PS Vita Firmware 3.52 is out, revokes PSM support, effectively patching the Rejuvenate hack (do not update!)


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey can I run ePSP on PS Vita with tiny hawk(psp minis) exploit. I am on 3.51 right now. I just found this article which leaked many psp exploits including tiny hawk. So I am wondering weather I can run ePSP with it on 3.51 or not. Plz answer me I have a game bubble on my vita 🙂

  2. Sansibar says:

    Yesterday I had the firmware 3.18, the registration on the portal development and nothing else. I’m looking for a way how to install a dev assistant on my console using only a computer and nothing more. And I did it. That’s what I did:
    1) I had a registration on dev portal, but I don’t had publisher license.
    2) I use package installer trick to install “dev assistant for unity”. On startup “dev assistant for unity” told me that he needed to update and didn’t start.
    3) I use package installer trick to install “dev assistant for unity” UPDATE. On startup “dev assistant for unity” told me that he needed firmware 3.30 or higher.
    4) I update my VITA to 3.51 firmware.
    5) I download PSM library 1.00 and not update to 1.21.
    6)I start “dev assistant for unity” and update it in normal mode.
    7) when “dev assistant for unity” was updated, in my download list appeared a “dev assistant” and I start to download it.
    Now I have “dev assistant” and “dev assistant for unity” on firmware 3.51.
    Then I went to bed and when I woke up I saw that came out firmware 3.52 :)))))

  3. Mr Noscope says:

    Well, no one knows how similar JavaScript is to c++. For now I’m staying on firmware 1.x.x because I am happy enough playing old PS1 games.
    I started making a little JavaScript nes emulator on the vita through the browser, it is based off WebNes. Currently if you put the vita in cursor mode the dpad is mapped to the arrow keys. So at least there is “some” physical controls, also made dodgy touch buttons it is faster than the PSM nes emulator anyway.
    Once I am finished, I will provide people with the tools to host a server with the emulator, roms are stored on the server so I do not have to download anything.
    If you want something quick my advice is use javascript.

  4. Mr Noscope says:

    maybe I could port the quake engine to emscripten…

  5. Pimpdaddy says:

    F*ck a lame Rejuvenate hack. Do a real “Geohot” style hardware hack. No guts no glory. Shout out to Geohot!

  6. sansibar says:

    wololo, why my post was deleted?

  7. Joe says:


    • Anon says:

      VitaUpdateBlocker should work for a few more days if your Vita is on 3.51.
      Otherwise you’ll need a PS3 with PSN access to transfer (PSM pkg disguised as) a game from, activating your Vita in the process.

      • Tony says:

        If you need to log into your psn i had problems using the vita update blocker as well but i found a simple fix, do a connection test a couple of times and try signing in again.

  8. SyluxDelanos says:

    Should i care if my only Vita’s a PS Vita TV ? Are there any chance that hack would work one day on Vita TV or should i gave up any op until custom roms ?

  9. Neria says:

    Instead of putting out those senseless firmware updates, Sony should focus on games for the PSVita. No Games, no sales to the base handheld. For PSVita piracy, you still need a PSVita.

    Browser is ***, Content Manager wants twice the memory then the transferred stuff, can’t abort jammed transfers without having to turn off hard and “rebuild database” and so and so on.

    I can’t even use the vita update blocker, since it blocks the login on PSO2.

    OH and thanks Sony for “revoking” PSM on the Vita.
    Gonna refund ALL MY OWNED PSM GAMES NOW, since I can’t play ’em anymore.

  10. Sam says:

    I updated here. I did have both PSM and PSM for Unity apps, but I do use PSN functionality on the system too much my hands are tied. I don’t know, I just have a bad feeling this is going to have less development than the 3DS scene – which I REALLY hope I’m proven wrong, but it seems homebrew development for consoles has stagnated unfortunately. Hopefully one day I can be one of the people to turn the tide – but I don’t have any experience.

  11. daggdroppen says:

    I updated. Happy with it! Bought Ys: 7 for 3 Euros 🙂

  12. checky says:

    is it mean you absolutely can not run dev apps even you have it in your memory card
    is it really impossible for 3.52 to run dev apps?

  13. mrques says:

    can someone help me , my problem is im on FW 3.51 and now i can download any free demo or free theme . coz it require sign up and then when i wanted to go sign up , the system told me to update . can someone help me ? im in US region , and just restore my system early .

  14. Lock says:

    Is there a way to update from 3.18 to 3.51? I’ve tried charles proxy and qcma but don’t know if it did’nt work because of me or because it has been patched…

  15. The Dark 0n3 says:

    Hey wololo, not sure if this is the right place, i have psm dev app on my 3.18 vita, it opens, and when I look at the debug settings within the app, then show build info, it says: PSM Runtime version: 1.21/2.00, then below it reads: PSM DevAssistant build: Rev.24146 (No.1048).

    Do I have everything necessary to run the upcoming rejuvenate hack? or is there more that I need to do??

    Please help!! as I am super keen on being able to run native homebrew on my handheld, 🙂

    thanks in advance to anyone who can provide missing pieces/infos.

  16. mrques says:

    wololo please answer me , now i can use vitaupdaterblocker and now its said ” the latest version of the system software is alrerady installed . ( C3-12049-6) ” . and i made it to sign up a new account region US and now when i want to sign in . the notifications start to annoy me again , its said ” u must update the system ” . can someone help me ??

  17. ParlourMan says:

    Yeah, I have to step in and disagree on everything done here. I mean we were all excited for this native hack to come and to use to develop our homebrew for the vita. But what I didn’t realise is that now, ‘real’ PSM devs cannot modify their game and will be in for a shock when they update to 3.52. To be honest, it sounds like you’ve purposely sabotaged PSM for the actual developers out there.

    I’m sure that you are also aware that developers are able to publish their games either as a paid game or for free. So theoretically, you are preventing them from getting paid. And when you think about it, that sounds even worse than piracy. You’d ought to be ashamed of yourself Yifan. And I hope that you never get anywhere with this new ‘exploit’.

    • Jacob says:

      I mostly agree with you, however Sony were closing it anyway so what difference does it actually make. The way to go is to get the “real” SDK and set up a company; in theory if done correctly any idiot could do it and give Yifan access to it. This though will break Terms and Conditions. Honestly, I do not think “rejuvenate” has been patched properly on 3.52 because I was still able to install both dev apps and start them untill “there is a new update please install” although there was no updates after the latest install update.

      My guess is that sony only changed a version number to prevent it from launching. Meaning in the future a work arround maybe found. For now I am keeping the app incase a work around is found, in the mean while I will enjoy sonys surplus of overpriced non-AAA games and online services. I mean afterall who can’t live without fat princess and octodad.

    • Josh says:

      As far as I can recall, Yifan only released this because PSM was being shutdown.

  18. Noname says:

    Sony win after 3 years nothing hack for the ps vita incredible where are the real hacker? Only kid in the psvita scene..

    • AliceTheGorgon says:

      You’re a ***. If it’s so easy to break into a highly secured device, then let’s see you do it.

    • Nio9345 says:

      They only hold the fort, but the battle is steadily turning on our side at last.

  19. Chieh says:

    Is vitaupdateblocker functioning now? I got “firmware update” message. Can’t log into PSN.

  20. Broose says:

    Cherdéveloppeur de contenu pour PlayStation Mobile,

    Nous avons malheureusement trouvé un problème logiciel dans l’application PSM Development Assistant/ PSM Development Assistant for Unity.

    Nous vous prions d’arrêter d’utiliser cette application et de l’effacer de votre PlayStation®Vita.

    La mise à jour 3.52 du logiciel système PS Vita prévue le 24 juin retirera l’application, qui deviendra inutilisable après cette date.

    So….they found a “problem” inside the PSM app. Interesting to put it that way 😀

  21. roswell108 says:

    Ironically, they posted to their PSM dev blog that you could still submit updates to existing applications before the deadline but it was vital that the update was performed due to a software bug in the Dev Assistant.

    The question I asked them was why it took a third-party exploit for them to identify and resolve a bug that has obviously been in their software for nearly a year and if they were discontinuing the program because independent developers were making them look incompetent at software development.

  22. Przemysław Bro says:

    I’m planning to buy PS Vita ( i know it’s little bit late, but… )
    Besides normal games i would love to play some old system emulators ( NES, SNES & Sega ).
    During first startup i’ll probably have to instal this 3.52 update.
    So my question is:

    1. Is it possible to skip this step, and instal 3.51 instead? ( or downgrade it later )
    2. Will it be possible to play emus on 3.52 in the future?

    Sorry, but i’m new to this.
    Thx in advance for help !!!

  23. matt says:

    Dont understand this? How can you use a vita without doing the updates? It basically forces you to do them and if you dont you cant play online or do anything?

  24. Whoever says:

    am i able to get into the psn store even with 3.36? do i have more (or any) chances to jailbreak it like the most did with exploits? do i need to wait for a specific exploit or is 3.36 already regularly jailbroken, so is there a way without the psn and without updating till 3.51? i read something about spoofing 3.52 to get the coming exploits in the psn, what is true now? (for sure, i wont update even not when i am only on 3.36)

  25. Dante says:

    Im willing to buy me a ps vita would i still be able to stay at 3.51 rather than 3.52 or it will be 3.52 from the day i buy it

  26. Sherif says:

    i really liked psm exploit but my friend played around with my vita’s pin code and restored my device!!!!!! LoL
    and now i’m stuck at activating ****.
    i tried update blocker and charles trick didn’t work (askes me to confirm psn account when i log in it askes me to update :’-( )
    i found a trick using a ps3 but none of my friends or anyone i know have a ps3.
    anyone has an idea?
    (Sorry for my bad english)

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