PSM+ is now publicly available


We are constantly looking for guest bloggers at If you like to write, and have a strong interest in the console hacking scene, contact me either with a comment here, or in a PM on /talk!

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  1. j says:


  2. xXDarkCodeXx says:

    Yay, what a splendid news

  3. sdfgvdxfg says:

    Yeah bitc*es, party hard!

  4. Abdulec says:

    Nice to hear that !!

  5. gui says:

    affff!!!! X(

  6. ModChipGuy says:

    What home-brew is there? I only found the atari thing.

  7. the3rdknuckles says:

    Is this because of the person who made the tutorial in talk?

  8. galiagacandia says:

    Work!!!!!! Hello Word running.

  9. Stanislav says:

    Yifan lu,you SUPER PUPER PUPER!!!

  10. Stiffeno says:

    Just a little info about this on the PSM+ page: “I received the Daily file email, but not the license email”, “Try using a different mail provider, or try sending the mail to another account, then forward that mail to your vita”!

    You dont actually have to use a different account to forward it to yourself, I didnt get the email on my vita, so I just logged into gmail on my pc (the email showed up fine on there) and I just opened the PSM+ email, and forwarded it directly back to myself (same account)….so no need to send to another account before forwarding it!

    • wololo says:

      Thanks for the tip!

    • Yo says:

      I’ve noticed that the PSM+ email is backdated a few weeks. Keep scrolling down in your inbox until you see it. It was driving me mad until I noticed my phone and web-gmail were putting the unread mail at the top and the Vita sorted by date.

      • Yo says:

        Okay, it’s dated for May 28th, 2015 (if you have trouble finding it still).

        • exile says:

          I found this as wel.
          The initial email is from earlier and the second email is on time.
          it is strange on pc it is received normally.

          ah wel if you cant find it on your vita just do a “subject” search for PSM and you will find it.
          If you have multiple add your timestamp in the search.

  11. notwololo says:

    “The second step is something you need to do on a daily basis: you need to update your license to prevent it from expiring. This is also done through an email sent by our servers.”

    Wat? can someone explain this to me, I think I missed this before.

    • wololo says:

      There are two pages for psm+.
      you will need to go to the second page every day, and send yourself an email every day (or at least every day you want to use homebrew).

      • Yo says:

        I’ve been in the PSM+ beta for a while and only needed to send the one email. I had to restart the Vita a few times as well, so it’s not like I had homebrew open the whole time. (Word of caution: FTPVita can be dangerous. Don’t go messing with random files/folders or you might regret it when your system freezes and you need to do eml wizardry to get PSM Dev to launch again. Fun times, not really.)

        • Major_Tom says:

          At the moment, yes, because the important file is also provided in the first mail. However, when the real servers will be shutdown, you’ll have to use the second script. Oh and, it’s faster to use the second script as there are only 2 files 😛

      • notwololo says:

        Haha this is awesome to know it fixed one of my problem with demos not working on the vita, unfortently I still can’t get hello_world to work, it stops working at Event recived: VMDeath getting variables, oh well, I’d bet I’ll figure it out soon enough. Thank you wololo

        • wonre says:

          just active wifi even it doesn t allow to reach internet. that VM death is just a last protection checking wifi activation

          • notwololo says:

            Thanks man, figured it out a little bit ago, I put in airplane mod all the time, because I read something about that fixing some other error I got a while back. Guess i forgot that it might mess with this, and never tried taking it out xD. Thanks man.

      • Setzer Gabianni says:

        What happends if the licence expires? i mean if for some reason i don’t have a wi-fi conection for some time.
        am I sc**w? or simply need to be done everything from the start and i’m ok? that part it’s a little unclear for me

  12. DragonQuest says:

    we need a video tutoriel

    i can’t understand anything.

  13. DragonQuest says:

    i don’t get the *** license on my email. i uesd 5 different email (gmail, yahoo, email)

  14. TheInsaneJames says:

    For some reason I’m not getting the e-mail attachments. I just get a giant wall of text in the subject. Anyone know what’s wrong?

  15. John says:

    Maybe this will give motivation for people to port Rejuvenate to Unity…

  16. Don Quijote says:

    I’ve tried three times, but each time I get “Failed the authentication to execute application. Please re-create a Device Seed and App Key using with PSM Studio or Publishing Utility.” In the PSM Publishing Utility, the ‘App Key’ icon has a cross out sign, and the tooltip says “This App Key is invalid because the Device Seed has been updated. Please update the App Key.”

    I’ve done every step word for word, and even deleted every single file for each retry. I have absolutely no idea what could be wrong.

  17. Raziel says:

    Still cant update my PS Vita i am stuck at 3.01 and have Zero PSN/Network access and i was unable to get that PSM DevAssistant

  18. martin says:

    When I do everything according to instructions and start Rejuvenate (setup.bat) then it always asks me to confirm the key via PSN ID. Why ?

    If I choose not confirmation so there is always error and Rejuvenate asks me again about generate publisher key.

    I don’t know why it always wants to me confirmation via my PSN ID.

    All both emails have been delivered correctly with all attachments.

    • wonre says:

      say no, and when you see k2 at top, seed and keys symbol, it s finished. close it. then restart setup.bat so it can continue by copying these keys, then answer 1.11,1.14 or 1.15 (da version) to obtain both vitadefiler files. then drag elf over the other .bat

  19. bigpapadck says:

    I keep getting stuck at vita exploited when i try to run homebrew then it will
    close by itself.

    • wonre says:

      if it says VM Death just activate wifi even if it doesnt allow to reach internet. it just checks wifi activation

      • bigpapadck says:

        The wifi on my vita is on, i don’t get vm death either run homebrew works but then freezes at vita exploited and closes byitself
        While my vita is left with a blackscreen.

        • wonre says:

          create a bat file launching run_homebrew hello_world.elf 1>err1.txt 2>err2.txt (that way you read the txt files to see the error messages)

          • andrea12 says:

            I have ACTIVE my wifi, but still display VMDeath. But the DEMO game can be played well on my vita, do you know the reason? Thank you in advance.

  20. Quade321 says:

    Ah, now if only VitaDefiler could run on Linux, then all my dreams would come true. But obviously that’d be really hard because (derp) no PSM runtime for Linux. Oh well, I don’t mind dual booting or running a VM for this amount of awesomeness. Can’t wait for some awesome homebrews to start coming out. Thanks to Wololo, Yifan Lu, mr.gas, Major_Tom and everyone else that worked to make the progress we have so far!

  21. madara says:

    im having problems i received the email but doesn’t show any attachments only a lot of letters

  22. neoceaser says:

    Hey lets say i have multiple vitas with different psn accounts
    do i have to do the whole process for each account
    psm app version is the same on all of them

    • Gazra says:

      Erm yes that is kinda a silly question considering you said multiple vitas lol.

      It is obvious that this has to be done on every vita just because some may share the same account does not mean that this is interchangable between vitas.

  23. Niels says:

    Is it now possible to keep testing games on psm unity devassistant with the unity for psm build?
    Because that is what I want with this hack and would be very nice to have
    It can also give great homebrew games

  24. Ganj3r says:

    You, guys, are great 😛

    K E E P IT G a N s T a

  25. ask q says:

    support/run_publisher_utility.bat where can i download this???

    • Martin says:

      You must download Rejuvenat and then unzip the file. After unzip it is saved in some folder there.

  26. meysam25 says:

    vita defiler client will install to my vita but i will have dont send error in my pc and not hellow world will show in my vita

  27. gui says:

    I will wait for the unityDEv. I believe we will have much more possibilities and not have to stay forever updating.

  28. neoceaser says:

    Hey not sure if this will help
    I had issues with his thing since yesterday but
    once I installed the X86 and X64 versions of the 2008 and 2010 C++
    everything just worked and I tested on 4 different vitas no issues anymore

  29. yaoger says:

    Will PSTV support the PSM+ ?

    I can’t connect my PSTV to the computer,so i don’t know how to get my device id.
    Then I can’t do the next step.

    • wonre says:

      keep pstv at fw<3.52 for now (uncked the option saying check fw at start). with vita blocker 1.2 (have pstv use it) you can obtain from a ps3 thru intranet connection ps vita games your ps3 download from your download list (don t need ps3 to connect thru vita blocker). in psvita in system menu you write down psn account info (same as the one on ps3), but no need to connect to psn (would force to update fw). once the game is obtained from ps3 and played with, that means you activated pstv with your psn account without the need to update fw. later there will be some tutorial to obtain dev assistant for unity (rejuvenate might reach it thru wifi in future) on pstv (will probably require some storage card swapping with a ps vita, and both might need to be actvated with your psn account, probably). note that fw version of psvita and pstv can differ now thanks to a recent eml trick that deletes the fw mention on storage card.

    • wonre says:

      someone reported unity install success on pstv using a game cart :

  30. kino says:

    thanks for the release.. nice work guys

  31. Eddie says:

    I trust you’ll keep us updated on emulators and whatnot right? As it stands, It’s kinda useless for me since I can’t code or anything so I’ll rely on the smart people lol

  32. warfaren says:

    The Hello World works great, thanks!

  33. NeonAera says:

    Can’t wait for all sorts of emulators.. 🙂 Great work guys. Thrilled there’s some nice progress going.

  34. Nhóc says:

    Sr for my noob question, but how to get device name?

  35. fredomdark says:


  36. mr.mcnoob says:

    any ban risk?

  37. kikas1984 says:

    yeah same question here were to find device name?

  38. gobulle says:

    So, I have launched Hello World, is everything OK ?

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