RetroArch 1.2 PSP/3DS


Not much to say, but I'm a guy who's interested in modding/hacking portable consoles/devices.

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  1. TotalNoob_Vs_The_Z

    I havent look at my wii to see if those things have been added to the Wii version. I hope it has been too

    If not, noce fo see it on a psp

  2. Jim

    Great to see that it’s still getting updates, lol a bit disappointed though cause quick glance I thought it was for Rejuvenate

  3. W wololo

    Update is only for psp and 3ds?
    I wont update for android too

    • meysam25

      there is some psp for android search in intenet .
      you can use it

    • Joel16

      Actually it’s for other devices as well but we decided to speak mainly for the PSP/3DS versions. Android, windows and Linux have already gotten the update. The remaining devices are Wii, PSP, 3DS, MAC, iOS, BlackBerry 10 and Xbox.

  4. meysam25

    looks cools
    but when the vita vertion will be out ?

    • Joel16

      No one knows. It’s not being worked on by retroarch’s developers. But since it’s open source developers can start making a port if they wish.

  5. lolzoar

    Sorry, but what exactly is this? Is this an app for PSP that rearranges the XMB like the custom theme? It looks really good, too good to be something for the PSP…

    • Joel16

      It’s a multi system emulator. For example it includes a GBA emu, Nes emu and a bunch of others all in one program.

      • lolzoar

        Are you kidding?! That’s amazing! I thought it just arranged all of your existing homebrew in a nice way. I am looking very forward to this!

        • MadZiontist

          Yeah it’s very nice like that. I’m updating it on Android as we speak, to this latest release. I’m skeptical about the update though. Read some horrifying reviews about it. It was drastically changed, from what I read, so many people are bound to dislike it. If I don’t like the update, I’ll just revert back to the previous version. Which is fine, as it was almost flawless as was/is. I’m willing to give the update a shot though.

  6. DarkDante

    has anyone tried this out? hows the n64 emulation? does it do Dosbox or c64?

    • Ken Arromdee

      It’s more of an interface to emulators. You don’t need to have every emulator have its own separate way to map your joystick, and clear the screen, and load files, and draw polygons, etc. and this is a program which handles all of that. So how the emulation is depends on which emulator is using it. I know it has dosbox, I don’t think it has C64 yet..

  7. Stanislav

    Good Good=Imposiblle!!

  8. NeonAera

    Gotta love the creativity put into the XMB-style background, fonts, box art, etc. Pretty cool.

  9. darkado

    Anyone got a link for the curent version that works on vita ecfw?

  10. lmao

    need rejuvenate port

  11. lmao

    “Regarding RetroArch 3DS: it’s still very much a work-in-progress and I don’t think either me or aliaspider would feel comfortable to ship anything right now in terms of official release at this stage, and we need a lot of work done on the cores before we can render some of them playable on the slow 3DS (it’s even slower than the PSP it seems).”


    • Alevan

      Actually I think 3DS (and the NDS) is better and more confortable than the PS Vita or PSP. I only have PSP and PSVita for PS1 compatibility, nothing more.

      Their only positive side (aside prom PS1 compatibility) is that they are better preformers than their generational counterpart. But I don’t think that the guy spoke about the New 3DS, wich is on par in performance with the PSVita.

  12. xXDarkCodeXx

    OMG O_O I’m finally in the beta YYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAYYYYYY

  13. pkmaximum

    Just curious, does anyone know how good the n64 performance is for the PSP? Videos?

  14. Mei Bellen

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