Nintendo of Japan president Satoru Iwata passed away at 55



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  1. whiteee says:

    I will miss him

  2. strife says:

    first 😀

    • Kieran Allsopp says:

      Someone dies yet all you care about is people seeing your the first to comment on here?!?! Shame on you! To make it worse you put a laughing face and… YOUR NOT EVEN FIRST!

      • NoPatience says:

        Haha….dude thts really a rip off on him…..lmao

      • CPUzX says:

        Well, this generation is quite *** up. There are quite a lot of kids who visit this site, and they don’t seem to acknowledge the extent of respect for the dead. Why would they.. These ***h0le kids are the type with short attention spans, and the likes of which continue to pester the talk forum full of “haxx the p$4% le m8s”

      • NoSpam says:


      • The Z says:

        You 8 the b8, m8.

        Also *you’re, lol.

        • NoPatience says:

          lolz, hehe nice style of writing………….i meant rip off on the guy who commented ” first 😀 “, and again….nice style of writing The Z
          😀 😀 😀

    • DarkPikachu says:

      Get the *** out of here you ***

    • meysam25 says:

      strife commit a mistake but this mistake is not good excuse for you to insulting him

  3. rclr says:

    A big respect to this guy! RIP Iwata-san, a big thank you to all of my childhood memories! :’)

  4. Thrawn says:

    Sad that a great visionary is now gone for all times… *silently puts a green mushroom down*

  5. meysam25 says:

    god blessing him

  6. Qoco says:

    Love the guy but not the company. I admire the way he ripped people of with cheap and nasty hardware. I love earthbound and the franchises he was evolved with. It is sad to see once a great man fade into the mist.
    Will his death lead to Nintendo’s downfall? If so capcom may release another monster hunter for Sony.

  7. NoPatience says:

    It was his time to eat his own creation……the purple mushroom :p

  8. NoPatience says:

    BTW I told him to not watch murder p@rn…………. Hehe 😀

  9. lolzoar says:

    *** REPREP!? “Nintendo of Japan president Satoru Iwata dead at 55”!?!?!?
    Do you not realize what is wrong with how you worded that??? Change it before you get any more attention, like with that idiot from Polygon who wrote the same thing!

  10. gouscript wep says:

    This man rescue many times the company of bankruptcy. I hope a new leader ceo for secure the future of the facilities

  11. Arc Futahito says:

    It’s so sad that Iwata died and someone like Motomu Toriyama (who actively tried to destroy Final Fantasy franchise for more than 10 years) is still alive. Take Toriyama and give Iwata back!

  12. snickersnack says:

    WAY too young. 🙁


  13. 11770 says:

    did he have a terminal illness? i ask b/c doesn’t japan have like the highest life expectancies?

  14. Iwata's ghost says:

    Don’t know what the writer means by these games are “not boring, not repetitive” lol most Nintendo games are repetitive and boring, especially Mario games. I’ll admit that some games were good and fun though. RIP Iwata, sad that he died but maybe good for the company

  15. Alaster says:

    He will be missed. May he rest in peace 🙂

  16. saeed says:

    allah rahmat elasin

  17. topk says:

    Not glad he’s dead, but I’m glad he’s gone. I hate what he turned Nintendo into. The 3DS and Wii U are probably the shittiest consoles I’ve ever owned.

  18. LightWolf136 says:

    I own a PS Vita,but “Nintendo” will always be in my Kingdom Hearts chain of memories,Satoru Iwata R.I.P :'(


    Please hack the PSVITA. The time has come. Sony, the party will be over soon.

  20. Sohel says:

    Satoru Iwata was a great guy.In my opinion one of the best game developers.
    I will miss him

  21. Ben says:

    Guess eshop will have a price drop for abit

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