Rejuvenate hack compatible with the PSM Dev Assistant for Unity, could open many doors including PSTV support


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  1. simbin

    Got PSM Dev but never had dl option for Unity. Do I need – how get?

    • Anonymous

      If you are on 3.18, then grab PSM Unity package from /talk and install it via Package Installer

  2. Nio9345

    A quick question. I have PS Vita 1000 and FW 3.51, I didn’t make it in order to get the PSM Dev apps or the license. Is there a way to get them and install them ? I really want to help the PS Vita Homebrew scene and finally utilize the PS Vita true power.

    • Anonymous

      It seems you are out of luck.

    • mrques

      same with me , but sadly i have no clue . and now i cant sign in to PSN network , the system ask to update the system . im on 3.51 US region . i hope wololo will help us . :v

  3. Xplic1T

    Now they tell us they need the unity assistant :-/ meh.

    I don’t think i have this on my dl list. Any way to get this on now ?

    • Nio9345

      “Please stop using this application we released for you in order to develope games and test them” Those who have it “Why? It’s working fine.” Sony “BECAUSE WE SAID SO, OR YOUR CONSOLE/HOUSE/NEIGHBOURHOOD WILL BURN IN AN INFERNO !!!!11” members (hard facepalm) *Sigh*

      • Modasucka

        Sony really are beeches. Like we gonna settle for some dum@$$ Indies. If you gotta problem, improve your gaming library, not just your Security. It’s a shame how Android makes more money than ya and yet they support homebrew development. Cuz that’s where the real cash crop is.

        • Nio9345

          Sony doesn’t give a *** about the games they have. All they want to get is the money from the consoles sale. Unfortunatly Indie titles doesn’t bring too much audience, so they turn in to big companies, who in turn demand the consoles are airtide secure, not for piracy, they just don’t like a console to be open to everyone.

    • Nio9345

      Also it says “issues” and doesn’t list them and if you ask them they will say either b*****it or it’s confidential. Nice move Sony, on the next 300 useless updates on the description place a middle finger with the words “*** YOU” underneath.

    • Whiteee

      LOOOOOOOL Sony can’t do a thing now,

    • Whiteee

      Was this answer helpful?
      >NO LOL

  4. Multiman

    Well devs time to get to work some is really slow this will help us pass time smoothly.

  5. Asmith906

    I have a question I downloaded the unity psm app on to my vita. When I go to my ps3 download history I still see the PSM dev app. Is it possible for me to download that one to my vita as well. I couldn’t find any tutorials on it.

  6. NeonAera

    Yes!!! This is AWESOME news! I KNEW THERE’S WAYS TO REMOVE THE LIMITATIONS!! It’s only a matter of time now 🙂 What did I tell ya folks!!

    Anyhow, what the heck is package installer and how does it work?? I’m gonna see if I can install Unity, but I get an error that says it belongs to someone else? Thanks.

    • Josh

      Well, first starters, you need the webkit exploit, which I think is only available on 3.18(?).

  7. MyLegGuy

    Yey! I had the Unity one because I was actually making a psm game! Lucky me!

  8. SsJVasto

    Oh, this is good news… Maybe I can use my PSTV for the hacking scene, and keep my PSVita updated to keep playing online!

  9. simbin

    It’s sad that Sony puts any effort on this. They barely have any quality games, which hurts them most. Piracy would only boost profits of their failed handheld. What’s at stake here – really? Exploits to run 10 year old PSP games and some very limited homebrew!?

    • SsJVasto

      This is a “Native Homebrew”. It’s an actual PSVita program, not a PSP userland program. That being said, I was under the assumption that Sony was selling the Vita under the production cost, which means that selling a lot of units (to be used for homebrew) would just make them lose money…

      • simbin

        It all boils down to the numbers for shareholders and developers. If they can’t sell more units, nothing else matters. After the 3DS was hacked, sales skyrocketed. As the numbers grew, developers gained confidence and incentive to publish new games. People pay money for quality games – period. You will always have piracy, nothing will change that. But it’s not the Achilles heel the industry wants you to believe.

  10. Alice715

    My best guess is that you will be hosting a server that has the Dev. Publishing license and the server will generate keys for us just like how friends with license do it.

  11. knoron

    will it give emulator snes gba nes n64 or never

  12. What about psvita owners with japanese accounts and vitas activated with ps3 only? Is there a way this may lead to overlooking this exploit and what sort of homebrew can come of this with the extra specs under its belt- what has the vita got in store I wonder? so excited. I really am wondering what one can do to generate codes for people and what we need is push-able homebrews to be able to open up more native I think that the combination of the HTML/Webkit and the Rejuvenate can be used together to further open the gaites to native homebrews. This is just glorius

    • Alice715

      Mine is a JP imported with a Japanese PSN account.
      3.18 and have PSM Dev. A. loaded.

      I had to do the Charles Proxy method to get the PSM Dev. tho. Now I am tempted to buy an exploit game and transfer using PS3….. Anybody have a game recommendation for the JP region?

  13. Code

    Only i have recived this: “Dear PlayStation Mobile content developer

    A software issue was found in PSM Development Assistant/ PSM Development Assistant for Unity applications.

    For those developers using PSM Development Assistant/ PSM Development Assistant for Unity, we kindly ask you to stop using the application and delete it from your PlayStation®Vita (PS Vita).

    Please be aware that PS Vita system software update 3.52, scheduled to be released on June 24, will revoke the applications, and users will no longer be able to use it.

    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

    As scheduled, content updates are accepted until July 15, 2015.”?

    • NakedFaerie

      I got that same email. $ony has lost and are crying thats what the email is. They failed so they are punishing everyone.

  14. Shane

    What does Rejuvenate do for your PS vita does it allow you play PS vita games , PS one games PSP games what does it actually do can some one please explain in detail sorry for the questions as i am a new to the scene thanks.

  15. NakedFaerie

    Lots of posts, I hope this hasnt been said previously.
    I downloaded PSM Unity from Mega and it fails to install via Package Installer. Keeps saying faild.

    I downloaded it twice with 2 different browsers on 2 different computers and fails to install.

    Is there another site to get it from or another version as I cant install this one.

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