Wii U System Software 5.4.0 is up and it patches the in-progress webkit exploit


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  1. invaderyoyo says:

    C’mon. I wanna be first.

  2. George says:

    Oddly my wii u prompted me for this even though I don’t have any wifi connections setup. It looks like wii u retains connection information for deleted connections and uses it to prompt for update

    Not good since I deliberately keep it disconnected so it doesn’t auto update or get updated by my kids

    Does anyone know yet if this kills the wii side hbc type hacks? I have all my wii games on a hdd which is really convinient, which I don’t want to lose.

    • boib says:

      nah it should be ok for the vwii……i mean …its like ninty dont care about it or is just leaving it there cause you know “hacks = profit”

  3. uRecken says:

    Welp, my wii has wifi settings saved on it so I put a big yellow sticky note on that thing saying ”DO NOT TURN ON”. Some more concrete preventative measures should be put into place but I like to live life on the wild side.

  4. jlo138 says:

    I just added the hombres channel to the vWii side and I was gonna update but it said I was on the latest firmware. That was Sunday. Good thing it didn’t prompt an update then. . I just want to play GameCube games in 1080p and see how much better they are than component on the GameCube itself. I’ve heard it looks great.

    • jlo138 says:

      My avatar is different now. I don’t have the blue upset looking face anymore…

    • BloodGod says:

      Psssst, the vWii emulator isn’t 1080p and is locked at 480p. If you want 1080p GameCube use Dolphin Emulator

    • Reprep says:

      I have a wii u with hacked vWii, gamecube with digital port and gamecube component cables. I can confirm same game on nintendont on vWii with HDMI out looks better than on a gamecube with component cables.

  5. Stanislav says:

    Good Good only Good!!

  6. Ricky D says:

    Nothing has come from any of these webkit exploits and nothing worthwhile probably will. Update your consoles, play, and enjoy them. Waiting around on something that will probably never materialize and nothing even remotely useful has even been hinted at is a little foolish

    • VinsCool says:

      That’s what you think. A kernel exploit is inprogress, which is going to work in 5.3.2

      • Urecken says:

        What will the kernel exploit possibly allow us to do? I wont update my wii and will wait for this

        • yo says:

          I’d assume it would give you kernel level access on the WiiU. What gets done with said access will depend on who’s got free time if/when it releases.

        • VinsCool says:

          Userland homebrew, On the fly file replacement (à la Riivolution), Ram editing through network, possibly more if an iosU exploit is discovered (actually, it is. But on 3.0.0, which is worked on)

  7. BigBenFromTheUKnowInTheUSofA says:

    hykems *** must have went jelly after this update. Hopefully he can inspect the element then re configure the exploit.

  8. Memento says:

    People still use this console?. I bought it on Launch, installed HBC and then never used it again. Would be nice if something came out to make this a useful console.

  9. BrainLORD says:

    Cool more updates that don’t contain anything to help the scene. Imagine an ofw update that really gave you the option of mirroring your 3ds to your wii u and enjoying such a true worked on update. I can’t wait for all consoles to be fully exploited or some person working for the engineering team decides to play double agent and release sensitive material that will help give a longer life span on the consoles.

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