Vita index.dat decryption keys released



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  1. Arachne

    That’s good news 🙂

  2. bbyryt

    2nd! Yay
    So far devs r taking their time so that things will not get patched up by sony.
    Well, since every1 was alredy waiting, why not wait more? 🙂
    Nyc progress guys!

  3. Zektra

    Kankerpreventie means “little cancer” in Dutch.

  4. mileleku

    I hope this leads to something. We are all getting kinda tired with the PSPEMU stuff, especially if it excludes recent FWs and their features.

  5. ”The keys probably emerged from an anonymous pastebin posted 6 days ago.”

    Way to show you don’t have a damn clue what you are talking about…

    Basic census on IRC after reading this is:
    is what reprep wrote
    well, he’s wrong
    you cannot base info on meta, without the data
    hes an idiot

    • Kuros

      Why do people have to be so mean and negative all the time.

      • irony_name

        Because they hide behind the internet anonymity, in regular most of this people are shy and quiet and all they say is: yes sir!!! sorry, my bad!!!

      • The Z

        Because people can and sometimes people deserve it.

      • Sukunda

        That would be because Gregory has always been pretty great at calling people names and not being able to convey what they want to say without adding some drama into it.

        • Gregory is not a ‘they’, Gregory is a ‘he’, at least was the last time he looked…

          • Sukunda

            That would be because Gregory has always been pretty great at calling people names and not being able to convey what he want to say without adding some drama into it.


    • HDG

      Remember you’re reading this AFTER they have posted it
      also, remember the posts have to be approved by Wololo before they’re on the site

      • HDG

        Disregard my above reply, read your answer as something different. Now I realise what you meant

    • Reprep

      At the time of writing the article, the source wasn’t clear (except the vitadevwiki). Articles get updated as new info arrives which is the case here. Simple as that.

    • wololo

      Reprep did not have access to the information at the time. He tracked down the origin of the information to an anonymous pastebin posted several days before the wiki was updated, which pointed to it being the source of the information.

      We have since updated the article, but he has done much more research than all other sites in the scene before writing the article, so please cut him some slack 🙂

      • It was all over your forum, if ReRepRep is too much of an idiot to read YOUR forum, then perhaps he should GTFO and stop reporting news, especially when its wrong.

        But yeah, an awesome way to *** all over awesome developers, just because he has a stick up his bottom, or some sort of adult horse sized toy stuck sideways in there.

        So no, i won’t cut him slack he doesn’t deserve it, especially when he had the audacity to suggest Proxima or Hykem would take credit for or had stolen someone else’s work.

        • Reprep

          i will try to be civil. i of course read the thread if you had actually read the article you would see i even linked it. “Kankertje has tried the PSP2IndexKey180 on a 3.18 Vita and successfully decrypted the index.dat file here.” as i said before the source being proxima wasnt available at the time of writing, as you can see the post that talks about it “” is in the second page of the thread which was only one page long at the time of writing the article. after the info was available the article got updated. i know i am wasting my time trying replying but here it is.

          • Lucif3r

            Maybe you should try searching a little further than your nose?
            The correct info has been available days before you posted this urm… article… Heck, I never did any sort of research or anything of the sort, and even I knew who had found the keys.
            So how someone writing articles for quite a large site such as this can completely miss(or maybe just ignore?) the obvious is beyond my comprehension. Perhaps you’re not cut out for writing articles? I sure aint, and thats why I dont do it, but if I did I’d make damn sure to get my info straight before publicizing it.

          • Reprep

            i would love a link to the source from days before and i apologize if i missed it.

          • The source that it was Proxima was posted several hours before it was posted here, before it was even posted at Hackinformer.

            You see i had posted on my forum that it was Proxima, long before you even knew it existed.

            So stop using your petulant bullsh*t lame excuses, keep in your a*s where they belong, i got you all hot and bothered on Twitter, grow the f*ck up and get over it, i will probably make you cry sometime in the future again, the best thing to do, is just cope with it and move of, it makes you less sh*tty 🙂

            And finally the source i did not care for nor care about, i am glad you actually linked to the correct source, my problem and the only problem i have, is your disrespect for Proxima and Hykem, had it not been for that, i wouldn’t even have commented at all on this article

          • Lucif3r

            I just happened to see it on IRC, which is kinda hard to link unfortunately. Especially for me who cant be bothered to save logs 🙂
            IRC is a great place to catch up with the latest stuff.

        • Always_the_same

          Bla bla bla,, me me me, whine whine whine. Can your comments at least change from time to time? Its all the same with you. Someone has a god complex and something in his rectum.

        • Reprep

          GR, i will repeat again. hykem’s exact post “″ wasn’t posted in that thread when i wrote the article. I know it because i read the thread before writing the article, i even linked that thread in the article. You remember accusing me of not reading it, right? You owe me an apology.

          I repeat again, i finished writing the article before that exact post in the thread was posted. There is no disrespect to Hykem or Proxima. The article was updated after that information became available and proper credit was given. I can’t see into the future, i can’t read a post before it was written.

          The article you mention at Hackinformer includes no reference to hykem or proxima or to the thread we are talking about so i have no idea why you talk about it.

          I am really tired of this and that is my last response about the issue.

          • If you weren’t so f*cking incompetent, you would have seen zecoxao tweeted about it, LONG BEFORE you made this *** pathetic effort of a news post.

            Do you understand what LONG BEFORE means, does your brain even have that ability of understanding ?

            To continue the story, after zecoxao posted about it, i retweeted him and so did Darthsternie,heleius and xmaxkatsu, then i posted about it on PlayStationHaX forum of which i tweeted a link to that thread and people whom you actually follow retweeted that link, people such as Dessel575 and SMOKE, this was long before you actually failed at posting about it here, you would have seen these tweets if your v*gina wasn’t so full of sand, i apologise for making you cry on Twitter, no… wait i don’t, it was f*cking hilarious to see you get upset and block me, because YOU were in the wrong

            Back to the story, i said, it was posted/tweeted NUMEROUS f*cking times, times of which you would have seen.

            I repeat because you keep acting like a complete idiot, the damn information was there, there was ample opportunity for you to do research properly and write the story correctly.

            Finally, YES you DID disrespect Proxima by saying he probably found the keys on Pastebin, insinuating that he is a piece of sh*t who doesn’t have the ability to find or retrieve the keys himself and has to resort to ripping them from Pastebin

          • wololo

            Hey Greg, you’re totally entitled to your opinion, but I would highly appreciate if you kept the number of cursing words a bit lower than that. Thanks for your understanding. I’m salvaging your posts from the automated spam folder, it’s work and I might not do it forever

          • Indeed RepRep, don’t feed the troll, stop feeding yourself lard a*s…

      • Oh and the whole line ‘He did more research than all other sites in the scene’.

        Like f*cking, f*ck he did, my an*s did more damn research in bed as i was about to sleep, than his entire mind and body did, i even wrote the article on my forum in my sleep and i didn’t need to insult any developers doing it, because i got my sh*t right first go and that was without even as much as ruffling my bed sheets.

        Not to forget to mention that it had been posted on YOUR forum that it was Proxima’s work.

        • VinsCool

          Shut up.

        • Da fuq

          Wow. Is someone on their monthly? Jesus. Next time why don’t you try writing an article. Just because you’re behind that untouchable internet wall doesn’t make you any less of a ***.

          • I write articles all the time, i have been doing such things for several years, so what else do you suggest, do you have any remedies to make me less of a *** ?

        • HesJustABigBaby

          Pull your head outa your *** n come up with some kind of hack. Oh, you cant? Then ***. Your just as big of a baby you was on another site. You know the one. If you wanna run your mouth maybe back it up with something more then that *** catcher of yours.

        • Lober

          @GregoryRasputin I love you!

        • dark_dex

          greg can you stop ***? like seriously man you *** more then anyone i know on here

        • Just wondering

          Hey, what is it that you do during the day? You seem to have a lot of time so I thought you might be desk person, possibly programming and stuff based on your grav thing. I only wonder because you seem to have a lot of time on your hands especially with the whole upkeep on comment replying and researching and stuff.


          • Just wondering

            Nevermind, all it took was a little bit of googling to find out information about you. Kudos to having the strength to use the same name/info for everything though. Im too much of a puss to post anything with either pictures or even the same account names on other websites.



          • I have nothing to hide, photos of me can be found a few different places.

          • also i think you know what i do during the day, it is not something i keep hidden or secret.

            On the matters of comment reply, everything that i posted in this article was posted during the night, so not sure why it matters what i do during the day in this instance.

  6. Zektra

    Is there a way to reply with my /talk account instead of putting in my name and email?

    • nope

      Putting in your /talk name and email, other than that no

    • wololo

      Nope. We keep the comments on the blog as anonymous as possible to protect everyone’s freedom of speech, and so that people don’t have to sign-up to the foru; if they don’t want to. The bad side is that this is not connected to your /talk account

  7. Stanislav

    Gooood very gooood!!

  8. Majin

    I don’t have 3.18 but this is definitely a huge step forward for the Vita scene. Awesome news!

  9. ModChipGuy

    Fingers Crossed, It feels like this system needs this since it feels Sony has given up on it.

  10. lollypop

    so what abouy …
    and ofcourse a streamlined hack for ppsspp ?
    or witch ones are the best psp or sony emu’s ?
    and how to use keysets on them ?.?

  11. Mira Sauce

    am i the one that doesnt have a clue what is this actualy is ?

    • wololo

      Nope, but you’re the only one to admit it (which probably puts you one step ahead of most people already). We’ll try to understand/explain what this actually could lead to.