Best Vita/PSP Homebrews for July 2015


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27 Responses

  1. Dope says:

    First!! 😀

  2. The3rdKnuckles says:

    I must say these really are some useful homebrews

    • gregoryrasputin says:

      Uhh…. NONE of these are useful homebrews… The useful stuff mentioned here aren’t actually homebrew compatible with Vita/PSP (except from Rejuvenate) and the few homebrew that ARE are just Minecraft fan games!

  3. Goyscript WPA2 says:

    If Im install firmware 3.5.2 in my psvita accidentally, can i unistall it?

  4. kat says:

    Can’t really use the vita update blocker.. it keeps spoofing my “latest version” to my current version which is 3.18, not to the current latest version which is 3.52. Can anyone help?

    • stOneskull says:

      doesn’t work. i’ve been playing ps3 whie wondering what to do with my vita. the urge to update for psn is strong.

  5. meysam25 says:

    my be its will come tomarow ( native hack )

  6. copyright says:

    I really want to see a nds emulator, I hate to play in the smartphone because it doesn’t have physical buttons.

  7. redboyke says:

    i love how they can predict the future even though july just started they already know the best software.

    • wololo says:

      Same notation as for video games: Fifa 2016 is actually out in 2015, etc…
      This is for the homebrews we recommend you to use in July. Makes sense?

  8. Internally_blazed says:

    Sweet list! id try my hand at devving but Sony rejected my PSM license 🙁 so waiting for the PSM+ release!

  9. kal says:

    I thought vub doesn’t work anymore?

  10. nick says:

    This is alright but we need a full speed n64 and ds emulator is that possible ?

  11. Uzair says:

    Anyone tried Handy (atari emulator) ?? My psm dev app crashes when i’m tried to run this homebrew. Others homebrew works fine.

  12. MyLegGuy says:

    Rejuvenate was released! What a better time to release a list of the best php homebrews!

  13. Stanislav says:

    Good Good only Good!!

  14. OTFree says:

    Yeah…one problem I encountered with VitaBlocker was that although I followed the steps correctly (I’m running on firmware 3.51), it won’t spoof to v3.52. It only spoofs to the version I’m already running.

    Think this will ever be fixed in the near future? It’d be nice to use the PSN store without having to ruin any chance of using Rejuvinate.

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