jailbreak, there never was, you did not reveal anything., the PS4 is not jailbroken.
    I am disappointed that you of all people would allow this click whoring *** to be posted Wololo

    • lmao

      yes this is sh*t nothing more than a method to pirate games. jailbreak my ***, br people must be id.iots

    • lmao

      agreed, this is sh*t nothing more than a method to pirate games. jailbreak my as.s, BR people must be id.iots

      • Blk

        The games in Brazil are very expensive… so they pirated the games…

        • Rodrigo

          Indeed games are VERY expensive in Brazil (230 reais, in dolars it would be 76,60. In a country that the minimum salary is 780 reais (in dolars would be 260 DOLARS) so the most ppl, if they want to play video games, they have to buy (or download) pirated copys, thats not my case, thx god I can buy PS4 original games but most of ppl in my country cant.

        • Ganj3r

          Hola. Amigo. I see a plot for by sony in Brazil to sell more Ps4

      • Brazilian people are cool, there are few who are members on my forum and they are awesome dudes.

        The a*shole in this case however is the Brazilian government who screw their citizens over when it comes to tax.

    • Omp

      First of all, Jailbreak means unlocking a way to use the system in ways not intended by the manufacturer. There were never any intension from Sony to let people copy the NOR of a PS4, therefor, this is an actual Jailbreak.
      Second of all, they have written “Jailbreak” (within quotes), and then an explanation of what this “Jailbreak” actually does. If you are not technical enough to understand what dumping NOR means, what makes you believe that you will ever be able to implement a Custom Firmware if it ever comes one to the PS4.
      Third, and last, this is a huge step for the hacking community. If they ever is able to find out all “private” parts of this, they can inject the private parts into an hacked version of the NOR, not only giving us ability to downgrade versions but also inject code that can run things we’re interested in. All in all, maybe this kit will be able to put downloded games onto a console in the future 🙂

      Thank you, Brazilian Hacking Team. This is a, for me, new way to hack a console! 😀 Wonder if you can do the same for 3DSWare? 🙂 (and maybe have the same NNID on two consoles at the same time!)

      • Clearly you don’t know who i am, if you did, you would already know, that i know far more than you ever will, but don’t worry sweet cheeks, you keep deluding yourself and thinking this is a Jailbreak, i have no cure to fix your stupid 🙂

        • Omp

          That’s very true! I have no idea who you are, and I¨m not ashamed of it either. I’m not part of a/the hacking scene, since I’m not into black-hat hacking. I have my masters in Algorithms, but that doesn’t change a thing. Jailbreaks does mean breaking the hardware/software out of the jail that the company put it into. This hack is breaking the jail, even if it doesn’t give you full rights to do whatever you want with the system.

          But to end it; Thinking you’re smarter than someone you’ve never met is a great way to miss an opportunity to learn! 🙂

    • leon

      Clearly, you didn’t see the quotation marks surrounding “Jailbreak”…

      • Clearly you don’t understand how click bait works, or you do and you are playing dumb.
        Quotations or not, the word Jailbreak draws attention, far more attention than if it had not been there to begin with, attention = clicks, clicks = ad revenue = $$$$$ etc, all by deceiving the potential reader.

        Now if this was an actual Jailbreak i would have no problem with the title, but as this is not even close to a Jailbreak, it simply should not have been there, you fail to realise or do not care that many people look past the quotations and just see the word Jailbreak, which is why it was added to begin with, it makes the story seem less boring and grabs more hits,

    • dark_Dex

      are u always this stupid? thats why it has ” ” around jailbreak

      • Can you not read, i think i have said it twice already, here and on Twitter.
        But as you seem to have an inability to read i will say it again, just for your benefit, the full stops are there to give you more of a break between each word, so that you may understand what is said a little bit easier, do read it slowly, read it ,more than once if you need to.

        Having………quotation………..marks……..and …………having……….no………….quotation………marks………have……the…..same…..effect…….when…..the…..word……..Jailbreak………is…….used,………..people………only…….see……the……word……Jailbreak…….nothing…….else,………so………they………come…..to……….an…….article……….expecting………an…….actual……..Jailbreak.


  3. Honus Wagner


  4. ScrewYou

    Well than GregoryRasputin if you dont like it then leave. Same advice you gave people when you was on another websight. Dont like it dont b**** just leave. Plain and simple.

    • 1.) You will find that it is called a ‘Web site’.
      2.) I preferred people staying as i enjoyed arguing with them.
      3.) I have problems with people being lied to and web site owners misleading people in order to get hits to their web site.
      So you see its not as plain and simple as you hiding behind a fake account, because you are too cowardly to speak as the person you usally speak as 🙂

    • lmao

      whatever du.mb

    • lmao

      why do you even care, bi.tch? lol
      what a hypocrite, just leave it what he said alone, plain and simple. That’s what you said isn’t it. lol

      • New

        Just kinda sad that someone b*tches about this sight with every comment yet he stays here. Seems his hax ego is still around. Usually if you hate something so much you stay away not go every chance you get.

        • SITE spell it correctly Its an S, then an I, then a T, then E, S……..I……….T……….E, i have already pointed out your problem, but the post was deleted.
          I know spelling seems to be a huge failing in you and so does reading and understanding, i NEVER b*tch about this SITE, i b*tch about some of its bad posts such as the b*llsh*t that RepRep posts or this click bait ***.

          Apart from that, i like Wololo.net, i like Wololo, i like The Zett, i like a lot of the staff, i would say i have a problem with two dumb a*s that are staff members here, but that’s it.

          And regardless of who i do or do not like, i will call someone on such articles, articles who’s sole purpose is to draw visitors who expect information on a PS4 Jailbreak, one that does not exist…

          • Hahaha

            B*tching about spelling. If you don’t like the articles posted by certain people why read them when it shows who posted it? On the side of grammar I didn’t know that site was always in caps and I should be in caps. Proof read your *** before acting like the grammar god.

          • Its-and-it's-are-different

            Another thing you might want to use it an ‘ when using its and meaning it is. Funny how you point out errors yet don’t check your own.

          • To the coward not using his normal nick, i never mentioned anything about grammar, so i do not understand why you would say i was acting like a ‘grammar god’, that’s right, you have a problem with reading, because if you had no problem reading, you would have seen that i commented on a silly spelling mistake and not his typo.
            I am glad you can use one of those online grammar correcting tools to make those posts though, otherwise i would be correcting you again.

            Keep being a coward though and hiding behind a fake name, that’s what i love about you fools, you give it all the hard talk, yet are too cowardly to reply to me with your normal day to day nick 🙂

        • ACViper

          Gregory, I think you should just let these people who know absolutely nothing but having a *** up there ***, talk about these stuff. They are probably some dumb *** 9 year olds who thinks they are hackers just because they got VHBL on their PS Vita. I do agree with everything you said, but just let these dumb *** talk like they know everything. They probably have no one to talk to. 🙂

  5. FoxCool

    I managed to read the report nor, I also managed to write, but have not managed to clone the games.

  6. Mike

    Well, this method is very old. You can dump and write NOR without desoldering NOR chip.
    Also there is new method of cloning games on latest 2.55 fw, but its private and not for public.

  7. lollypop

    so is there a psvitatv or playstationtv subsections at psvita cfw ?

  8. Charles Fasano

    The Jailbreak was not in the usual sense. What they did was clone the NOR, deactivate the console, then reflash the NOR so the PS4 thought it was still activated.

    • The Z

      We are doing this on the PSP since FW 5.00.

      Activate PSN acc, download games, dump nand, deactivate PSN acc, disable Wifi, restore nand.

      BOOM: Free PSN games & an activated PSN account (as long as you dont go online)

  9. meysam25

    looks cools

  10. Stanislav

    Good Good only Good!!